I've seen there is some interest in communal living, so I thought I'd post a blog about it in case people are interested. The situation at this community is not exactly easy to explain or understand. I live in a community called Eastwind in southern Missouri. It has about 1000 acres of land that we own. We live and work here in this community, it has a ranch, a garden, and also a business that also supports the place. The business makes nuttbutter; cashew, almond, tahini, peanut butter. The community also shares it's wealth with each other, so you don't exactly get a check, but you do get a small monthly stipend. All the money goes into the necessities, food, shelter, medical coverage, etc. We have about 60-70 people living here which varies quite a bit. There is definitely a want for sustainability for this community, but it isn't as simple as "a want". You actually have to work at it which can be a huge obstacle.

I'm sure people will look at this and say, "wow sounds like a great place!" Well, like I said, it's not exactly easy to understand. There are definitely some problems here that you would immediately see by living here for a few days. Some times it feels like you are hitting your head on the wall trying to accomplish something. That does not mean that it's a bad place just that it has "room for improvement." There are some really great people here that want to see this place improve, which I find uplifting. There are just almost countless amount of things you can do here, as well as a few knowledgeable people willing to teach you.

Now if you are interested in visiting or joining this community you have to keep in mind that I would say most people are not up to date with the information about the resistance, and would rather just not know about it, or would not agree with it. I have tried to get people more interested in this stuff but it's not exactly easy as most people here know. I did get a couple people here to read the code but really I only got one person truly interested in it right now, which is actually kind of exciting on my part.

The visitor period is 3 weeks, and yes you can stay here after that 3 weeks if there is room available here. Amazingly there usually is. Just message me if you want some more information, or better then that just email the membership. Also if you want to just visit, I can guest you at any time as long as I know your coming here a few days in advance. I've never actually guested anyone so I'd have to look more into the guidelines for it, but you would probably need a tent to sleep in, or your car. If you don't have a tent we could still work something out most likely, food provided while your here. Just message me if you want to know more about it, or you can just email membership about the place for more details.

Here is the website (hasn't been updated for a while)

or you can just send an email to membership@eastwind.org

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Comment by merry weathers on June 28, 2010 at 10:29pm
Thats interesting...sounds like a great spiritual investment, you really have to want something like that to get it going and stick with it. I was watching a program and checking out the site of a group of people who started a tribe on the Feji Islands tribe wanted I think it's called, they are about making money but they are helping some I think which I know is diffent than what you speaking about. Good luck in getting more people to read the Code...


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