Thank you to all on this site for the encouragement to document the strange occurrences that happen to me i have done for some time, in a written form....but this is my first time sharing this particular occurrence with anyone.

I sometimes feel that some one or some thing is watching over this world and i am being observed...that we are all being watched. At the times i get this sensation, it feels like time slows down or stops momentarily, i see a flash of light internally and always the feeling of being observed follows.... i feel a detachment from reality and the thought of a parallel universe that has learned to observe its parallel universe (Us), or us being on this planet for some entity's "entertainment" (for lack of a better word) follows... and i know we are not alone in this universe.
Other times when this happens, i feel like i am the one who is looking down at myself and observing....maybe it is my other half in this duality doing the watching? This sensation always occurs when I am awake, never asleep, and I have been getting these sensations since i hit puberty (around 12 or 13 ) that is as far back as i can remember, and i am now 35. There is no timetable for when this occurs, it just does....
Also, at times when i have gotten too caught up in the day-to-day movements through the Matrix, this doesn't happen for a while. Since i have adjusted my focus away from more mundane matters and discovered this site, i have been working on myself, towards ascension, and it seems these areas that allowed these sensations before have now been "opened" again..or cleared... hence, i had an occurrence of this watched feeling recently which led to this post.

Any thoughts? I am intrigued to hear/read other's thoughts on these type of matters since it has taken me long to find a community of like-minded people, and this is the first time i have felt comfortable enough to share this....

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Comment by K.Wilkes on February 19, 2010 at 9:21am
thank you all for your thoughts...and making me feel comfortable sharing. Ayzik, your comments are always amazing...i get bored with this reality often...i know this isnt all there is....your shining light is blinding...i am working to get there....


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