The start of my Spiritual experience was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I knew something was “different” about me because I could “know” anything about someone by looking at them. I told my mother and she said that I should not do that because that was the “work of the devil”. So I stopped that “devil stuff”. I just did not allow myself to do that anymore.

Forward several years to when I was 20 years old got married and had my first son. I saw several UFO's and it made me think that we were not alone in this world. I didn't think I was a contactee (I do however remember at a young age around 7 or 8 recall seeing a rabbit that was orange and stood about 8 foot tall. It was looking into the window at my house.) At this same time I read the book Communion by Whitney Strieber I remember that book caused me to get upset and reject it, due to my religious programming. It took me several years to even come to terms with what I had read.

Nothing significant happened until after I divorced my ex husband. Moved back down to Florida. When I met my current husband. We met online over AOL. He was in Virginia and I was in Florida. We met through a friend of his on an Australian chat board. (I have since I was a young girl had been fascinated with that country.) Anyway, his friend was in the Military and got us together. After some time I ended up moving to Virginia with him and had 2 more sons. Then we moved back down to Florida and that is when it got really interesting.

We moved into an apartment complex. My husband was traveling with his job and staying in North Carolina when we moved in. The first few nights were ok. It was not until the 2nd week of living there that something strange happened. I don't know what it was, but I started putting a stick into the sliding glass door as to keep someone/thing out. Oh I forgot to mention, the apartment was on the second floor and sat right in the pond (like Venice, Italy) you could literally throw your fishing pole right off the balcony.

Anyhow, that apartment must have been sitting on a ley line or something because we started seeing shadow people walking from the kitchen and through the dining room into the hall going into the hall closet. Not only that by my 2 youngest sons started seeing and talking with some entity in their bedroom closet. Now that was scary. My boys would call me into their room and say look at her pointing up to the corner of their closet. They would tell me that this entity was saying that it wanted to take them to hell and that it would be fun. That they were friends. So of course I did what I only could think to do was to prey and to anoint the house with oil. Fortunately, we did not have anymore problems with that entity. (my boys were 3 and 4 years old at that time)

At that time I really started to want to seek the truth in all things. This was about 2003. Believe me I read and read so many things trying to find the truth.

Now with that entity gone we thought it was over. But NO. We (my husband and myself had attempts? Made on our lives) My husband was outside with the boys and a frequency or something was used to explode the back of a car window out right as he was walking by the car. I also had an experience where my husband and I were walking up to my sisters apartment (she lived in the same complex) and the light fixture in the stairwell exploded right next to my head. We also had CD's in our computer explode into thousands of pieces.

Ok now a few months later I woke up in the middle of the night to a very strong Orange smell. So strong that it burned my throat. I ran to the boys room to see if they were ok and asleep and they were. (we did not have oranges in the house) My husband is a very heavy sleeper and so he did not wake up. But the next morning he was wondering where the orange smell came from.

During this same time frame I ordered some organite off the internet and was curious to see if it would work. (Well needless to say most of what I was learning made my family think I was nuts. Even to the point of they saying that maybe I should be in a mental home.) So anyway, I put the organite under my bed and the next day my husband asked if I had hit him during the night as there were 3 finger print marks on his hip. Of course I hadn't. That was unexplainable.

Something told me to put a magnet on my right arm about 3 inches up from my wrists on the inside. The next day from doing that I had a very large bruise where the magnet was.

Now gets the very interesting part. My husband and I would after we put the boys to bed would sometimes have a glass of wine on the baloney. (We at that time were not doing well money wise and I so wanted a dining room table, so we could all sit down at the table to eat as a family.) Any way we decided one evening to go to the area where people would drop off their trash and on one side they would have a place where people could put large stuff like couches etc.

Well anyway we opened the door and I walked in with my husband behind me. I was looking to see what was there and did not see anything. I turned around and low and behold a table was sitting in the place where I had just walked through. My husband stated that a white light came down and the table appeared. So we happily took the table home. Score! (Even though the table was old and wobbly)

So on from there. We moved up to Tampa and all was quite for a little bit. Until we one night we had a helicopter buzz the house and would not leave, he circled the house for at least 5 minutes. This was a form of harassment.

My husband lost his job after about a 3 years from moving to Tampa. I found a job with a temp agency working for them as a recruiter. I had an incident and bumped my knee on my desk. It became hard to walk and my knee was swollen for several weeks. One morning I woke up to find that my other knee was swollen like my other knee. (I did remember something. I remember telling someone that I did not have to work for them any longer and I remembered someone threw me to the ground by my hair and somehow I had bumped my other knee making it swell up.)

During this same time my husband and I were feverishly researching the truth. We were researching what Sevan wrote about on page 133 of his book The code to the Matrix. (So you can see what he said resonated with me.)

We decided that with what we learned we needed to get out of the System. Turns out my husband received “downloaded” into his brain some info that helped us speed up the process. He also received this info and what ever told him about it, it made it seem like it was of utmost importance to do it quickly. This was during 2010 at that point we didn't know it,but it was at the same time as the Cardinal cross. (only recently did we learn what it mean.) (We started studying and doing the process 2009).

So we found out that everything is connected. You not only have to be Spiritually free but you have to be free from everything that binds you. Release all bonds on you.

Its been a long process 14 years in the making and the school of hard knocks. We started losing stuff including a foreclosure to get to the point to where we are now. Would I change what I have learned. Not on your life. I have 3 wonderful boys and a wonderful husband. I would not trade them for anything. Things come and go but family stays.

Oh yes forgot to say that the family members who thought I should be “put into a mental home” started getting visits for themselves and come to find out that I am not crazy after all.

How did I find this site? Well someone posted on another site the I frequent, the Code to the Matrix and decided to take a look and read it. Which brought me to this site.

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