Important : UCC 1-207 has been moved to UCC 1-308 to hide it from the public.    Also you will need to make written motions along with the verbal procedure in court in this article "The UCC Connection" Additionally, lower level traffic courts and magistrates may not recognize your reservation of rights. You may have to appeal to a higher court. In Federal court they will offer you a magistrate. Always object to a magistrate. You want a real judge. But don't ask for a judge or anything else or they will try youBelow is pdf download of a notification of reservation of rights.Make sure you get it notarized and then file it with the county to make it public record. This is usually the same place that you file a marriage license. After they stamp it filed, then make several copies and send it to real judges on the state and Federal level. Registered mail and return receipt and restricted signiture. . To get it into the judge’s hands, you have to address it to his attention and put personal confidential as in this example. 
 Attention: (JUDGES NAME HERE,   PERSONAL, CONFIDENTIAL                                                                                                                                                
 This keeps the letter on the private side so that it is not intercepted by the clerk. If it is returned signature refused, then have the sheriff serve it on them. (If the judge doesn’t see it, then you will not be put on the list). If you get a nasty letter back, not to worry, that is proof they got it. If the judge didn't sign for it, then you are not going to be put on the list. If signature is refused, then just send it first class mail and they are then responsible for its knowledge. Be sure to keep all of your mail receipts. DO NOT send it to magistrates or judges that only try traffic tickets and dog bites etc.. Send it to real judges that try real felonies. It’ll take about 15 to 30 days, but there will never be a warrant issued for your arrest or to search your property unless Ya actually harm someone.  Also so you should not get a traffic ticket. Sometimes the judges fail to put you on the list for diplomatic immunity. If you do get a traffic ticket, then just appeal the decision of the traffic ticket court to the next court up and file a motion to dismiss because of reservation of rights. Then you may never hear from them again, or they will drag it out up to a year trying to wear you down or scare you into a plea bargain. But stick to your guns and do not give in. There is nothing they can do. The fact is that he will never rule on your motion but continue to drag out the case until they can no longer try you. This is usually 12 months. Then you file a motion to dismiss because you did not receive a speedy trial.To test for diplomatic immunity, perhaps trying to get a misdemeanor ticket or other non-moving violation . If ya don't get a ticket or just a warning ticket, then ya may be on the list for immunity. This way if you are not on the list, and do get a ticket, this non moving violation ticket should not hurt your insurance in case ya mess up the process. (Note: that in some states, no tags is a felony while others it is a very low cost misdemeanor.) Also note that there are state lists and a federal list. Some state judges will only put ya on the state list. In this case you would not get a ticket in your state, but you would get a ticket in another state. So try to get yourself on the federal list. If you run into trouble or do not understand something, call me or give me an email.
There appears to be 3 lists.
(1) the judges list appears to be a list of people that the judge will not issue a warrent for your arrest unless you cause injury. But they will still let police ticket you or arrest you.
(2) The state list, is a list where not only there will be no arrest warrents, but the police cannot arrest you or ticket you or detain you unless you are causing injury. YOU ARE ONLY PROTECTED IN THE STATE THAT HAS PUT YOU ON THEIR LIST. If you go into another state, you can get tickets or be arrested.
(3) The federal list is just like the state list execept that you are protected in all states and territories. However, you can no longer get on this list by sending a federal judge a letter of your reservation of rights. You have to sue your way onto this list, and possibly appeal.

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