Wholeness and Balance to everyone it is always a pleasure to be able to address everyone especially during this time we are living in. I discussed during the last Show postponing our bi-monthly scheduled program and taking some time to build and launch some important things that will increase our stance in effectively awakening the masses. I have accepted that these ventures are immense and complex and thus require consistent focus in order to reach completion.


It is now time for the development of greater tools and resources. This includes, a new website that functions as an organized information and application database. In addition, curriculum style iBooks that can assist in guiding an individual from Novice to Adept and every stage in between. We also have a powerful documentary on the reels that only needs its final touches. In short we are making a stronger push towards nothing less than total emancipation for everyone by making an effort to breech all avenues of important and provide permanent answers to our most common queries.


We have began creating resources and avenues that function as throughput's for like minded Seekers looking for the proper channels to reach their next stage of success without the general impedance that individuals face in this society. I cannot express enough to every member that the knowledge we bring forth frees the mind, body, and soul of the individual that comprehends it. We have thousands of reviews indicating so. What remains is to convert the overall message in to multiple formats that act as bridges able to connect with ones current location on the various roads of life.


I also confess an addiction to enlightenment and bringing it to others so even when I'm virtually forced to pull away for just a moment to devote the necessary time it takes to complete things that will even out weight our current feats in overall effectiveness towards expansion, I have decided to put the remaining part of this Astral Update together so you will have it to get you through Sunday's sometimes necessary dose of Wholeness. :-)


The Grid of the Gods - While reading you will need to ween out the "white snake" info which is constantly trying to insist that it is good, underneath that you will find accurate information in regards to the Organic Grid we have been mentioning, its current state and use. You will also see that the discovery of creating atomic and nuclear devices released the information of mass destruction to this world. Nothing can be more destructive than smashing Atoms/Lifeforms, together, likewise splitting them apart, fusing them back together and exploding them again for greater yield. I believe it is these kind of methods being used on our own organic structure which has the nature of something of a Hydrogen Implosion device, very powerful indeed if one can harness it without going critical.


The Circuit - Last weekend I had an opportunity to talk to a woman that was just awaking to the real world after a very vivid spiritual experience. Many us have been in this exact state and have had great difficulty figuring out what is going on and what to do next. We can admit that if we had someone there that knew at least something about what had transpired then we would have been able to retain much more energy after the "event" in addition to possibly not losing as many friends and family in the verbal battles and ordeals that ensued after when trying to explain the new vision to those who have not yet had the opportunity to see it.


This conversation makes a great attempt at running the entire gamut of what is going on. Every valuable subject just about is covered with brevity. I feel this recording can be used as a general outline as to what one may possibly say to another going through such an experience. Some of the questions that are answered are;

What is Kundalini and the snake?

What is Phi? Who is "controlling" this world?

Who am I?

What is religion?

How does one ascend and what should they eat?

What is the tree of life?

Who is God?

Who is the Supreme being?

Who are the Illuminati?

Whats the secret?

Who is the king?

Whats the deal with money?

What is the Secret to Immortality?

Why is there so much conflict in this reality?

Whats going on with Parasites?



Lastly I would like to detail here the exact identity of the entity known as "God". I have often discussed that "God" does not mean Supreme Being and is actually a specific Being. In every culture you will find the name they use for the Supreme Being vary based on who or what was trying to exact dominion over those specific tribes of people. It should be clear to at least the Adept that All is Self and we are all made up of the same "Cosmic Stuff" in different stages of it metamorphosis. For one Being to rise up over another and demand obeisance is in fact a violation of our Universal Charter. Such deeds and the effects they have caused our Species will remain in the dark no longer, a new day which includes no night, darkness, division or ignorance rapidly approaches. Doubt it not. Something greater has arrived, its You.


The Identity of God

The English word God continues the Old English God and Gott in modern German), which is thought to derive from Proto-Germanic ǥuđán.

