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About 2 weeks ago a friend sent me The Code...., after reading it, I knew that I would never think the same.  Long story short,  I began not only looking at this site, but also listening / reading  other material.  I have asked for some answers here, however I haven't received any but I'm sure it's because there is a lot of waking up going on right now and Sevan has  probably got 8 bottles of milk in each hand with crying little infants at the end of each of them.  Anyway, I came across Zacharia Sitchen, which I'm sure many of you are aware of, and after studying some of his material, I find myself a bit lost, with gaps in knowledge and order of events. 

I first read The Code, then studied some Dr Delbert Blair, then studied some Zach Mitchen and a few others here and there.  I would say that I have been excited to learn and explore this information that is new to me, and probably because I feel truth in it.

My questions are, understanding the basics of the messages that the Sumerians left in writing, pictures and symbols....


1)  Where does information included in a publication that is not included in anothers publication, come from?  Another words, I see a common denominator, however I am interested in studying things that explain beyond the common denominator.

2)  If they (Annanuki) created us, then where do our capabilities come from? did they leave word on that?

3) What else do you recommend for studying?

4) While seeking truth, what are a few specific things I should be careful of ?


Encouragement to all:  I hated my job before I was fortunate to be given this information, now  I am glad I work somewhere where I can spend time throughout the day studying, learning, and listening.  I have since turned down an offer to make more money, but not have this freedom. I would have never even considered it before.


No Fear,




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Comment by First Eye Opened on October 28, 2011 at 4:08pm

@ Neil Andna

we all thank you for providing this missing link, the vastness of knowledge contained is almost overwhelming


Comment by nima on October 24, 2011 at 10:32am
I recommend being in nature and paying attention to it.  Be aware of your thoughts (why you think what you think and the way you think) (studying human behavior (single and groups), the human body (the "vehicle", health, optimization) , and plants (botany and energy) etc).  Be weary of histories (perspectives, agendas), and sciences (efficiency, controls) that are in circulation.  It's all tools for the toolbox, try to remain open and go where the evidence takes you. People are often brought up to think "linear" and want clear cut "black and white". Be comfortable in the grey on your journey and remember that in duality (cause and effect) there is only efficiency and the lack of it (in relation to desire).
Comment by Gene Hopkins on October 20, 2011 at 6:01am
thank you


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