Hi my name is Hope. I was just recently introduced to this wonderful site. I want to learn and apply this knowledge and experience an awakening in my life. Any suggestions as to where and how to apply these things to my life would be wonderful. Today is the start of my journey. My soul is vibrant and radiating light.

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Comment by klove513 on September 23, 2010 at 3:51pm
Hello, HOPE!!
WELCOME!!...I think the others who have posted a response are WELL WORTH CONSIDERING!! Joeronimo and Azyik are really great people to talk to!!...for me...I had to start with reading the CODE TO THE MATRIX...and then started on Downloadable Tools...and anytime I had questions, just went in the chat room...but also I make use of the library on this site and make sure you listen to the recordings from Sevan on the home page whenever possible! JUST ADD SEVAN as a friend and he always has GREAT INFO in his music playlist!!...FEEL FREE to ask your specific questions...there are SOO many members that might be able to help as we all are here for you!...make use of the chat when U need to, also!!
Comment by Joeronimo on September 23, 2010 at 11:05am
Personally the first thing I did was quit eating meat, I have now quit any type of meat including fish seafood etc... - Secondly , I avoid any sources of fluoride, tapwater being the biggest sources, though where I live there is no fluoride added! This will help you detoxify and develop your intuition,
I also acquired some crystals for meditation, which I have become become very fond of, as I feel their energies and their unique effects on me, so those are some good steps to begin with. I am currently reading a book on breathing techniques so I hope I can start employing some of those skills as well. Best of luck to you on your journey.
Comment by Denise La Roche on September 22, 2010 at 7:06pm
welcome Hope, it is great that u r here.


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