This site has been very informative and it has enlightened me in such ways that it has altered my life.. I have watched not even 1/3 of the videos that are there, I am reading the books and finding that everything thats here is out in mainstream media and in front of nose..

The reason I make this blog is because I have changed my thinking, my understanding and my lifestyle and I feel different, but for some reason, financially, I am still suffering... Im not lazy or waiting for something to happen, I am constantly working, jobs, trying out business' and I never seem to get past a certain plateau, I seem to be stuck where I am, and unfortunately you need to be on your feet financially to go anywhere, do anything.. So if anyone has any advice, ways of thinking (I use affirmations), or has the same situation but has surpassed it, I would appreciate your knowledge and insight. My goal is to travel the world, better understand this matrix and the relics left behind by ancient civilizations that had this wisdon. And to eventually teach this, open peoples mind, much like is done here on this site..

Thank you :)


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Comment by Alex on August 26, 2010 at 9:46am
"I never seem to get past a certain plateau"/"I am still suffering"/"I seem to be stuck "/"[...]you need to be on your feet financially to go anywhere, do anything"

"So if anyone has any advice, ways of thinking (I use affirmations)"

Well,maybe you use affirmations,but you used it the wrong way.Look at how pessimistic you speak.Look how much negativity.Now remake your sentences but without the doubt/negating.

PS:I used to be/feel/think like you,and now,money are truly just a tool,they come when i need them,they go(or i dont give importance/attention) when i dont need them.I won't struggle for them.I don't need to.
Comment by Adrian on August 25, 2010 at 2:57pm
I do realize that money is a tool and a medium, I understand that. For some reason though, I seem to always hit a plateau even with positive energy and meditation, thats the issue.. Before i joined this group I was trying to think about it coming to me, doing what I love and honestly it did not work out.. I do understand where you are coming from and thats what I thought would happen, eventually, but so far it hasnt..


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