This entry is in support of one of the topics covered in this week’s The 2012 Show [April 8 2012].

Seven spoke in detail about accessing the wedge so that these thought clouds may dissipate and so cease to anchor us to lower frequencies. These wedges may also be thought of as the weights holding down a hot air balloon before it rises into the sky. Some of these wedges have great purpose – because they keep us on the ground when we don’t yet know how to fly. Other wedges are malicious sabotage of the human’s current soul vehicle. It is not really necessary to distinguish between the two, because approaching them for integration is the same. But let’s explore each for the sake of the greater innerstanding of the whole.


It is important to innerstand that the majority of these energetic wedges are put in place during childhood, before we turn seven years old. This is done through imprinting [wedges we deliberately receive that impart wisdom when later integrated] and programming [wedges maliciously intended to restrict our energy field and that thus give us back our soul energy when integrated]. Because this imprinting and programming commences in childhood, it is transferred at that time less as an idea or concept, and more as ‘a feeling in reaction to unfolding events’.


In other words, we cannot talk or think our way back into the causalities of many of these wedges, because many of them occurred before speech was our medium of interaction with our reality. This is why verbal therapy fails.


As young children, our awareness is primarily on a journey through the emotional realm, and therefore our primary language of encounter is feeling. For example, we may not physically or mentally innerstand what is unfolding when our parents divorce, or when a family member sexually molests us, but we do feel the magnitude of the energetic unfolding.


Encounters such as rape of children are examples of how wedges are deliberately placed within our field to be used as an ongoing energetic leash and to channel the soul into a desired state of consciousness.


Experiencing our parents go through a divorce, on the other hand, may be a wedge of felt experiences that are actually transmitting potential wisdom into our field. Later in life, by acquiring the capacity to integrate the uncomfortable emotional states received during this type of childhood experience, we may then unearth the virtues of true intimacy. This mined wisdom may then enable us to evolve beyond our parent’s capacity to love.


Many energetic circumstances are carried form generation to generation through imprinting until a caliber of human is born awakened enough to stand still within the experience, as opposed to being driven by it, and so to integrate it. We are of that generation. The children come to integrate humanity are us.

Programming, on the other hand, is very different from imprinting – though it uses the same mechanisms. Programming artificially piggy-backs upon the mechanics of the human evolutionary process in an attempt to steer it. It copies The Creator, but not for the purpose of creation - for the purpose of manufacture. Programming maliciously ensnares another’s free will and redirects it. When a child is, for example, sexually molested, it is always an act being perpetrated by a possessed human being for express design to control them - to program them. The control is not necessarily intended by the perpetrator – but by that which possesses them.


Imprinting is a natural part of a species’ evolutionary unfolding. It is the way energetic continuity is maintained through unfolding of generations. As a developing consciousness, we first grow physically, from a cell, then mentally, with the tool of language, then emotionally, through conscious interactions with each other, then vibrationally, to attain our birthright as true ambassadors of our Creator.


One of the things programming is designed to impair is emotional development, because this is where the fuel source is for accessing our birthright.


From about seven years old we depart our emotional childhood and become mental teenagers because we are placed in mental institutions [schools] designed to reinforce our childhood emotional programming with mental construct. We are then taught real magic – not Harry Potter fluff: We are taught is how to spell words. This is because individual words are spells. We are then taught to place these spelled words into sentences. Sentences are incantations, because they energetically sentence us to this belief system or to that belief system. Once we can manage full sentences of spelled words, we are then taught how to put them into stories, namely his-story. We then also use this magic to tell my-story. By the time we turn 14 we already have a big story. The quality of the story we tell is largely governed by the unconscious resonances of our imprinting and programming.


We then ride upon this story as a compass to begin navigating ourselves into how we are going to physically engage with the ‘adult’ world. What are we going to do from 21 year’s old onward? By the time we are acknowledged as adults, we are physically and mentally trance-fixed by the world. We are also emotionally undeveloped. We cannot feel the inner discomfort that drives us reactively through life. We cannot connect the discomfort of life to what we feel inwardly. We are full of stories and our lives are strings of repetitious unconscious reactions to these stories – these spells. Under them all are core felt experience, many of them deliberately used as a foundation upon which to build our illusions.


In generations passed we have lived in the perceptual confines this story. Yet, now we have the awareness to go deeper so that we can access the energy trapped by these words and their spells. In this way, like the hot air balloon released, to fly higher and widen our perspective.


Part of the work to liberate ourselves of the wedge entails a return journey inward to our center – into the heart of the matter. This journey calls upon our awareness to consciously return along the same energetic pathway it rode along as we entered our initial awareness of this reality: But instead of moving from the vibrational womb through the emotional childhood, and then through the mental teenager to arrive at the physically trance-fixed adult, we now make an energetic u-turn. When activating and awakening we all make this energetic return journey. This pathway of awareness in and out of this realm is a highway used by all, consciously or unconsciously.


