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To clear the ancient concept of Heaven is much closer to what physics calls the fifth dimension. It is something that exists all around us. It is easier to understand as a different vibration of light. The spectrum of light is very long, and as humans we can only see a small band of light in the middle of the total range of frequencies. If you were able to do something that would allow you to see the full spectrum of light, then you would see the invisible dimension.

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Comment by indigosol on January 22, 2015 at 4:03am
awesome show sevan, I've been left handed all my life and can vouch for everything your saying. It all goes deep but it literally explains itself. I've gotten so good at detecting which hemisphere someone is dominant on. It took some time to meld the symbology, the esoteric knowledge about venus saturn sun but it's all there. You can explain why people end up as straight, straight this way, homosexual, afrikan, social, cultures, people.

We should do some co-creating together, our minds would build together well. everything on the physical plane is mapped out theres nothing left to do but create new platforms, the logical side since it is lesser than the super intelligence of the universe(right brain) can't create something ununderstandable. The right brain can break apart the creation of the left brain because that side cannot create something that the original intelligence cannot see or under/ovr/innr stand.

Theres so much to learn about the subtleties of its like evrything up to this point has been pre-beta and beta, the platforms represent us being able to go into version 1 2 3 4. It's really exciting to be alive if you have been seeking and knowing right.

Another thing that's a give away is when you say some truth we always say "Right". Full Truth doesn't need to be thought about or thinked about upon hearing. This plane we exist in is AMAZING.


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