(This clarifies that the word "God" or Gudan is in fact German and indicated that all religions and faiths that use this word are adhering to the Germanic principles and origins of this word which are very specific. One should not wonder why this is possible since there is a regime still functioning today that make up a group that has been bent on deifying themselves. This is for a mortal man to claim himself as supreme being over all others through might.

The roots of this action stem from the many Empires such as the Tibetans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Russians, Romans, and Nazis who have featured Tsars "Serpent Kings", Caesars "Julius Caesar's (JC) or Jesus Christ's". Kings such as Alexander and Constantine who have sought with fervor to become rulers through bloodshed. The sword of Constantine when turned upside down became the symbol of Christianity.

Might equals weapons, so in effect whoever has the most powerful weapon on Earth for that period become the "Gods" through force. You see this all throughout the Hindu Paranas as it is nothing new. So when the dollar says "In God we Trust" they mean that they trust that if anyone comes against their "physical" empire "physically" the might of their god who is the king will be displayed and their foes will be vanquished. America and Israel trust in this same power and wield it as a threat to other nations/constellations.

The most current display of "vanquishing" has been shown already and was in fact an attack on the previous rulers. Notice that the atomic bomb was dropped on "Naga"saki. When you study these energies closely you will find that Kundalini was previously the strongest force known to man. It is also given the term later ad Vril. When the knowledge of how to handle the more potent invisible elements was gained, there was an overthrowing of the previous system. These "invisible elements" which have untold yields of energy in a physical plane are in fact the Elements or Elementals that the magician or sorcerer learns to weld in alchemy to whatever desired end be it positive, negative, or neutral. That is a major secret. Potentially destructive invisible elements are like monsters to those who cannot stand in their presence. There are elements that the human body cannot be around such as radiation known to even melt the Ka according to the Kemetians. This means that radiation was known to degrade the actual Soul of the life form. 

I will also add here that such knowledge of how to create such weapons was kept in books in Tibet under the highest levels of protection. One of these books was taken by a Brahman, what specific Brahman can be uncovered while ready the Vedas. The Brahman took this knowledge eventually to Egypt and build such devices there. The last time you hear about all of this is when "Moses" took its formula or arch-form from Egypt and sent it to what we now call Israel. That later became known as "The Word of God" which was deemed absolute and terrible as this "God" is one of sacrifice and destruction. That is evident by the actions that ensure after its use. god become division, Dues, divide, destroy, setting apart one from another, despoiling lands, etc.

So to be clear, these factions threaten one another with the use of such wonder weapons, many factions such as Japan, China, Israel, America, and Russia all have the knowledge about this and have made it a religion. This is in fact Weapon Worship. Bomb worship creates ultimate division as even nano particles are split causing a ripple effects that create division which reverberate through the worlds. This includes higher and lower spheres, however, some spheres remain unreachable, girded, or protected by their own fields or rings. You will see it all around you."

Huta is the Sanskrit equivalent for the exact word "God" it is defined here and means "offered in the fire". This is the exact action of the ultimate weapons of war. In short the "god" was named after the effects it caused just like any other Mantra. This begins to make so many things make sense such as why in certain traditions the god is synonymous with fear, death, not being able to been seen without causing injury, "thou shalt not see my face and live", and even times when some came in contact with "god" it was liken unto radiation they left with boils. I'm only skimming the surface right now on this theory of weapon worship but it holds many keys to innerstanding and I have already taken it apart fully.
Huta - Offered in fire, poured out ( as clarified butter ), burnt ( as an oblation ), sacrificed cf. AV. etc.
sacrificed to, one to whom an oblation is offered cf. RV. vi, 50, 15 ( if not for hūta [ cf. v, 5 ], as sometimes in abhi-, ā-, sam-ā-huta, qq. vv. ) cf. MBh. cf. R. etc.
m. N. of Śiva cf. MBh.
n. an oblation, offering, sacrifice cf. AV. etc.

