Men IN Black Came Through the Window? What About our Children?

The other night I had a dream that I reunited with a dear sister of mine. We were so excited to connect and share what had been unfolding for us in our lives. She began to share that a student of hers shared an activation technique that she could do in her dream state.

She applied this technique and immediately caught a glimpse of a mass grave of women who were raped and knew she was a part of that past life experience. I automatically felt a chill and felt we knew each other there. What was our story? What happened? It felt connected to the witches inquisition. I had so many questions to ask her and right when she was about to share more these two men in suits came through the windows.

They threw me off. But she knew them and seemed to feel comfortable. I on the other hand for some reason did not. She pulled out a diagram of sacred geometry and began to explain and on the sly i put my finger over mouth to signal "silence." I still didn't trust them.

They wanted to take us to dinner but I made an excuse and dashed out. Scenes shifted and Im now in my car and one of the men appeared right beside me. His car was next to mine in a drive way and insisted he move his car out of the way. He was abrasive. 

Once all was clear i started to pull out and a long hair hippie guy tried to get my attention but i was afraid too and dashed out. As I was driving I questioned, why I am afraid? Who am I running from?

Then I was in a narrow tunnel with all these young children in leopard prints, tight clothes, piercings, some already expressing a promiscuous energy. I felt heavy in my heart for I immediately saw how they were being influenced by the western culture.

Have any of you felt that there are certain energies that come into your dreams to hinder information coming through to you? For who were these "men in black" and why did I not trust them? 


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