Entry is: Vibrational through emotional through mental into physical.

Return is: From physical through the mental through emotional into vibrational.


To Illustrate the return: To activate and awaken we first engage in physical activity, then mental, then emotional, then vibrational. First we cleanse our physical body, then we navigate our mental focus, then we access the energetic felt-fuels we call emotions [e-motion = energies-in-motion]. By engaging in emotional integration, we are simultaneously learning how to feel fully again, and so reawakening our wide range of felt capacities. By then being able to feel our way – we then engage consciously with the vibrational realm – our true causality – by feeling our way into it. This is exactly opposite to our vibrational, emotional, mental, physical entry that begins in the womb and moves toward adulthood.


We can also see this movement from physical to mental to emotional to vibrational taking place when we learn meditation. We first learn how to adopt a physical posture, then mentally navigate [clear intent through mantra], and once these two line up, we begin to feel our way more deeply into the vibrational inner.


This is why anyone who deliberately activates the physical body also simultaneously takes on the responsibility to navigate themselves mentally, and to gain awareness about how to integrate uncomfortable emotional states. Know that a toxin is part of this creation too, so it also has a physical, mental, emotional, and vibrational dimension to it. So when toxins are released and pass through the body, their passage is reflected in our experience physically, mentally, and emotionally – with the ultimate outcome being ever-increasing vibrational awareness.


If our frequency is low, we are usually only aware of the physical aspects of detoxifying our vehicle. Our body feels uncomfortable. But as our frequency is raised through detoxification, then the nature of our thinking also comes into focus as important to manage. Soon thereafter, we may experience unexpected emotional eruptions or movements. This happens to all of us. When detoxing we become emotionally upset more easily because there is increased ease in the movement of the emotional body. Our instinct is often to stop this – but the only way through is through. We feel to heal.


Generally, when this emotional movement starts, we project: We fixate on something in our outer experience as the cause, and we tell a story about it. Whatever it is we focus on as an outer cause for our upset is a reflection, and our behavior toward it [our triggered reaction] is projection. This sequence of reflection and projection is exactly how we human beings are energetically milked - turning us literally into penned dairy cattle. The ‘pen’ is secured by the uncomfortable feelings we do not wish to face.


One of the primary intents of programming is to place energetic hooks into the emotional body during childhood that may be tugged upon all through life through outer reflections. Today our media is primarily used to trigger these reflections. The media is a hook puller. Entertainment triggers entrainment. [The earth says: “Don’t watch media, watch me dear.”]


Because we as a species are emotionally undeveloped [largely due to our programming], most cannot easily perceive this emotionally-programmed incarceration. We cannot easily perceive our world as a mainframe in which we, as emotional batteries, are implanted. Every time our programming is triggered by outer circumstances, we automatically project, and this projection is just like a film projector. Our projections transmit our emotional energy toward that which is triggering us. This emotional energy is then funneled accordingly.


This is why religious programming starts at infancy. Because of childhood religious programming, everyone worshipping in a religious place of worship is no different to a cow being milked in a barn. In many churches this energy is magnified by lye lines and then funneled through the structures such as a steeple. [Steeple = steal people].


When we initially awaken to the idea that we can work on ourselves by healing ourselves, we initially start doing this ‘for ourselves’. Consequently, our awareness only takes us into integrating our imprinting. However, once we do enough integration of our childhood emotions, we invariably realize that there is something else going on ‘in there’. Not good stuff either. No, it is not chests of wisdom energetically transmitted across generations from our Elders that we find. We discover instead energetic chains, like tentacles of emotional restraint. We discover our programming.


Then we ask: “Who is doing this?” From this point the rabbit hole swirls us into confronting the depths of the misfortune humanity now finds itself ensnared in. Then we have a choice: Do we cower and become paralyzed by the immensity of what we discover, or do we stand with our feat on this earth and begin tarring down the veil cast upon humanity?


As we integrate our imprinting, we awaken our precious inner child, and so complete within us the mother, father, and child trinity. But as we integrate our programming, we awaken our inner, valiant, hyperdimensional self. We awaken a living legend.


This is what I feel Sevan is calling for from the heart of The Resistance when he asks, “Can you help my friend”. Just as some have come to earth clearly to help themselves to human souls, and just as many have come here simply to help themselves as human souls, some have also come here to help our whole human soul group in its relationship with earth as an organic platform for infinite possibility. This is a big intent – possibly the biggest any human heart can embrace. We are talking about consciously changing the future quality of life of an entire species and of all on the planet it lives on and in.


