I was listening to some music on youtube and I clicked on a link to a related musical artist from south africa. Is this a  joke? It sucked me in somewhat. I feel like this is the alien presence. They are everywhere. I feel like they are too sure of their tactic, which to me seems retarded (their tactic of "fighting"). How can people not see this. It is so blatant. Money, sex, trigger words, the usual. I started this post without watching the whole thing. Then I watched it in it's entirety. I knew of the demonic/negative presence almost right away. Then I continued viewing the video and I saw the symbols. The pentagram and all seeing eye(s) on the the woman's breasts, replacing her nipples. The vibration or energy of these beings hide nothing. They also use the monarch butterfly programing in one of their songs. Take care in viewing this. They are called "die antwoord". The video posted is "evil boy"


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Comment by Ha-Keem on December 16, 2010 at 2:24pm

Whoa! I literally couldn't watch this for more than 3 seconds. One would have to be very numb not to feel the vibes. More disturbing is that the video has over 1 million views in just over two months.

Comment by Joeronimo on December 15, 2010 at 11:27pm

Good to point it out but I avoid it. By viewing these negative symbols you may activate their portals. I just say no to bugs.


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