Illusion of HORROR and its dear friend "The Illusionist" FEAR

Illusion of HORROR and its dear friend "The Illusionist" FEAR

Horror: a high degree or state of physical perception that brings about an unpleasant emotional unawareness.. this particular state has come to be known as fear..

Yet, fear isn't real. it is an illusionary state of occurrence that is triggered by uncertainty(unawareness). It is an erroneous assumption actualized into one's perception by accepting what one doesn't immediately comprehend, therefore, the actualized state is experienced as a threat to one's self. The lack of knowing or not having control of a situation creates such an unrealistic state of truth. Once one activates the thought of what it is that one may feel one fear one immediately access the power to overcome that in which one thought one feared, rendering fear to be no more.. unless, one simply have subconsciously or consciously chosen to not comprehend the fact that they are in fact the creator of that in which one fears. in other words one that has fear is "The Illusionist" (FEAR) of their own "illusion" (HORROR).

Horror is the inaccurate state

of an unknown substantiality

of an experienced circumstance.

Fear, is the predecessor of such

the prior illusionary state of being.

Becoming conscious of what

is seemingly horrifying

brings one to a state of true empowerment.

once one becomes aware of this state of being,

it should be known that one has now

arisen to and beyond a great degree of self hinderance.

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