I would like to share an experience with all of you and I hope you could give me some explanations...

Since I've begun to enlighten me on what's really going on in this world about two weeks ago, I feel that something's been changing in my body. I'm going to try to explain the sensations I feel.

It's like a mass of cold energy which goes through my body from my back, along my spine column, to the other parts of my body: arms, legs and feet. And I don't understand why. Usually, I feel it (stronger)when I begin to enlighten myself with all the informations I can find and can help me to enlighten me on the internet.
However I have to precise I already felt these sensations when I was working on my chakras...

My questions are: Is it normal or is it something else? And is it good or bad?

Indeed, I worked my chakras about one year and half ago, but,I stopped.
I intend to work seriously again on them in two weeks as I'll be on vacation, to open all of them and do my best to align them, and enlighten me as much as possible in order to discover who I really am and how I can help...
Can someone advise me of some methods so that I can efficiently work on my chakras because I wasn't satisfied on the methods I used:I tried both (singing and not singing).

P.S: A strange fact happenned to me yesterday night when I was listenning to one of my favourite artists:Alicia Keys (I know I was wrong). Indeed,suddenly, I saw an "all seeing eye" at the level of my third eye (chakra) and I immediately stopped the track...
I really hope I'm not possessed!
The song was "Try sleeping with a broken heart"
So,if someone can reverse this song to tell me if it is demonic or not I'll appreciate it a lot! :-)

By the way, you know what,I arrived at a point where I think I'm only going to listen to classical music! :-(

I hope someoneis going to reply me back because I'm totally confused!

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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Comment by One_faith on November 10, 2009 at 11:26am
Thanks for replying me back Sevan! :-)

I do hope I'll learn how to guide myself and as fast as possible. Like that, I will be able to know the real truth!

Moreover, I'm so in a hurry to learn how to guide myself that I decided to not wait for meditating till my next holidays. So, it's been 2 days now, I've started ,and I feel so well, more and more in harmony with myself !

I even bought the material which is necessary to open faster my chakras !

Consequently, you're so right when you say confusion will dissipate as I learn more of the exact fact: it's exactly how I feel!
Comment by Sevan Bomar on November 9, 2009 at 1:47pm
The sensations that your are feeling is the activation itself which takes place gradually. In choosing to open yourself back up to higher knowledge the spirit awakes again and the sensation is of a different type of excitement and elation, the feeling associated with higher obtainments. We speak of new experiences being interpreted as fear first, be aware of this as fear it is the mind controller and what you perceive in higher states of activation is what you manifest. This is the process of slowly releasing the reigns that are upon you and allowing you to learn how to guide yourself. In this you are then responsible for all of your actions. When it comes to music there is no doubt that the most famous are surely initiates of the darkside professing to have Keys but in the end they are to the wrong doors, but it does not take such an extreme definition to perceive the energy of their music. As the song is called Sleeping with a Broken Heart, this is clearly a negative connotation designed for one to regress and loath the times that they have had their hearts broken. There is a part of crying and feeling down that can be perceived as a level of comfort, this is false, and only a product of bad habit. When something ends somethings new is certain to begin. Many of these beings on the lower astral feed upon the energy of sadness, confusion, and loneliness. None of these can now plague you as you are most certainly happy you have found Us as We are that you are here, confusion will dissipate as you learn more of the exact fact, and there is no reason to be lonely now because We are here with you, especially me, Outside of Time.


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