I am new on this site, just read the Matrix Code - am soaking it in. I have a queery. Years ago, I had an experience of other dimensions whilst considered 'dead' to those around me for at least ten minutes. I can recall it all, but, what brought me back, was that the beings (humans) around me believed that I was dead. In the dimension that I was in there was no death that was a lie believed only in the dimension the body was in. Only truth was acceptable. Truth was the only option. I re entered the body for Truth. I dont know where this fits in with the Matrix. I am completely sure of the absoluteness of the entity that was within, is within, is so much more than the shell this human form has. That, is my experience, my knowledge to bring to the table.  Is anyone on this site knowing about NDE's?

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Comment by janet myers on December 20, 2014 at 2:58pm

Aloha! thankyou Maria for taking the consideration to share of your experience of NDE and the dimensions existing that are not even conceptual to many.

For me, the experience was that Alchemical moment where everything about me changed. Even my DNA, it goes beyond words, which is one of the reasons I have been searching over half my life for others who are also Dimensionally aware - we come back different. So, for me,I have known it is essential to keep of a vibratory field in my core and never lose touch with it and maintain and cherrish it and love it for it is of Love and compassion that simply .. is

I like that.. 'jump start!'  it was at least 27 years ago when I had this experience, and back then, Nasa was the only thing apart from me giving descriptions such as I gave...  but nothing truly, had prepared me for that mighty jump. 

Yes, beyond time, no time... concepts  are just.. blown away in an instant. And then... being alive in this body, knowing...aware...waiting..being.. .. ..  it is almost like I have a frequency /tone/vibration that I am seeking out.  Being it at the same time...as scanning this Earth. Does this make sense? Like a signal pulsating outward..

I look forward to hearing about your 2nd post of NDE.

Comment by Maria Fejes Gazda on December 20, 2014 at 11:38am

Yes Janet, I have had two NDE's. First one at age 14 when I fell off a horse onto my back, couldn't breath & slowly lost consciousness (while reviewing my short little life). Once all went black, a part of me was still 'aware' & perceived a brilliant white frame or window & I began ascending within it. All worry & Struggling left me, there was overwhelming Serenity Within, a kind of Calm, Joyful Knowing all was Well. Suddenly, I was brought back into my body as someone was pounding on my chest to get me Breathing again!! I was compelled to return that time, not by my own conscious decision. The most affected part of my back was right btwn my shoulder blades, Heart Chakra. Years later I learned that injuries such as these can enable the Heart Chakra to be opened, raised intuition/psychic abilities jump-started so to speak.                                           And as I reflect, my whole Inner/Outer life has been involved with the Occult & Healing Sciences.                   Yes Janet, we Are so much more than our physical body, that is Truth for Real!                                             Just know the Macrocosm of the True Matrix is beyond time & space, all who've had NDE's have truly had a Transcendental Experience. Be it, Share it.  I will reveal my 2nd NDE in a later post.  Aloha, Janet :)


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