for a 1 month supply you will need:
Goldenseal   45 grams   (crushed powder)
Coffea Cruda    30 tablets    (the small round pill ones you can usually find at Whole Foods) (crush the pills up to a powder as well)
Ginkgo Biloba    21.6 grams    (crushed powder or buy the pills at the supermarket and crush them yourself with a mortar & pestle)

#1 Crush all herbs and mix them in grain alcohol in a jar

#2 Close the jar with a tightly closed lid.

#3 Stick in fridge for 2 weeks to let magnetic absorb (you can also shake it daily to keep it all mixed up)

#4 Take it out (keep the lid on tight!), Put it on hotplate (with the lid still on tight) and heat it at 150-160 F for 2 weeks

#5 Strain off herbs, set the pulp aside, keep your modified alcohol!

#6 Take pulp and put it in a ceramic crucible, heat it to WHITE ash using a frenel lens (or just heat it on a stove in a few stainless steel sauce cups, put the sauce cup on center of burner and turn the flames up high and give it 1 hour or so until your powder is very WHITE, the whiter the more purified it is)

#8 Put white ash in a jar with 1 oz or so of distilled water (I use water I buy at the grocery store! Or could use alkaline water)

#9 Close the jar tight with a lid and heat this on a hotplate at anywhere between 150-160 F for 2 weeks.

#10 Take off hotplate and filter out ash, you should have crystallization occurring in your water, this is the electric property of the herb I believe we have just extracted. (you can dump the ash at this point! or keep the ash to make more of this water!!)-keep the ash, This is the alchemical Salt of the herb. you can also use it to make a philosophers stone of the herb later.

#11 Unite this filtered water (electric) with the modified alcohol (magnetic) and you will immediately see something amazing ! the stuff appears out of no where and it heats up nicely, Congratulations! you made it! :) now you can use a few drops under your tongue once a day to cure the ringing in your ears. :)

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