I have a question to ask or maybe Sevan could answer this one. But this has been happening to me for awhile. At first i just blew it off but now I'm starting to see that maybe i need to address it. I want to know from you while going through your activation process if you ever had experienced any kinds of dreams that were telepathic in nature sexually? I had experienced on four occasions but this morning it was just crazy because i was aware that it was telepathic. In the dream I was at a museum in France observing the artifacts there when I would see a nice looking man in is mid 40's in the room full of people. He was dressed casual in beige and white linen. However somehow we would speak only once or twice with our mouths then go our separate ways. Somehow, he would speak with me telepathically sending me strong signals of wanting to mate with me and i would not entertain the thought. But it was like he had some kind of strong energy that would trigger me to give in to him. I had eventually gave in to the point that the experience felt so real on the physical level. When we had got together in the dream, the energy was extremely intense and every time we would have "sex' it would be on some higher stronger energy vibration. When i woke up i wasn't drained physically at all but mentally i was charged up.

It's kind of hard to explain it since it's not involving the physical body and it had taken place in my dream state , or maybe it was in another dimension all together. But i do know this, I always see the same man when I'm in the museum in France.

I know some of you may say that you may just need to have sex but this kind of dream isn't anything like that. Something is happening, I'm not sure if i'm dreaming of the future or what. Perhaps Sevan can elaborate on this topic a bit.

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Comment by Chowder on May 6, 2010 at 2:46pm
We're all connected to spirit. The entire universe is somehow interlinked. Sex is not necessarily a bad thing, it's an energy exchange. Sex is basically energy exchange on a physical level. Why I assume this is not a bad thing is based on the fact that you claim to be energized after the experience. Being that you are already working on your awareness and health, I assume you would be in your right mind to not shift into that experience. But you did.

I believe that the experience was agreed upon, in some way. Dreams are usually information channeled through to you from higher or lower dimensions. The physical mind cannot always understand what is being presented though. So that is why your physical mind assumed that you did not agree to go through with the experience.

Also, the fact that it happened could mean that you found someone compatible with you energetically on a different plane. I don't see this as a bad thing. He may find a way into your current existence in a different form (same soul).

There are incubus and succubi, this doesn't sound like the case. I've had plenty of dreams with being with attractive women, and more often than not I can identify if I'm being used or not.

The key point I'm making here is that sex = energy exchange. It's all on who you mix with. You mix with s*** you dirty your soul a bit. With the right person there's upliftment of the soul. Same principle in physicality. You have to find the right one. If you decide to become one with another, it must be a good choice. Otherwise you're kinda screwed.

Be wary of where your mind dwells, really feel it out if it's a good or bad vibe.

P.S. Dreams have not manifested yet. It just remains a probability in space. Your 'tune' and 'frequency' changes all the time. What was true a moment ago can become untrue a moment later based on your beliefs. I wouldn't worry about this too much.. I mean.. Unless you enjoy the way he makes you feel, then you two can connect all you want. LOL!
Comment by Anunnaqigirl on May 6, 2010 at 1:31pm
I don't think its anything like a succubus or incubus. I know that i have changed my diet somewhat, i'm going through the process of elimination of bad foods and had incorporated the Monoatomic Gold, and Aulterra, And Monoatomic Black into my diet. But i think that with those being incorporated, i'm starting to have more intense dreams than normal in which now i can remember them in detail.

As far as a new relationship is concerned, no i haven't met anyone that i'm interested in, but i did come into contact with some people who i work with in the music industry field who may be attracted to me. As i write this answer i'm thinking about it. But the dreams i had started to happen way before i had started working with these individuals. I'll keep a journal next to my bed so if this happens again i can enter my dream into it and read back on them later on.

But i do know that for those who are taking the Monoatomic Gold, Aulterra and others do experience more heightened dreams so perhaps this is the case. Maybe others who are on the forum may have experienced something similar but not of the exact same nature as my experience.


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