For the most of my experience in the third dimension, I was sleep. Ignorant to what was going on around me and inside me. Slowly I began to awaken. I started seeing things for what they were. I started feeling the vibrations of others and seeing the light that emanated from their being. From that point on I knew that what was going on had nothing to do with the color of my skin. Racism is a war that will never be won; it is an ongoing self sacrifice to aide in the continuation of negative energy being spread throughout the universes.

When I first came to the realization that I lived in a moving jail, it was hard for me. The first thing I did was blame people of caucasion decent for all of my problems. And according to historical references, I had every right to. But I must ask: If I were to push anyone of you in the mud is it not your responsibility to get up? Are you going to continue to lay there because I pushed you? I already know the answer to that question: NO. You are going to get up either try to kick my ass or you're going to go home take a shower and move on with your life.

It is time we all get "out of the mud." Racism is used as a tool to distract the masses from Mastering the Self. And only through {Mastering the Self} can we become Masters of the Universes. We walk, speak, think, eat, pray, dance, laugh, cry, and shout in the human experience. That is just what it is an experience and only one aspect of the Self. The deeper we dig into ourselves we will see that what we call "god' is in fact the ALL and all means what it means all nothing left out. So if we as melaninated beings hate caucasion beings because somebody did this to who, and now I don't like you. Did anybody stop to ask themselves: Who is the idiot that came up with this b*******? When I walked through the portals and gain physicality on this plane of existence, there were a different expression of the One Source.

If we are all expressions of the One Source then what is the fight about? The fight is about willing human sacrifice. The spilling of the bloods! The life is in the blood and it must be needed to feed something because if we think about it Racism is very juvenile and most of the things we say and think about other cultures is heresay. Most of us will never venture "outside the box" or even want to for that matter but nothing in this world or others will get done if all we have to fight about or stand for is who is genetically better.

Thinking in terms of Black VS White will always cause conflict. It is imperative that we move beyond our cultural differences and work together to create a wonder place for our children to learn and expand the human experience: then there you have it the birth of a star.

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Comment by klove513 on September 23, 2010 at 3:26pm
Well SAID!...there is FAR TOO much "DIVIDE and CON-KUR mentality in this world...this matrix of everyday 'living/reality"! We must ALL set aside these petty 'seeming' differences and unite! It seems that everyone since the beginning been working on this DIVISION SCHEME in one way or another, right? Whether religion, politics, race, nationality...they all work toward that ONE GOAL of long as we continue to 'fight' one another...we don't have time to look at the CULPRITS who instigated those conflicts in the first place...and we will always be too busy fighting one another to find the TRU THREAT!...
Thank U for this's so expressive! U remind us all of how petty and inconsequential concerns always TRAP us into thinking/behaviors that keep us from TRULY SEEING the "REAL ENEMIES"...


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