Dreams of the moon, planets, alignments and discussion toward innerstanding.

Note: After posting this dream of mine (you will read below; for original posting link, see bottom of this blog) on the discussions forum, two other Resistance members commented describing dreams of similar themes they had envisioned. I am posting these now with intentions of finding others who have had similar dreams along these lines, or those with knowledge to sow pertaining in any way to the following descriptions. Please, express freely.

The dream:
I'm in the rafters of a red barn, about four blocks north from where I live[d] (in this reality). There is nothing but hay strewn about below, a few partially degraded bales. I'm playing with
some dolls or toys with my cousins (children and adults I grew up with,
visiting every summer), when three men dressed in military garb enter.
Two lower ranking officials enter through the large, square entrance to
the south and the third, the highest ranking officer, enters through the
north large, square entrance. The ranking officer tells the other two
officials that my father is #1 enemy of the state and must be tracked
down at all costs (I grew up listening to my dad talk about 'conspiracy
theories' and the darker truths behind our government, so I can connect
that with this theme involving the military. My dad was also in many
political battles with local city judges around this time and that
conflict was something expressed to me, so that may also play a
contributing part to this theme. Just my thoughts). The ranking officer
exits the way he entered and the other two officials start walking north
and leave my view, which had been watching this exchange through a
small, square hole in the rafter. I know the officials are coming to
find me, so I quickly explain to my family members not to ask me any
questions, just to take 'this rope' and leave the rafters by swinging
through the square hole, down to the pile of hay on the ground and run,
which they begin doing. I turn around and run down an angled ladder
(heading North) onto a small, square platform about 3.5-4ft off the
ground with no walls, but a thin, worn down, wooden door and frame. By
the time I'm on this plat form there is one official in front of me
(about to open the door) and one to my left, who could easily jump up to
the platform, but doesn't for some reason. I get to the door (I had the
intention of locking it, as if this would keep me safe) just in time to
see it opened, the first official standing on the ground facing me at
the end of another small ladder. He begins to 'grill' me in a short and
abrupt tone, asking me where my dad is, telling me he is the #1 enemy of
the state and if I don't tell them where he is, they're going to arrest
me. I refuse to give them any information, simply saying, "I don't know
where he is!", then they leave with intention to return. I run down the
smaller ladder, now on the floor of the barn, facing north west and my
dad steps into the north facing barn entrance, smiling at me with the
most peaceful, graceful smile (one I do not ever recall being on my
dad's face, but it might have been one he looked at me with when I was
an infant... not sure. This smile gave me a feeling of calm, with
underlying unease). I walk toward him telling him these military
officials were just looking for him and they were going to arrest him,
but he didn't say anything, just smiled at me and raised his left hand
to point out side of the north entrance. I walk past him (and from here
on he has disappeared for all my brain knows), looking up, onto a
street running through an enormous apartment complex (which does exist
in this reality four blocks away from me - just not the barn). It's
night time, and I'm looking at the stars, when suddenly from the West
came a very bright, tailed celestial body, which was conveyed to me in
this dream as being Earth. It passed a few planets and "melted" or
"faded" into 'Earth's place', with Venus and Mercury directly in front
and the other planets lined up directly behind Earth. I did not see the
Sun, however, in this alignment. At this point, I felt this huge,
pounding surge of energy in my chest, like I wasn't breathing, though I
did not feel suffocated. I looked down and saw down this road people
coming out of their apartments pointing up at the sky. Some where
screaming and falling to the ground, while others were running around in
a frenzy, and some just stood frozen in awe. Then a thought was
conveyed to me (my young mind)... this was the end of the world.

Kai's Dream:
Last year I had a dream of the Moon "falling" then reappearing from the horizon, so close to the Earth that I could swear it was in the atmosphere. there were many "moons" in the sky.
''This was the most vivid dream I have had in a long time. The Moon is what is keeping so many people controlled in this Matrix. ''

Esdsix's Dream:
I was standing in the middle of the street facing west on a street I used to live on as around 12yrs old. I was standing there looking at this enormous planet in the sky, I mean the size of the
celestial body was overwhelming. It looked like it was going to bump
into our atmosphere or something. I was astounded. I just stood there in
[To give you a PERFECT example of what I experienced in that
dream. You've probably seen Avatar (the movie) by now...Remember the
so-called "moon" sitting right over their sky, like it was sitting on
top of their planet? Well, thats exactly what I saw in the dream...When I
saw that scene in the movie, I felt like it was taken from my mind in
some way...I felt like I could relate to that image, totally.] Anyhow,
nothing else of that particular dream has happened except, it has never
left my mind to this day.

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Comment by Marilyn Mae on August 18, 2010 at 8:24pm
Hmm... maybe it was eluding to the end of "time" as we have perceived it...as the Mayans eluded to, rather than the end of the world?

Years ago...at least a decade, I had a dream that there were like three moons...REALLY close, over the coast just past Santa Barbara. They looked huge in the sky, and it was daylight. They were 100% full. In that same dream, I suddenly found myself on a craft of some kind...I never saw the outside of it, just inside. It seemed to be really long, I couldn't tell how long, I just had the feeling that it went on and on. It was being opperated by humans, although it didn't seem like they were from here (earth). They were wearing jumpsuit type clothing, like some kind of crew uniform that were white and had some kind of emblem patch, I don't remember what it had on it, though. All I remember of the people on the craft is that they were benevolent in nature, but I don't remember what we talked about. I just remember talking to them. I felt a bit nervous but I remember that their kind nature eased my nervousness.

Years later, my son, Kai, told me that he had a dream of the moon being REALLY close...like it was about to crash into the earth... and it sounded so familiar to what I saw in my dream.
Comment by Zii Cee on August 18, 2010 at 1:08pm
a few months ago i had adream of seven moons being lined up in the sky and then 1 of them sprayed me with some kinda acid stuff and i looked at my body n cud c my bones

i also had a vision of a gold sky with earth and 3 or 4 other planets behind it but jus seeing that site had me really relaxed
Comment by esdsix on August 18, 2010 at 11:59am
I agree, this is apart of the big puzzle..
Comment by Robert Bruce Norton Jr (Saia) on August 18, 2010 at 7:19am
Back in '05 I had a dream involving a piece of the moon falling through the atmosphere. At the time I hadn't read anything by Zecharia Sitchin to find out about all the neglected facts and how the story of ancient history probably really adds up and contextualizes within gaps of general historical understanding, ( I suggest checking out his books, The Twelfth Planet is the first,) so it didn't mean the same thing it means to me now. My first word was "moon" as a baby, but since reading about the fall of Ancient Sumer during the Ur III dynasty proceeding the usurpation of Marduk (Ra) of Babylon, (Likely caused by nuclear fallout. Check out " The Lamentation of Ur, which describes not destruction but people afflicted with inescapable fatal ailments,) I have started to wonder about the moon's significance in a much greater way. The "god" of Ur was Nannar, (SU EN [sin]) to the Babylonians,) who was the moon god, (sacred number 30.)
Terah, father of Abraham, was high priest in his city, indicating the chance of him being a descendant of Nannar considering the high priests of Sumer, the knowledge keepers, were closest to the "gods" of the time.
I have to wonder if that has anything to do with the "moon in the atmosphere" aspect of these dreams.
There are a lot of ideas and concepts to explore when properly organized and looked at with care and intention.


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