Do we only search for meaning because it allows us to deal with the fear of death?  I believe the search for meaning is a quality of divinity and comes from something other than fear of the unknown.  To seek understanding is to glorify in our awareness.  Lose the fear and embrace the fact that we get the chance to perceive creation.

I believe that accepting that we die makes life worth living.  That our consciousness is a beautiful accident within the infinite expanse of the cosmos.  Understandably.. there is nothing to dispute the existence of life after death or to deny belief in an infinite consciousness that gives us an eternal existence, but I like to believe that we only have a span of time in which we are aware of our existence.  If our consciousness continues on after death.. do we not forfeit the memories and experiences that we obtained throughout our life to the passage of time and the revelation of a greater spiritual awareness?  Will this not make the life we have lived something less than it really is?  I find existing a marvelous thing and I love every moment of life, sometimes only in hindsight, but I know that as long as I keep moving into the future.. the past will always be beautiful.

I believe that we are alone in the universe.  That we are gods, in our own right, because we possess a consciousness that allows us to perceive the beauty of existence and revel in the glory of awareness.  To get to see something so magnificent as all of creation and contemplate what it all means is a gift beyond measure.  I believe that I am satisfied with this gift.  Existing eternally would be lovely, but not necessary.  I understand that I shall die.  The realization that this life is all the time that I have is something that will make me cherish my existence.

There are great and profound mysteries that I shall seek to understand.   I hope to explore the mystery with those that have joined this community.  My spiritual awareness is that of "The Way".  I see all things divided into three components.. the mind, body and spirit.  I will enjoy sharing my thoughts and having your thoughts shared with me.  I believe we must communicate our position in the universe with each other.. so that we may express the beauty that we see from our individual angle of perception.

Blessed be.

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Comment by Azu Kosmos on November 28, 2011 at 9:13pm

Greetings Tave,

Lovely post. I have some of the same thoughts as you. Some slightly different but just in degrees. I have never had a fear of death, just the process of dying. Then I understood that even that is not what it has been made to appear.

I am not so sure we are alone in the universe. My thought is we all come from the One. The One is in us and we are in the One. This in essence makes us as God, co-creators so to speak. And as such each individual creation is but a reflection of the One and of all creation. We are connected, we are reflections of each other. Even mind, body and spirit are connected and as goes with one so it goes with the others.

Again thank you for sharing. What you have written is very profound and beautiful



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