By consciously activating ourselves into awakening, we bring ourselves back from the edge of madness – returning to center – and so gaining the ability to realign the whole story onto a track that is for the benefit if all. We can make it a love story instead of a war story. But for you and me, it starts with integrating 'the wedge', as Sevan calls it. It is this wedge of imprinting and programming which holds both the wisdom and the horror. It also holds within it our capacities to inwardly feel our way back into our vibrational center.


It’s about time humanity felt themselves again, don’t you think?


Whatever our biggest personal issue is in the world right now is an outer reflection of this energetic wedge. It has us wedged in. Where we need to block this leak is obvious if we are prepared to see, and it is obvious if we tell ourselves the truth. Whatever it is, we are being triggered through it to unconsciously project our energy into fueling some other being’s agenda? Whenever we are emotionally triggered, our energy is being squeezed like a teat, dissipated, channeled, and fed to another source. This is done with mechanical precision. It is heartless. This is abuse. This is the rape of humanity.


When integrating these aspects of our programming, it is futile entertaining our personal stories about what is happening to us. Figuring out the ‘who, why, what, where, and when’ is useless in the very moment of applied emotional alchemy. To analyze in midst of these triggered circumstances is to use our anal eyes. Discussing and analyzing them entraps them further in spells.


Gaining direct access to the causality of the energetic wedge is accomplished by engaging it as directly as possible as a felt-experience: By feeling into its core without placing conditions upon the experience of doing so – and thus through unconditional awareness allowing these felt states to be freed up within our fields – we enable the energy within these impacted parts of our emotional body to begin moving. We mentally get out of their way. As each of these blocked emotional states – or programming locations as we can also call them - begin to integrate, circuitry within our emotional field unblocks and flows.


This inner energetic movement is then reflected in our outer world experience as change. This emotional fuel returns movement to where we were once blocked. This too is the energy to be contained and carefully channeled for full personal activation and awakening. Sitting with it and feeling it fully, as opposed to running around and talking to everyone about ‘our feelings’, is the most efficient manner to transform emotional stuckness into fully alert awareness. We don’t spew it into the world, but instead consciously digest it for its energetic nutrition. This energy is our 'soul food'.

The milk is really for the calf – not the farmer.  


Once we remove these wedges we cannot be milked anymore because we cannot be triggered. The hooks are removed. Sometimes integrating them feels like we are removing a fishhook from the soft flesh of our fingers. Know too that this discomfort is also the energetic fence that keeps us pinned into a reality of someone else’s making. Don't shy away from the fence. We pierce it by being willing to consciously swim through the uncomfortable feelings as they arise.


By integrating the felt-states initially used as the foundations to trigger our programming, we regain our power, energy, vitality, and eventual liberation from ‘the farm’. We then also contain within us the wisdom gained from integrating our imprinting. With this combined wisdom and energy we are well equipped to sign up for a hyperdimensional post anywhere in the galaxy. But, as Sevan asks, “Can you do it for my friend?”

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Comment by Michael Brown on April 29, 2012 at 2:53am

Hey There Cee, greetings.

For me its about 'point of view'...or 'point of you'. Are we going to try and go back 'there' to our childhood? And where is 'there' anyway? Is it somewhere that is not here, now, in the midst of this? The art of emotional integration is to identify our childhood imprinting and programming not so much as an event that unfolded 'then', but as one that is still unfolding now, here, in this current experience. If we were impacted as children, our experience as adults is simultaneously impacted. It is impacted through our manifestations, thoughts, emotional states and current capacity for vibrational awareness. However, the manifestations currently unfolding, and the thought patterns accompanying them, are now a dim reflection of the causal impact. Our 'points of view' have evolved just as our 'points of you' have. However, one aspect of our current experience still remains a clear reflection of the initial impact of programming and imprinting upon our childlike energy field is the condition of our emotional body NOW. And by this I mean the felt-discomfort that we sense in our day to day activities now. This felt-discomforted, best unnamed if possible, is an echo of the childhood impact. If we are regularly moving about our day being triggered by the world in an uncomfortable emotional way - it is likely we still live in a perceptual aquarium swimming with unintegrated childhood emotions. Do we want to know what each of these feelings are about? Do we want to give them Latin names and categorize them in terms of their impact upon our experience? Not really. Some people like to do this, and it may be part of the development of our mental matrix prior to full entry into emotional awareness - the felt portal into the vibrational. However, no thinking about these felt discomforts is required when we get what 'living in response' means experientially. Then we move through our day knowing that any arising felt discomfort is an opportunity for felt-integration - not self-examination. I have done recapitulation, and found it useful at the time, but maybe it felt useful then because I believed I could heal my hurt by understanding it. Now I know the only thing hurt asks of me is to feel it, honestly, as purely and unconditionally as possible, so that it may once again move spontaneously within the lifestream of our galactic adventure. When we feel these energetic states into resolution the trapped energies move through us, as us, and into all our co-creations. With less of our unconscious attention fixated on 'what happened/' we all gain greatly in personal presence. The frequencies definitely rises. 