Here you will find the connection between the modern "F" and its connection to words like Fire, Father, Frater, Force etc. Also note the double cross which is used heavily by the culprits.

Here you will find the one responsible for creating the Gothic alphabet for the sake of spreading an old religion wrapped in new guises with of course new characters. The term "Arian" rapidly becomes a specific group of people rather than a metaphor of the state of all elements in there higher level of purity. Impurity equals density, so you have in order of density Air, Ether, Fire, Earth, Water, etc. All elements are separated by their densities and this governs what fields they are applicable in.

It becomes realistic to assume that just about all modern religions are forms of brainwashing and mind control designed to fit the geo political agenda of the current ruler who governs by force. These people who worship external gods rather than the Supreme Being within self find themselves as slaves unaware that they have been "penned". Leylines that run through churches govern reincarnation cycles and communion as Spirits when leaving the body are forced to move in straight lines through incubation stations charted all over the planet via extensive leyline work conducted like acupuncture across the globe which is a body or corpus. Each territory on Earth resonates a particular constellation and harbors lifeforms resonate to its makeup.

So I will say it once more, religions and all their characters are nothing more than corrupted externalized representations of astronomical positions and the results that occur when such alignments and conjunctions take place. Because one can measure the stars accurately on a daily basis one can in fact predict the future if they have enough integers of the effects these elements and light codes cause. After all the stars will be in a precise position that can be determined even if its thousands of years from now. So consider this....

"He (Haushofer) convinced Hitler that the "Institute" must find out everything about its enemies: strengths, weaknesses, impending famine, religious sensibilities, the personalities and tastes of officials, the morals and corruptibility of even minor bureaucrats, the views of opinion makers. To collate, sift through, and interpret all this material on every country in the world, Haushofer enlisted a staff of more than a thousand students, historians, economists, statisticians, military strategists, psychologists, meteorologists, physicists, geographers, and other specialists, working in Germany and abroad." Now they just have Facebook, they are cataloging the data of the Stars which are you, in order to predict and thus shape and mold the future.


Now witness that the fake Arian controversy, or the battle for who is greater, spread to the church almost in the beginning of its inception.

Below reconfirms that religions are in fact programs built to motivate sacrificial obeisance designed to gratify some energy hungry vacuum or archeform eidolon masquerading as savior. Re-Legion is in fact attempting to replenish a depleted Legion or armament that was dispelled already in the space known as non-linear. Manipulation of memories and a creation of Time serves to create the current moment of disarray witnessed amongst a mind wiped populace. See the new movie "Oblivion" to make a final connection in regards to Drones, Clones, and Oannes which is the replication of the Ones or Archeforms. You then have two factions, replicas of organics and replicas of synthetics. Humanities original state is as one complete massively powerful undivided unified field not petty insects squabbling over a spot on the bright light that will more than likely cause their ruin.

Ruler cults
Another innovation in the Hellenistic period was the institution of cults dedicated to the rulers of the Hellenistic kingdoms. The first of these was established under Alexander, whose conquests, power, and status had elevated him to a degree that required special recognition. His successors continued his worship to the point where in Egypt under Ptolemy I Soter, we find Alexander being honored as a god. Ptolemy's son Ptolemy II Philadelphus proclaimed his late father a god, and made himself a living god.
By doing so, the Ptolemies were adapting earlier Egyptian ideas in pharaonic worship. Elsewhere, practice varied; a ruler might receive divine status without the full status of a god, as occurred in Athens in 307 BCE, when Antigonus I Monophthalmus and Demetrius I Poliorcetes were honored as saviors (soteres) for liberating the city, and, as a result, an altar was erected; an annual festival was founded; and an office of the "priest of the Saviours" was introduced. Temples dedicated to rulers were rare, but their statues were often erected in other temples, and the kings would be worshiped as "temple-sharing gods."


