The Powerful Life Crystals mentioned as the peak of Dr. George Merkl's work have been acquired! (see free book "SumerTech" below) To make it very simple the ATP and GTP formulated in this compound give the ability to access vivid levels of energy, this is not a subtle formula. People who generally remark that they cannot feel the energy associated with energy building supplements comment that ATP+ is no placebo and results in a restoration of strength, stamina, nutrient absorption, and much more. This formula induces the chemical process needed to synthesize all the complex molecules of the body.


We have extracted the energy molecule ATP (Adenosine Triphosophate) and GTP (Guanosine Triphosophate) in a solar distillation which yields a powerful concentration. This process utilizes the suns energy to distill a concentration of ATP and GTP crystals or "Life Crystals". Fulvic Acid in the form of ATP assists in carrying the Life Crystals directly in to the Cells.


The ATP Deficiency in the Human Body

The body contains in most cases less than 100 grams of ATP at any given time, however, the body can consume up to 100,000 grams of ATP per day. To be clear ATP is the life force of agelessness giving the body the energy it needs to reduce and eliminate toxins, overall strain, and chronic fatigue.


ATP+ Benefits for all active Lifestyles

  • Increases Oxygenation (Meditation)
  • Increases Circulation (Energy Raising Techniques)
  • Increases Stamina (Cross Training)
  • Increases Endurance (Mental and Physical)
  • Increases Performance (Weightlifting)
  • Increases Focus (Studying)
  • Increases Vitality (Lifestyle)
  • Raises Vibration (Spiritual Stance)

ATP assists the body in discarding toxins and build up that has accumulated for years effecting the individuals glands and joints. You may experience brief symptoms associated with purging toxins and it is important not to suppress these temporary symptoms with drugs as it will only interrupt the healing process. Here are a few testimonials from others already using this particular ATP+ and GTP+ w/ Fulvic Acid formula which cannot be confused with others.


Click here to purchase ATP+ and GTP+ with Fulvic Acid



“I take ATP+ daily. It is an incred­i­ble sup­ple­ment. So amaz­ing in its mol­e­c­u­lar con­struc­tion. It has the abil­ity to recharge cells, elec­tri­cally, begin­ning with the nucleus – tech­ni­cally reviv­ing cells from the inside out. I read it con­tained an ancient pre­cur­sor (dur­ing my very exhaus­tive research on George Merkl) to the chon­dri­ana cells, in the form of tiny dots of light, that were intel­li­gent and were able to demon­strate an aware­ness.” — Charles

“The first thing that I noticed was that my thoughts have changed first thing in the morn­ing. I am think­ing dif­fer­ent thoughts. I have more energy and my skill play­ing soc­cer is much bet­ter. I think it also brings integrity.” — Stuart

“I am on my bike through the day and hydrate with ATP+ and water. At the end of my day I bike for recre­ation with increased energy and fin­ish. I have plenty of endurance.” — Christian

“I’m grate­ful for your prod­ucts! The ATP+ has really helped me through this win­ter, and it gives me that extra boost that I need. If I ever wake up, a lit­tle drowsy, or feel­ing off, I have one drop­per of the ATP+ and it starts my day off right. I don’t know if I’d get as much done dur­ing the day with­out it.” — Shelby

“So many peo­ple are med­icated up and dumbed down, still asleep and don't know about this kind of stuff. It’s so sad” — Di

Click here to purchase ATP+ and GTP+ with Fulvic Acid

Sumer Tech Cosmic Bio Machine Dr George Merkl by Innerstanding


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Comment by Kathleen Horak on June 13, 2013 at 12:13pm
I'm excited to learn of this product and I'll be purchasing a bottle, i'm sure!
Comment by KD on June 12, 2013 at 11:36am

When I found out we were offering this product, I had to order a bottle to see what the hype was all about. I stopped taking all other products for 3 days, on Monday night I took a dropper full of ATP before bed and I could literally feel the product working inside my body before I feel asleep. I slept very sound. It was a very different feeling when I woke up, although I always feel calm, happy, joyful, and at ease with everything around me, this was a noticeable enhancement, it's been 48 hours and my skin is even noticeably softer. I've been very calmly excited if that makes any sense...focused and energetic (as if I need more of those two attributes") It's simply amazing,  I don't feel rushed or eager, my daily activities are flowing naturally, I simply feel fantastic and alive in a subtle, balanced kind of way.

One thing I know without a doubt, if it's offered on the resistance network, no matter what, it's the best ♥

Thanks for sharing the finer things of life :D


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