How many times have I judged, only to realize that what I saw was myself.

How many times have I complained and whined - only to realize it was I acting like a child.

How many times have I struggled to innerstand - only to step away and get "enlightened."


In times of trouble and need, I almost always chose to exercise courage.  When fear did get the best of me, I always fell into the role of the victim: "Why me oh why me..." I would cry, only to realize that the drama of it all....

All was not lost, there was always a way out - I merely lost of sight of the path, due to haste and shortsightedness.



As a young man, meeting remarkable men and women, its always a pleasure to in the presence of wise company.  Through thought, word and deed, I have always sought to emulate by example.  Not through rote learning and copying, but through realizing that through communication with these wise men and women I was regaining fragments of myself.  As such, I've been able to pass along knowledge and plant seeds in others while in communication.  In my case it has been through seeing many of my family,friends and even acquaintances regain some of their vitality: 


I provided facts and consequences in regards to health,nutrition, and supplement... many times I felt as if I was helping to guide them on a spiritual level, but not once did I try to force them to change or lecture them on how they were on the wrong path. 


(How many times have we tried to project our reality to others, only to receive much criticism, or a slap in the face...)


Only by example and practicing the knowledge acquired was I able to resonate a certain impact of energy.  Taking the time to give gems of knowledge to people you care about, and seeing them follow through and get better is a very inspiring - as I know it was not I who made the change, but them. 


We are all learning to become teachers - to spread the knowledge, not only through words (as of course the words are tainted) but through our thoughts and deeds.


We cannot force people to wake up and stand up - we are only guides- as people in our experience are our guides.


We cannot give people something if they are not willing to receive it. 

More importantly, we cannot give something to others if we lack it in ourselves.


Do not get discouraged; at times the path is difficult.  Do not get so results oriented, as mistakes are  to be expected in the process of discovery: we must embrace change and not be afraid of stumbling blocks which accompany the path.




Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and SPIRITUALLY.



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Comment by Anush on April 3, 2012 at 6:35am

Nicely stated


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