Comment by Cee on April 29, 2012 at 12:58am

This post here is healing and truly can make someone aware or emotional wedges implanted from childhood. Beautifully written. Makes me want to recapitulate. One question though Mike, do you think that recapitulating is similar to reflecting/projecting? is recapitulating a childhood event draining to our energy or helps gain back the energy loss from those previous moments??

Comment by Vickie Ramirez on April 17, 2012 at 10:23am

I really enjoy the posts and comments,but with regards to "transmigration" I disagree with your explanation on evolution as you attempt to define it in your recent newsletter "The Theory of Involution." Unless further explanation/clarification be helpful or I am missing something in my understanding of Cosmic Law  as explained by the Ascended Masters, animals will not incarnate as human, as they are in their own soul group which does not mean that they will not evolve into a higher consciousness and sentience. But a human has its own evolutionary path as a "Christed - God Realized being" as was decreed for each individual before they emanated from the great Central Sun before they took incarnation. Maybe you could clarify your point. Thanks

Comment by Karrade on April 11, 2012 at 5:22am

Excellently written, really eye opening thank you. Could you put it in the ascension techniques forum? It would really complement the ongoing guides there.

Comment by Michael Brown on April 11, 2012 at 4:32am

Thank you for reading it Taflon!

Comment by Amos on April 10, 2012 at 6:42pm

Real Soulution! Thanks Micheal...This is WussUp!


Comment by Michael Brown on April 9, 2012 at 2:17am

Yes, yes, yes Jan. Your words are affirming! Comprehending this 'sequence of density'', as you so beautifully called it, also reveals why it is the feminine/emotional/felt aspects of our experience that is targeted to cut us off from an awareness of what we are. When the flow in this sequence of density is broken, distorted or disrupted, we become mentally/physically marooned and therefore disconnected from the vibrational. Then we seek the vibrational through our thoughts and physical activity - through religion instead of through the resonance of the heart. Any man who has walked this life with sufficient curiosity knows that a priest and religion are simply a poor, artificial, and might I say, completely shoddy replacement for a good woman. When we truly experience intimacy [into-me-and-see] with another - then there is no need for priesthood or religion. This is why all religions start off by placing woman as a secondary species to men. They know that if you distort the feminine you disorientate the entire species. Until men begin treat women as they are meant to be treated, as the beautiful direct portals into the vibrational that you are, all communication to The Creator falls on deaf ears. But we cannot treat a woman as she deserves to be treated until we see how we are attacking our own emotional condition through sedation and control behaviors. So, as always, it begins with the relationship we are having with our own heart, and radiates from there.

Comment by Chante Quiett on April 9, 2012 at 1:11am

Such insight, Michael.  I thought it was Sevan getting more specific when I started reading, grateful for more detail on achieving Hyperdimensional Capacity .  You have truly integrated the feminine, the orientaion through feeling and you articulate it just as gracefully.  Balanced, whole, purposeful, personal.

The simplicity of realizing the sequence in density from vibration-emotion-mental-physical and then reversing it to get back inside the original design and then back out again reclaiming our wholeness in that Truth known/felt/groked fully integrated in the physical sends a powerful message via reverberation into the collective.  YES!!

Thank you for taking the time to revisit this idea as it connects deep within you and then bringing it back out to the surface for your comrades.  Great gobs of gratitude!

"Waving" at you!


Comment by Michael Brown on April 9, 2012 at 12:48am

Thank you White Knight. Fortunately it has been shown that the impulses for navigating our experiences come into the brain from the heart, not from the brain to the heart as was previously assumed. So, as long as we still have heart, we can integrate this stuff. It's when we lose heart that we are in real trouble! With age our heart can become calloused, for sure, and our brain seemingly dimmed as a result. But this is where herbal plants as well as powerful plant medicines - such as Peyote, San Pedro, Mushroom, DMT and Ayahuasca, are are our allies. Triggered reactive behavior is learned, so with heart and patience, it can be unlearned. The first step in any of this is seeing it in ourselves. And I agree White Knight, this does get more challenging as we get older.

"Oh, how too often youthfulness is wasted on the young.

And, how strange that sometimes we have to get a few wrinkles,

before true youthfulness is begun."  

Comment by White Knight on April 8, 2012 at 5:29pm

Well said, we can always reprogram ourselves if we inner-stand ourselves but it does get harder once we become older as our brain lose its plasticity 


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