This post is by far one of the most important as it shows the sequence of how the one world religion will unfold on the premise of Extraterrestrial Leaders. I have taken the time to enhance the information provided here which is a collaboration of the knowledge of Prince Ray (insearchofthemindcontrolledblackassasin) and myself Sevan (Developer of the Planetary Resistance). This will allow you to see what lurks under the hood of all the happenings of today.


I encourage all people of all colors and creeds to get serious, stop playing games with yourself and life. The Universe just is, so ideas that the Universe thinks and judges and intervenes is fiction. There are many Universes and it is impossible to destroy one totally, even if one part of a Universe is damaged then it will go in to regeneration whole another part will sustain life. 


It is also important for people to realize that Power is not exclusively for good people. In fact most who have a great deal of Power make decisions everyday that do not benefit the masses and further plunge the populace in to oblivion. You must now come out of the child program and realize what is at stake. The laziness of humanity and its unwillingness to learn and truly dedicate themselves to expansion is now manifesting grave results. This year is the Paradigm Shift, nothing will be the same, if there was anytime to be awake, it is now. If you can fully realize and actualize your potential then you will be unconquered, unmovable, and able to sustain those around you. To fail is not an option.





You will not understand any of the unless you know this man, David “Shelley” Miscavige. If you were previously unaware of who he is then you know nothing about the controllers on the physical plane. The individuals involved in the organizations mentioned above, which are affiliated with just about every religious network want to control your mind, body and soul. This is the core idealism behind Religious Technology. 


A silent war has now been decreed. The so-called elite of society feel that the masses are in fact demon possessed and it is for this reason their communities are filled with drugs, violence, immorality etc. The masses now are by the most part unemployed, uneducated, and lazy and the next move must be made. This "next move" of paradigm shift involves a precise plot brewing since ancient times to begin full assimilation of humanity.


Miscavige is the CEO and President of Religious Technology Center (RTC) a corporation that controls the trademarked names and symbols of Dianetics and the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige, DIANETICS, and Church of Scientology have a plan to save humanity from themselves Of course what they claim tobe saving humanity from is something they are perpetuating and this has a lot to do with Demons, Devils, and Intradimensional Entities. They know all about Demons and Devils as you will soon see.




As we speak, The Church of Scientology is shifting the paradigm of Black Nationalism as we have known it in this country.  Unbeknown to many, Miscavige and the Church of Scientology have been getting into the heads of Minister Louis Farrakhan and members of the Nation of Islam all along. It is also a fact the Minister Farrakhan was not supposed to be the leader of the Nation of Islam. Wariff Dean Muhammad, Elijah Muhammads 7th son was chosen to fulfill the position but when he spoke out against his father's incessant racism and went more in the stead of the message of Malcolm X the movement began to split in to two factions.


In my personal life I have spoken with a few people that were actually there during this time including my mother. It was clear to everyone that Farrakhan was not even the leader type and was very timid and shy, however, it was obviously the CIA's intention to put someone who could be manipulated in the seat of power of controlling black consciousness in America in organized religions outside of Christianity. So it became priority to make sure Farrakhan arose as the victor in gaining favoritism of the people and many events were staged to make that happen.



Scientology’s Shane Woodruff, VP of the Church of Scientology addresses the Nation of Islam (NOI) and congratulates them on achieving their first goal of 1,000 Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors. "Those auditors who have received their Gold Seals as permanent auditors received a Gold lapel pin identifying them with that special designation as their proud friends and families watched and cheered as their names were read." These people are ignorant because there leader has instructed them to be as such.


Scientology is now blatantly joining forces with Minister Louis Farrakhan and the NOI this is an extremely bold and provocative move by the Illuminati in revealing their clutches on organized movements such as these.



Another NOI member a Mr. Tony Muhammad is the Nation of Islam’s Western Region Student Minister. He has been one of the main catalyst to bring the Church of Scientology and Dianetics into the NOI. According to Tony Muhammad, “L Ron Hubbard was a saint and an angelic figure sent to us by the ... he continues “You literally have one thousand individuals who are empowered with the ability to give sight to the blind, make the lame walk, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak, the dead to rise. They literally are now armed with the tool that when somebody is in a traumatic experience they can give a pleasure moment or they can run an engram or they can run a situation and relieve the person of that re-stimulation, that mental fix that has caused them to be insane with aberrations and mental pain. That’s really what being and following God is all about and that’s really the power of the Christ.” Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, liaison between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology." 


According to the Chirch of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (LRH), what holds people back from getting the most out of life and functioning at their highest levels is emotionally or physically painful experiences that remain stored in the reactive mind. These experiences are called engrams. They don’t go away on their own, causing individuals to worry about the future in such a way that it limits their effectiveness in the present.





