Step out of the darkness and into the light is a reverse analogy for example when you look out from a window in your lit up house at night you can not see out, if you stand out side in the dark you can see inside the lit up room. therefore the closer you are to a sun more blinded by light you are. so if you move away from the sun and step out of the light, the light from the milkyway "light" and beyond will be visable instead of the light of the sun being blinding "darkness"


The same can be said for knowledge, hence the reason for you our reincarnation amnesia, if you had your light/knowledge you could not find the light of another star because you would be blinded by the light your innerstanding therfore we must be born in the dark. So you can feel the warmth and feed of the light/knowlegde once more.


manafesting thought feel free to comment



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Manifest - Mana - Fest - Magic Party?
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