Excellent news people, I am so excited to report that my Grandmother, who is 74 years old and currently on Blood Pressure medication is very interested in taking the MMS product as a cleansing agent and a water purifier. My grandmother is an avid church goer and generally a person that I have never seen to be interested in "Fringe" information. This news is none other than the work of the Most High, and what I see as the direct result of spiritual changes that have been taking place in my family in the last few months.

Last month, our family suffered the loss of a younger cousin due to health issues, this would be the second in as many years, unfortunately this was the event that caused many to start to think. Funny that people usually respond to what they see, so when they saw me at the Wake and Funeral "rituals" there was lots of reaction to my appearance and temperament. I had been taking the MMS product since April and had been told by most that I have lost weight and that I looked "as young as my kids". In addition, I had also became a Vegan at the beginning of this year.

This was the opportunity to begin to talk to some about the whole process and not just the product. The MMS product has definitely helped with the cleansing of the body, but there is also the change in eating and the change in thinking that is a result of the knowledge that the site offers and other studies, and the use of Gotu Kola and most recently Crystal meditations also being a factor. I know it is a process and everyone does it at their own speed. I am just so pleased that the information is beginning to resound with some!

Every little bit makes the difference and I was definitely right when I heard from my grandmother who wanted to come over and see the product that I had been taking. We spent about an hour and a half going through the Jim Humble book looking for any information on the interaction with any drugs a person might be on, we didn’t find anything. If anyone has anymore information on the interaction with Drugs this product please respond to the post. I personally don't think so being that the product is Stabilized Oxygen, and is not a Drug itself, but I also want to do my due diligence.

Also, we are looking into starting an organic vegetable garden in her backyard that can be maintained and shared by the family. The whole situation reminds me of what has been posted on the site and chats about manifestation, and how I can see the affects of sending energy in a direction and watching the result.

Wholeness and Balance Vibrations

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Comment by SLR2 on August 14, 2010 at 8:45pm
The new post on the site stating the recall of the MMS product because of the FDA conversations with the Project Greenlife Company is a result of the continuous push to eliminate any and all products that serve to restore human health. My advise to all is to stock up on as many of these products as you can before they go out of circulation. If possible, find out how these products are made and make them.
Comment by SLR2 on August 7, 2010 at 11:24pm
Long live the Resistance! Activation is the only goal!
Comment by whole on August 7, 2010 at 10:01pm
my grand ma wants to start taking also... my mother is on it now as well. also my lil brother.. we are definitly affecting the world...
Comment by SLR2 on August 7, 2010 at 8:48pm
thank you =)


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