If you study and strive to learn in every action in your life and live not in ignorance/darkness/hell and you walk in the knowledge/light/hevan but our family "Human" has been in the dark and i refuse to walk there with them. The more i search for hevan/knowledge the more distant they become from my light and the harder it gets me to see them "relate" soon theyl just fall into the shadows and theyl know there hell/ignorance because theyl never forget me and il go on the light/god/knwledge will heal my wounds because i will understand they chose there path and because i chose hevan/wisdom and there not there. only with intelegance/light can they walk with me because with wisdom you can find wholeness and thats were i an heading.

With a turning away which what a lot of people do, there souls will regret and regret is hell. so i beg them to wake up before i cant walk with them, i cant share/shine my light/knowledge around those that cant see me because they are too dark/ignorant, they just wont see it, so its waisted.

Its simple

ie: the bible is godly and true but christianity is not godly because its blind faith.

all religion and all language is geared around the light path

so to worship god at church is to worship a fulse idol. to study knowledge is to truely worship god


We are finding mans way out off hell/ignorance and it starts inside. redemption from living an eternal hell

If a god can only truely comunicate with god and god is knowledge, then we are gods. you should love your god in you and worship it be one with it. and when you truely know we are godly then youl find you can everything you want your your own god.


I give my thanks to you all here who walk in the light, I bow my head in gratitude. there is no greater thing to be part off, these pages will go on long after these lives have

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Comment by Azu Kosmos on December 23, 2011 at 10:49pm

Very nicely stated James. We are of the Source and the Source is of us, so therefore we are divine.


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