The grand daddy of MK ULTRA was the Office of Naval Intelligence’s (ONI) classified and still TOP SECRET 1947 Project CHATTER straight out of the Nazi DACHAU Concentration Camp. L. Ron Hubbard was ONI. He was very high up in the ONI chain of command. He was deeply involved in much more than Projects CHATTER and BLUEBIRD Manchurian Candidate Project.


Dr. West and the CIA were concerned about LRH’s private use of hypnotism in the church’s auditing process from Classified and Top Secret information gained through ONI’s Rabbit Hole of Spying and Espionage prior to the creation of the CIA.


I will continue this on another post which will have Scientology as its primary topic. Share this with as many as you can.

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Comment by Ayla Jones on July 18, 2012 at 6:53am

 In addition to Sevan's contribution, here is a new blog that links Scientology not only to the NOI but also to the VRIL society.  It is well worth reading:

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 13, 2012 at 1:08pm

Here's an interesting new video entitled SCIENTOLOGY QUANTUM MARK SUPER VII E-METER

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 8, 2012 at 4:45pm

Well put, Mike.  I enjoy your input re the meaning of words, etc. Thanks for the explanation.  If we get an alien invasion, the elite may just end up on the dinner table as well.  Ha,ha...and, hopefully, the Bible belt in the States.  If we're going to survive the shift, there will be plenty of work to do.  

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 8, 2012 at 9:15am

Wow Mike, so Cruise is going to be our Savior?  Then we've got Prince William as the anti-Christ so the addicted Game players will have a field-day trying to convince people they are going to be 'saved'.  That ought to be a red flag for anyone who listens.  

Marriage means nothing in Scientology.  It is all show and divorces are just as easily arranged.  Adepts I know assured me the Andreas Vault is not going to blow and the Nostradamus prediction of California sinking into the sea will not come to pass, contrary to all the reports.  

Personally, I'd welcome the end of my stay here as life is rather trying under the burden of criminal rulers and insecure control-freaks.

Cruise=Christ What method do you use for getting those definitions?  Thanks. 

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 7, 2012 at 3:42pm

Hi Aurora and Todd,  

As far as I am concerned, we are here to get experiences that lead to wholeness and Balance.  I do Draconic astrological charts that give info on the inner struggle-personality vs animating spirit-so it is helpful to those on the straight and narrow path.  

I had no intention of having anything to do with Scientology but it kept popping up.  As a strong personality I would always voice my objections, observations and perceived misdeeds.  That earned me often an ousting from places where truth is not welcomed.  I thought it was a weird outfit but went along with the signals I got from my Higher Self.  Basically, I was rather naive but as I mentioned before, learned a lot from their modus operandus. However, I would never recommend it to anyone right now.  Stay away from it if you can.

Yes Todd, I've got quite a bit of info on Aliens as I've had interactions with them.  There are more than 50 factions of them living in disguise right among us.  They rule us with their technologies, many of them unknown to us; they trick us, tease us, study us, they are always looking for shortcuts to reach the spiritual maturity we enjoy.  They are light-years behind us but they will tell us that we are the 'Earthlings', a derogatory term they use to indicate we are babes in the woods.  NOT TRUE.  

If you have specific questions re aliens, let me know.

Grounding Technique: 
Close your eyes.  Imagine silver tree roots twining gently around your ankles with the tip of the root going down through the center of your foot and at least a hundred feet into the Earth. You are now grounded. 

Comment by aurora campos on July 7, 2012 at 9:01am

ayla u r AWESOME!  u have incredible info.  i 2 have been feelin very 'weird' since the beginning of the year.  many people on the resistance r asking 4 guidance how 2 astral travel, while i am standing in my kitchen cooking, flying all around! LOL  4 me 2 its been a study in staying grounded.  i've read some articles over the years about that clearwater, they give me the willies!  u r right about LRH 2, i always thought much of his story was real, and now i know y, crowley, parsons, plus the man was a pisces?  oh, yeah, he was contacted...and you're right there is no right and wrong, but using the info towards certain ends leaves a weird shadow and vibe...u were brave 2 b around those people in clearwater!  i BET they came after u 4 trine 2 write that book, i'm sure they've destroyed people 4 much less.  i was going thru so much fear last year, but i hunkered down and got in2 some major chakra/kundalini work and u r so right, they cannot STAND a high vibe.  its almost like bug spray or somethin.  lol.  it was like i was on this plateau with all these scary entities, and i jetisoned myself up.  now i'm waiting 4 the next level of scary things i will have 2 lift myself out of their realms was just awesome hearing u ayla!   and todd, 7 helped me get out of some guru stuff 2, and also some animistic cultural latin stuff i was in2.  i still love the orisha and hindu archetypes...but i sort of get it now..i have no time 2 'worship' anything but myself.  :)))))  there is no way 2 even describe how 7 changed my they say here, wholeness

