Greetings Resistance, wave and balanced vibration to all. To begin, my real name is Andrew and Im 27. I'll try to keep this as objective as possible. I've never posted on my blog before, but I could really use some interpreting on an experience I had yesterday.

Some quick backround, so basically the past 10 days, ever since the 7/20 dark knight incident/ritual, whatever it is, I decided to just go all out and try to corrolate as many things as possible, just pure sync-fest. It started with my friend and I just chatting about 7//20 and why "They" chose 7/20 / dark knight rising premier of which the tagline is "A Fire Will Rise". It was 7 days after Friday the 13th and 7 days before opening ceremonies of 7/27, the torch had just arrived in London, the guy claimed to be the joker etc, etc..This Got me thinking of the joker/fool playing card and how theres always a star in the corner. Then 72 degrees penta-symmetry got me thinking, I felt I was onto something big...more 27/72 syncs.

Theres tons more to the theatre event but it's not the main point of this post. Ok so, during all of this searching I started to just listen to as much blog talk radio as I could while I pulled up truth blogs, sites and image searches, collecting anything that resonated in a folder, and jotting down anything that cross/co-reolated to 720 or word-play etymology / symbolism and bookmarking more sites than I could handle, for like 10 days straight. (not working at the moment so Im taking advantage) Ill just list off some of these tangents in the order I was researching them ( much thanks to This site and the podcasts/libraries for sure ) 

7/20 dark templar knight rising, Aurora, Lucifer rising, olympic O2/Oz stadium, 30th olympics ( XXX ) 7 bridges, main Z rainbow bridge, jay-Z, zion, oo7/tubal cain/Vulcan/2 ball cane/ 2 bull,bell,bael cane,John Dee,william blake,Isle of wonder, big ben,ben ben stone,benu bird, phoenix,72 degrees,pentacle,abrac.

72 names of god, human body 72% water, average human heart beats is 72 (beats/beast ?) 72 languages confused in tower of babel. All the math and number stuff behind abraxis/mithras/365, and why do we go by 365 days a year when 360 is wholeness. work week= 5

and obviously 360 divided by 5 is 72, but 73 if its 365, the "wobble"

5 extra on 360, 5 vowels, 5 senses, abrac = 5 letters 5 = V and V seems to mean ET given the TV series sync.and V for Vendetta

the idea of being "pent-up" -kept unwillingly, repressed, not

I'll just stop for a minute since the Abrac / plough or plow sent me off huge because it's like a 7 or a door as sevan explained in occult systems podcast. All the bell, bi-bull/2-bull,Ox,cows being currency way back,moon/moo,milk,milky way,MA horned gods etc...etc..

So Abrac/pentacle is (phive) 72 symmetry and is golden and goes back to ancient mesopotamia. From what I innerstand this was part of a system of magic from off planet maybe and the plow or abrak was given to mankind when civ. was brought to sumer. Basically the whole Abraxis/supreme diety thing I found super interesting and there's a really bad Jesse Ventura movie called Abraxis - Guardians of the Universe -1990 a phoenix group release. 

I better skip ahead, pretty much just googling anything I wanted and trying to see the bigger picture relating to owlympics and beyond. Next came the 7 or the L and EL and man this is where it got weird ..I became obssesed with the L and any name with an EL in it raised an eyebrow. I saw L as the sqaure or angEL / angle...practially every angles name ends in EL. as does bibEL,Elves, Eleven,5 ELements. 

even ELvis...the annagram ELVIS LIVES popped into my head the other day ..moving on, so during all this my friend and I always like to attempt to peel part the enigma of sirus the blazing star, another penta sync, and how theres Sirius Black in harry potter, could it refer to sirius C, the dark/invisible star ? In Truman show a stage light falls out of nowhere and it has the word "Sirius" on it whats the big secret of Sirus and how does it relate to reality/duality.

