The dimension you walk in depends on your perception.

It is written - As it is written so shall it be.

All that is, that was and that shall ever be is written within your DNA. It is written in the universal language of mathematics. Every experience you have ever had, are having or will have is coded into your DNA. Who wrote the programming code that plays out as your life, your thoughts, your emotions?  Do you really have free will?  Are you really in charge, in control of your life?  What program is creating your reality?


It's in the DNA, yes, it's in the water, yes - it's in the media, the food, the literature, the religion, society, culture, etc. etc.  but more importantly it's IN YOU.


Find out what programs are coded into your DNA.  If you can access this coding, you can change it, if you change it - you change your life (pas-present & future)...but you can't change it if you don't understand the language. You can't change it if you are not aware of it!


Mathematical sequence reveals the programming of your soul, the signature of the soul, the blueprint for your life as written from before the beginning of time.

How would you re-write your past, present or future?  You can only change that which you are aware of, if you are not aware of it, how can you be conscious of it?  It is now possible using principles of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology to access this encoded information. Contact me for more in-form-ation.

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Comment by arielle on September 4, 2010 at 10:37pm
yes yes YES.


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