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 6, 2012 at 10:50pm

Thanks Mike and Aurora for your input.  The Planetary Spirit is pissed for good reason.  When people started messing with its inner crystal it wiped Atlantis off the map in one day.  The planet is so polluted it is a miracle we are still breathing its chem-trailed air and live to talk about it.   Besides, time seems to be folding in on itself.  I don't know about you but I feel rather strange these last days, keeping grounded as much as possible.  

LRH had all kinds of strange ideas but you can't write him off completely.  As far as I am concerned, good and bad are labels that reflects someone's attitude/intent.  What is good for the goose isn't for the gander; there is no way one can go around judging how things should be.  The NWO wants uniformity, one language, one culture, one currency-based on the model of other planets within the Orion Empire. That is good for the Powers That Were but it is NOT what we are here for.  Scientologists want to make their religion the one religion on Earth.  Out of the question.  It isn't going to happen.  But it serves the goal of pushing the Illuminati agenda.  Any religion does actually because it is group-oriented.  The idea of individuality is anathema to their plans so they thwart every effort for people to wake up to Who They Are.

Their method consists of luring newbies in for a communication course.  Every course they offer has an exercise that demands one to go out and recruit someone else.  Then they have a little program called the Conditions.  If one does not perform well, a Condition of Enemy is assigned so you have to work yourself up to a Condition where you have to make amends.  It is a total trap and has little to do with taking responsibility for your own actions as you are absolutely the failure every time.  Thus, you 'make up' every time to the Church who then rewards you with another 'chance'.  If not, you are declared a Suppressive Person.  Simply voicing criticism or leaving will earn you that declaration.  'The house always wins"-that phrase refers to casinos, same principle.

I briefly went to their headquarters in Clearwater, FL which was in chaos at the time as one of their leaders, a good guy by the name of David Mayo had been fired for 'altering the tech'.  It was total b*******.  But that is another technique the NWO proponents use: firing competent people in the middle of a project, replacing them with nitwits, creating chaos.  Icke refers to it as problem-reaction-solution. Others step in who then-change things to the way they want them without anyone having any clue.  And it happens everywhere.  I sometimes wonder how we get anything done.

The best thing I got out of it was being declared as a Suppressive.  That piqued my curiosity enough to observe how they operated.  I've got lots of notes on their behavior pattern.  However, it is impossible to get it published because their behavior has so contaminated the general population that many traits I observed and noted, are considered to be 'normal' in our insane societies.  

Orion wants to incorporate Earth into its Empire.  Apparently, they are on their way over here and once they land we will be treated the way we treat cattle.  Good or bad?  Some people actually think they are our space brothers although we're talking scaly-looking females here.  LRHubbard was aware of some of what was going on.  How could he not, hanging around such sadistic men like A.Crowley and Jack Parsons?  Someone with Dark intent is not going to advertise that, they pretend to be infused with love and light!  The only defense I know of is to stand your ground and raise the vibratory speed in your aura.  Aliens and Dark entities shirk away from you when they feel that.  If you speak out truthfully like I did in every situation I encountered, including Bush Sr. you get punished.  It is a miracle I am still here, let me tell you.  Trusting in Yourself, tapping into your inner reservoir of knowledge should override any theory, technology, religion, peer groups, masters, etc.

Comment by aurora campos on July 6, 2012 at 8:49pm

wasnt lrh a known racist?  NOI doesnt mind? will and jada dont mind? lol.  just kidding, i kno u dont get 20 million dollar flix roles unless your a 'member'  i laffd wen they reported katie holmes trying 2 leave her husband.  smh. like she can ever leave...i met travolta once 2, he WAS very naive and frightened as a former commet sed.  exactly as i wud describe him...

Comment by Ayla Jones on July 6, 2012 at 7:40pm

Could you elaborate on your question, Mark?  Thanks.

Comment by Karrade on July 6, 2012 at 3:13pm

Thank you. - I've had more than enough with the people holding the keys to the astral access points. I've told them such many times, and I realise it groups in beings which are much less judgmental but its the only perspective I have to give.

Ayla - Technicians specifically? :) From what information i've gathered, they've always seemed, far above the usual level of consciousness/programming present in everyday society.

Sevan - Please launch the soul groups now or as soon a now as you can :), I don't see the point holding back, just creating static (imho), love you guys deeply (love being us), but please launch them, we need local groups.


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