Subconscious Programming - The Awakening

When you make an individual see for themselves, they're going to want to know why Sex is embedded all over these pictures, magazines, and children's cartoons, and you got to be able to provide an answer.

Now this is a conversation I was having with a girl who doesn't know and a boy who knows a little. This is in the middle of the conversation. They were talking about things that don’t matter and it was bugging me, so I thought that it would be a good time to wake them up a little. Luckily, I was in my home so I was in a comfortable atmosphere, which enabled me to explain things more briefly and calmly.

Individual 1: (Rejection) I don't get it though, why would they hide these
images and words all over the place if we can't see them?

Me: Ahh, but you do see it, but not consciously. If you understand how
the subconscious mind works, then you would know why they purposely hide
things in plain sight.

Individual 1: (Rolls Eyes) Okay, then how does it work.

Me: Well, it's kind of hard to explain, but I'll give it a try. Alright the subconscious mind is that which the conscious mind will access for the meaning it's going to project on to its reality. For example that picture I just showed you (Below)

When you first looked at it, your subconscious mind has already picked it up, but your conscious mind has yet to be able to.

Individual 1: (Looks at me in interest) Okay, rewind that a little please.

Me: Look, when I first showed you the hidden word (SEX), your subconscious mind which sees everything will see it, but your conscious mind won't unless you know that it's there or are looking for it.

Individual 2: He's right you know.

Individual 1: Okay I understand, but why sex though? (Now that I got her attention, I got to lead her on the right path with some undoubtable facts)

Me: Because, that's the state they want to keeps us on. A state where our primal instincts take over our actions. Can't you see? There are children as young as 12-13 who are out there having sex. Not to mention those that are pregnant. And now you see why this stuff's in children's cartoons.

Individual 1: (Shocked) Wow . . .

Me: Yeah, and that's also why you see older individuals that are sex active. And I often question myself and younger individuals like you, why are my/your "desires" based on sex? Because that's what they bombard us with since we stepped foot on this dimension.

(Now both are listening quietly, they're attention are focused entirely on my words)

Now I can also connect this to the food. Most of the foods that they serve us are filled with hormones and exotoxins. Certain hormones can make young females gain weight faster and cause early puberty. And guess what, early puberty in girls has been found to be associated with a higher risk for breast cancer (She was shocked because she's a female). That's also why you see these young girls with adult bodies, capable of reproduction.

And now combine that with the artificial "desires" they throw at us.

(Both looks at each other in surprise)

Individual 1: Ohhh, I get it now. At a young age they get our bodies ready, then get us to have sex via these sex messages. Wow, that's some sh!t . . .

Me: Exactly! And I understand it's very difficult to think that this is happening, but look at it for yourself.
(I showed them the children's cartoons with subliminal messages)

Don't your little brother watch SpongeBob? I guarantee you that you will see these messages in almost all cartoons on television.

(Total silence in the room)

Individual 2: Damn Margens . . . why you had to tell me this? You f***ing with my head man.

Me: Don't be upset at me, be upset at the people who's doing this. Be upset at the people who know this and are either not telling you or not doing anything about it. It's the truth, I don't got to prove anything else to you, see for yourself homie.

I also made these two individuals aware of religion, television, and internet all in one night. And I did it with no fear of discrimination or rejection. They came back the next night for more and I directed them to this site, they should be joining shortly. I just had to open their minds up first and get them ready for the code.

This video helped me greatly in using techniques on awakening multiple individuals.

The time is now . . . Resistance2010.


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Comment by Custom X on January 12, 2011 at 4:07pm
Good, start small then move to more complex ideas I have been working with my friend who is rather scientific, It is difficult explaining metaphysical topics to him. However I am having success, the fact is we do not have all the facts and he can agree with that. So it leaves room for debate.
Comment by ShazzaD on August 4, 2010 at 4:00pm
So as a mother then what advice can you give me?I can see this happening with my kids but I can't just unplug the internet and tv(as much as I would love to!)They are getting bombarded with this from every direction in their daily lives and it really p***** me off to say the least!
Comment by Margens on August 4, 2010 at 7:40am
Thank you and No doubt.
Comment by Denise La Roche on August 3, 2010 at 7:48pm
wholeness 2 u margens! well done!
Comment by Clayton on August 3, 2010 at 12:33pm
Awesome! More family


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