Anyway, after some sirius research I was onto Archons, sirius the blazing star is known as the GAOTU, ( you old goat U ! ) grand achitect of the universe, the great ARCHON...another inverted penta goat head sync. I should mention just before the sirius tangent It was EL, and trying to figure out the sumerian trinity, and who is EL/EA/ANU/ILU because it seems like a tough nut to crack. This got me into ELohim, book of Enoch, watchers and the Igigi. dark stuff right ? and I came across some weird YT vids of about archons and you can find a lot on there about them. Even wikipedia has stuff on archons and I didnt know there was a gnostic precedent for this term but I guess they knew about this for a while.

So the archon stuff led me to saturn/hexagram and the cube, cultural references like the "All spark or Mega/Metatrons cube and pandoras box. trance-formers=shapeshifting. why does hollywood always rub this in our faces. well they are probobly controlled by Archons. But what does the star sirius have to do with this reality..pretty sure google blocks you from even looking at sirius.

I better get to the the Sumer,El gods,Watchers, Igigi, Archon,cube,saturn tangent got me into a darker area this was yesterday, day 10 of my sync-fest and 7/30, I think I became a resonator of the wobble as I was spiralling too fast into too many tangents without the ability to process it all. So I leave my house and head to the local Chapters bookstore and obviously I go to the very back where the "occult" section is which appeard to be 90% dissinformation from all the "new age" titles they carried. 

One book caught my eye though " Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls by Nigel Kerner " which looked extremely well put together. For sure Im onto the igigi/grey connection so anyway I put that down after going through all the diamrams inside it and continued to peruse the books. 

Here's what I'm getting at with this entire shpeel...A woman come into the section and its just me and her..I can tell she's looking at me and the book in my hand ( symbol encyclopedia of sorts ) and shes starts to talk to me, and point blank is like, "I see symbols you visions", I was like, oh ya ? any form this book ? she pointed to one, I didnt recognize it though. Then she said " So your into this stuff ? what areas are you into ? " I said well, Chapters doesnt carry it or somethign to that effect...Then she says to me, your into dark stuff lately arent you ? she admits shes a medium, and says " I know because of your energy, and no joke " they're standing right behind you so I just want to warn you not to go too deep, that's how they suck you in" She goes " here this is what you need for right now" and pulls an Angel tarot deck/book off the shelf and hands it to me. She then goes on to explain that the symbols and messages she receives come from Angels. picture me, my 10 days of immersion in the resistance site, looking into everything I can, my search ending up on Archonian reality shapers / watchers / greys / fallen angles going to chapters and here's this medium telling me angels show her symbols and that symbols can be languages and that angels influence humans on our plane, aaaand that I shouldn't look too deep into things because the truth basically cant be known. She also didnt seem to know what "watchers" were when I mentioned it to her...but she said I need to balance the negative with more positive and that she sees a dark "hat" around my head..

SO, as you can imagine my mind is spinning out now and I politely say goodbye and say thanks but my paronoid self is thinking this some program sent to tell me to stop looking because I'm getting too close ? I probobly do need to unplug a bit, for real..but my question to the resistance is, would you take her warning seriously or brush it she legit, and what "angels" are talking to her. Are archons working through her to lead me off my quest for truth ? She said there are good and bad angels. 

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Comment by Nona9on on July 17, 2013 at 1:12pm

Thanks for your comment, Its coming up on a year since that experience happened and I don't feel nearly as confused as I did then. I'd gone on a tangent that got me in a weird somewhat dark view of reality where I was not looking at the whole. As I continue on the path I realize there's so many things along the way that will try to distract you and deter you from your charted course, the burden only grows heavier the more things you try to carry.

Comment by Debra Kirktindoll on June 18, 2013 at 11:04am

Yesterday my daughter informed me they're good and bad angels, today I ask her how does she know why would their just be good angels and I added they are good and bad people. Deep breathing and meditations use the thumb and index finger to raise your energy. Look to self.


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