Thought i would share a snipit from the factalfield website on there pyraphi design for any one interested. 

With the Pyraphi we demonstrate how literally 'hair raising' spiritual power is. More than a life force generator / concentrator - meditative power implosive cocoon - the physics extends to triggering regeneration and growth - reducing electrosmog (and reducing radioactivity-we shall show), electrically conditioning to that 'ringing presence' whole life space. The principle is quite simple: the centripetal charge space (vacuum compression gone implosive) in the center- sorts all entering waves into ONLY those which can be propagated fractally. THAT charge propagation made efficient is the (fractal) electrical common denominator of EVERY living thing. 

Scaled by planck and hydrogen and golden ratio accurately- this living capacitor - like no other - is the first REAL electrical engineering build of the ancient concept : The SHEM. The Shem is a 'highward fire stone' fractal capacitor (phase conjugating dielectric implosive generator) - later called - the ALTAR in church, the origin of SCHEMe (matrix by design) and the word SHEM-an, and CHEMistry and alCHEMy... literally : access to a black hole! 




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Comment by C Thy Catalyst on December 23, 2011 at 7:20pm

No worries Neil Andna ironically i found this websites over a month ago and was meaning to get around to post it up. Dan Winters stuff is very thought provoking indeed.

Comment by James Lyon on December 22, 2011 at 6:06pm

in the land of Khem, driven with the mekabah, 3axis/dimensional vortex. un bound space travel by creating 3 axis fractal feilds it will get pulled into the fourth dimension by displacment, out of time space. Pyramid "Pi Light Mid"



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