Precious Metals - The Dollar and Filtering Information

Lately I have been investigating precious metals - in regards to the commercial world - mostly on the practical side of things.


However, what I think is going right now is that  people are playing the game of repetition - they see a little piece of information that's different from the general public, then just because it different they take it as truth and start preaching it to their friends.


So I've been hearing much of this gold and silver and precious metals and I've been looking into the whole picture.


Gold and silver are tied into  fiat currency - to keep it short, with hyperinflation and the continuing printing of  the US dollar the dollar will drop in value dramatically... raising the value of metals and commodities.


What's striking me as odd is that people are looking at things one-dimensionally.


"THE US CURRENCY is going losing its VALUE so I'm going to buy my silver and precious minerals..."


However, its not just enough to understand that...its a wealth cycle, which means the value of gold and silver will plummet at some point in the future .   What good is it to buy all your precious metals only to have it sink in need another median to pass the "value" of the metal before it tanks...which means that ONE should learn how to MANAGE RISK  instead of just hoarding gold and silver.


So a lot guys are buying like Silver Certificates or metal IOUS - not realizing that there just pieces of paper....there's probably more IOUS floating around then the actual silver itself....this means these certificates and IOUS could be worthless and just as they are - pieces of paper.    Long story short.. if you don't have it then you don't own it...


I feel its important to be careful on where people are getting their advice.  I was listening to a call on sovereignty and law, and the subject of gold ans silver came up.  The gentlemen hosting the call was very knowledgeable about the forms of law and its principles...however,  what struck me as odd was that he was giving advice on where to transfer US dollars...basically to sum it up it was better to just convert it into another currency....which I found odd as all currencies of the world are fiat - and after much investigation, it would just be smarter to invest in Silver or precious metals as the value of it increases over time.


However, I do understand where this guy was coming from.  Just transfer your dollars to another currency all will be well.  However, this won't solve the problem as your just trading fiat currency for another form of fiat essentially, you're going to lose value overtime either way.


Anyway, I'm no expert, but I have been researching on my own, I'd like to speak with others and get some feedback on this subject, would be nice to hear other perspectives.

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Comment by Jon Vincent on December 19, 2010 at 9:20pm
Nice posts. Yes, I understand where you both are coming from. Thanks for the insight! If you guys have skype feel free to add me: JonVincentSepulveda.

I agree with purchasing goods and being prepared - of course!

*It will also depend on how they will try to confiscate your "belongings"
Back 1933 - HJR 192 - the US government made it illegal and "confiscated" gold. They didn't point guns at anyone... it was a "legislative act".

I don't see an issue with purchasing metals as I'm not afraid of legislation: In regards to the confiscation and other points - I have another take on it as well. I "know who I am" I'm not a corporate fiction of the state/government.

Since all governments are operating under UCC - Commercial Law... I don't see an issue with the confiscation. One can "write a claim of right" and notice of understanding and nullify contracts: this simply means if you can prove your are competent in law then they will have no power.

*I've had experience with 3rd party creditors hounding me for money, claiming I was breaching my "LEGAL" contract.. Its been simple as I wrote them back just showing them I was a competent in LAW- they have never called me ever again... and I'm currently in the process of fixing my credit score (still learning....but I've been fortunate enough to meet mentors in this field). Call their BLUFF.

Also, in regards to "who's going to buy metals" we live in a world economy. People will buy silver...Silver is needed to produce electronics...batteries and other house hold appliances (silver is a conductor) ... and much more.

Places such as Dubai (which may be the new housing bubble) they're building over there. "Economically" silver is going to be in demand.

Anyway, still learning a ton on this subject, and I'll be speaking to others concerning this matter to get a clearer picture.
Comment by Joeronimo on December 18, 2010 at 1:35pm

When gold becomes the only thing with value left the hyperinflation of the US Currency would create a scenario whereby the debt ridden public would not be able to afford gold , and those who owned it would have it confiscated by authorities as a national priority. Best bet - ethereal gold.  -


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