I was rhinking how much  guilt would be removed from the mass conciousness if money were to go a3way      .       It is what devides us the way i see it   .          My dad told me one time that most poeple feel guilty all  the time , but they are  not   concious of why .  And with the  cat  out of the  bag on  why it was created .   And what it was  created from   .  And its the reason  and the root  cause of why poeple  feel so  guilty  all the time . It creates a purpetual  guilt trail . 

When poeple always feel like they owe someone something of material value , or are  jealous  of the other one because of the have and have nots .               

especially in ignorent poeple that dont realize   the truth about it .

with the mine not yours mentallity . They  fear that theirs not enough of  everything to go around . So they hoard all they can to themselves . But they feel guilty about it  . As they    materialistically ravage one another of negative thought energy propogated through control  dramas on an unconcious level .   They are  not even concious of the underlying reasons  why   They  dwell in endless conflict with other poeple that are in ignorent mode . 


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Comment by James Lyon on December 12, 2011 at 7:53pm

because with guilt and fear the sons of mars "masons" can feed there war gods with your soul energy, with worshop of there dietys they can control our wants and needs by making us fear life without it, that way we get locked in there vamperic feeding so they can use our soul energy to do there bidding, you must protect you soul energy from this, its being used to inslave use by our own will, and they have no karma from this if we give it freely, if they take it and you know its yours and you refuse it, they can not use it. your soul energy is yours. we own nothing else as we are alone "all one". there tool Drama,  "D Ra Ma" the light of mars. the energy of war


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