Neutralizing Radiation Waste Using Searl Effect Generators


How the SEG Operates and Eliminates Radioactivity

Gravity is an implosive force which travels inward and cools. Radiation is an explosive force traveling outward and heats. Heat always seeks cool. Low frequencies are cooler than higher frequencies.

The Searl Effect Generator operates at an extremely low frequency and converts higher frequencies like nuclear radiation to a lower frequency which resonates with the SEG.

As the SEG eliminates the half-life of radioactivity, the reaction creates excess electricity which we can practically use for energy to power things. There is limitless background radiation in the universe, therefore the SEG will run forever because that IS its fuel source.

Mainstream science has yet to discern the dynamics of positive and negative electricity.

The rate at which a stable or relatively stationary particle heats will determine how much positive electricity is generated as the equal and opposite reaction. That reaction heats wires and burns out machines and the system looses energy while gaining weight.

The rate at which a radioactive particle cools will determine how much electricity is put out as an equal and opposite reaction. But this negative electricity has the inverse reaction. There is a drop in temperature until superconductivity is achieved at which point there is a dramatic loss in weight causing the system to gain energy.

This is a demonstration of the MOCK UP, not the Prototype.

What you are seeing in this video is 8 pounds of weight turning 200 orbital RPM and 14,500 Centripetal RPM all from 1.5 volts @.06 amps.

The difference is that the mock up sends an electric charge TO the magnets which makes them spin.
This is to demonstrate the characteristics of spin forces and magnetic waveforms on the oscilloscope.

The prototype doesn't need the coils to keep the magnets spinning.
The coils on the prototype are to collect the energy FROM the magnets.
The SEG runs at an idle speed of 2000 orbital RPM and 145,000 Centripetal RPM.

Mock up = Electricity From coils.
Prototype = Electricity To coils.

The SEG is an open system like a hydroelectric dam.
In this case, we are controlling the flow of electrons rather than water.

The reservoir is the unmagnetized rare earth material Neodymium.
The dam itself is the dielectric material Teflon.
The electrons will accelerate from the rare earth material in an organized fashion through the teflon like water shooting out of a pressurized and controlled hole in a dam.
The teflon can only hold back so much electron pressure just like a dam can only hold so much water pressure.
The electrons will pass through the teflon into the ferrite permanent magnet layer where they are accelerated outward in a ring. The magnets act as the diode and one way valve.
The electrons are accelerated into the copper layer.
The copper acts as the emitter for the electric current which is now a constant flow.
We place coils around the rings as to collect the available electricity.

While neutralizing nuclear radiation and biohazardous waste, we are able to power homes, cars, hospitals, villages and anything we use today.

The radioactive particles are attracted to the neodymium core. The magnets orbiting the stator of the SEG are spinning on a Centripetal axis at an excess of 145,000 RPM for every 2000 orbital RPM. And that's just at idle speed.
The centripetal spin of the magnets on the SEG will rotate well over 1 million RPM.
That spin is so great that the radioactive heat from each given particle is thrown outward from a reactionary centrifugal force.

The rate at which each given radioactive particle cools is astronomical thereby creating an equal and opposite exponential reaction of useable electric current.

This is not a question of physics anymore. We know how the device operates. It's a question of Magnetic engineering and electrical dynamics.

Show me the circuit in a hydroelectric dam for a given drop of water and I'll show you the circuit for an electron in the SEG.

The answer is that you can't because that water drop evaporates into a different form which becomes part of the whole system. At the quantum level, the water drop disperses to become part of all other water drops which then condense in the clouds and then rain into the reservoir.

Nature is a self perpetuating system.
The SEG operates in the same fashion as an open source system following the laws of Nature.
The second law of thermodynamics doesn't apply to a hydroelectric dam therefore it doesn't apply to Searl Technology or the SEG.

This is a new era of clean technology based on implosion, gravity, and creation of life rather than explosion, nuclear reactions, destruction and death

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