With all this being known it is easy to see the solution remains available before the problem. Discovering the exact details to something that brings immense destruction still lends one a glance at the formula of what can bring regeneration when it is turned 180 degrees or inverted. This also lends sight to the already collected fields of limitless unified Beings with no need to test metal and elements against one another. The power is within, it is implosive, we are calibrated naturally to restore fields as large as Universes. Sustainers of Worlds and Keepers of the Keys We Are.




We also did a compressed version of the message from the last show for brevity of the message itself. Injoy!

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Comment by Łukasz Czepułkowski on July 30, 2013 at 7:01am
Just checked the mail-box 1st time inn last week that I had a chance and time for this. Brilliant surprise. Just read ca. half of the article and I see already it is excellent. Extremely fine approach to gods and a lot more. I will try if I I see it when unlogged and if can publish it on ma FB page ~ If not I will arrange some copy/paste thing and do as much as possible.

I can only say Tank You <3 :)

PS This is what I finally verbalized within me within last 2 weeks about Love, Wisdom and gods:


I know love which equals live (life).. did this one vowel difference occur in a long time and divided the most significant word (hence world) that once was one..?

Love is love and to love is to live - to be alive.. to know love is to love oneself and to be love.. to love is to live and to live is to love..

I do not know god.. never spoke, heard, met or experienced god and were aware that it was him/her/it at the same time..

They say god is love (i don't know.. i don't even know if god exists at all).. and then is Love god, too..? if yes then god would equal love.. then god = love.. but this would mean that i know god without being aware of god.. this would also mean that i god all with you included as you who know and are love god all with i included..

But if no - if only god is love but love is not god then love contains god within whereas the opposite is not true.. then i may compare god to a square that is a rectangle which i may compare to love but a rectangle is not a square.. almost never..

Lastly even if ultimately god = love anyway then why two different words for one thing.. to me love is just enough.. but eskimo have hundred+ words for different kinds of snow.. difFerent.. not equaL..

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. ~ Leonardo da Vinci


We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men ~ Prophet George Orwell (rather wise men 1st of all - I)
W/out True Love you are not aLoive.. zombie.. sheep.. corpse..
Fear is the antagonist of Love.. of Live]Life] when you fear you are not aLive..
True Love does not exist w/out true Mind..
True Mind does not exist w/out true Love..
True Love=Live=Awakening=Wisdom=Courage
Well.. general idea.. there are special cases.. exceptions.. I am not alphalpha :)





Comment by Siela on July 29, 2013 at 2:25am
My God!,,,,Thanks for putting together this well thought out gift Of Wholeness! I seriously appreciate this beautiful SUNDay's Very Necessary DOSE!;)
Comment by Jason Clary on July 28, 2013 at 7:02pm

Oh wow, I see you got visuals from Shwood's promo for their Stone Collection in that Elements and Agreements video.  Very cool to see.  Those are some great folks.

Comment by Sevan Bomar on July 28, 2013 at 5:47pm

Everyone is more than welcome we are going in to overdrive here!

Comment by Tyrone on July 28, 2013 at 11:37am

thank you kindly

Comment by Magnus Regnant on July 28, 2013 at 10:29am

So-called deification of either seen or unseen living or past living entities of whatever nature or conditions, are nothing new from any known sentient experiences. It is the natural course of life to honor the wonderful creative cognitive conditions that life presents for various reasons.

Every culture known to Man, has practiced such worship of the living or unseen. This is no way justifies any aberrant devotions unintended by the natural course of events or otherwise, for the means of justifying any denial of the absolute natural rights of All Walks of Life.   

Most graciously....'In Honor We Trust."

Comment by Trish on July 28, 2013 at 10:00am

Thank you for the expansion Resistance

Comment by Jerome Carrington on July 28, 2013 at 8:35am

Thanks. These are great tools for myself and to share with others.

Comment by TCP on July 28, 2013 at 5:11am

Very nice video, but it is a little hard to hear over the music. Thank you

Comment by Joshua T on July 28, 2013 at 4:14am

Thank You 


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