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Wholeness! This is a major part of my personal work in getting the body back in to alignment. The infinite spiral of our existence involves the bodies utilizing one another for energy. This means that several micro functions must take place in order for the bodies to fully process all materials they have access to, even on an Ethereal level.

A simplified example is if your Root Chakra is not digesting then one cannot breech in to higher states on consciousness that take an elimination of toxins. Maximum absorption of the super foods, minerals, and energies you intake is the key to efficiency. Imagine processing 93% of your proteins and how such things can stimulate the building blocks of your system allowing a greater level of alchemy to proceed!

This is massive as you will experience a chain reaction that takes place in your Body, Mind, and Soul when the wheels of true body building begin to turn. It is then unsluggish strength is produced without end. Enzymes are a big subject and as with everything we have cracked through a great deal of falsehood and found the proper connection. Synchronistically I met Troy who has a record of being the 7th highest climber in the world. When not climbing he has been doing extensive research and development on the proper Enzymes for the body. All that research has been poured in to their latest advanced Enzyme formula, Astraxyme.

I will point out here very briefly the differences in the (3) products. Astraxyme is a normal dosage of this amazing formula. This is a great place to start as it allows you to benefit from the Enzymes right away while beginning to gauge the current condition of your body. Astraxyme 2 is a double dose, increasing the formula for those who need more assistance in processing. This is often needed for those who have done serious damage to their digestive system and have depleted all of their natural Enzymes. Last but most certainly not least you have Astraxyme G a slightly more tailored blend that you may choose to utilize for the multiple benefits of processing various elements. Enzymes are vivid so expect to gain clearance and accelerated energy. Here is more information.

Why is Protein Important?

• Gives our bodies structure and the ability to move
• Maintains healthy hair, skin and nails
• Produces enzymes and hormones
• Carries oxygen and iron throughout the body
• Burns more calories in digestion = weight loss
• Builds and maintains muscles

A Major Breakthrough in Protein Digestion

After water, protein makes up the greatest percentage of our body weight. Not only are most of our organs, tissues and cells made up of protein, but proteins are also the powerhouses causing countless reactions to occur so our body can grow and maintain its marvelous machine. In order to fully utilize or unlock the potential of proteins they must be broken down into smaller components.

1. Complete digestion of proteins into peptides (96% breakdown in 30-60 minutes)
2. Quantity of peptides absorbed increased by 41%
3. Rate of absorption of peptides increased by more than 30%

AstraXyme is a blend of full spectrum, high performance plant-based enzymes designed to facilitate digestion and assimilation. It contains AstraXyme the proprietary blend that increased protein uptake and absorption rates in a recent study.

AstraXyme 2 is a double dose of this unique formula.
Astrazyme G is a tailor made formula that has specific benefits, you will need to try this.

Solution: AstraXyme

Formula: Unique Enzyme Blend

Format: Powder encased in vegetable capsules

Method: oral (O)

Quantity: 93 Capsules

Suggested Use: Use as directed

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Comment by Samuel Adam Alder on April 23, 2014 at 2:38pm

this might sound weird but i actually hear big clunk type thoughts of ... something landing, in the astral plane, and then i will hear a word like "enzymes" and boom, here we go! :)

Comment by Trish on April 22, 2014 at 10:45am

Thank you, will get both today...Wholeness

Comment by Crystal on April 22, 2014 at 9:47am

So excited to see this product at Realm Dynamics, Thank U.

Comment by michael ernest deschene on April 22, 2014 at 8:30am


so it is best to get one bottle of astraxyme and one bottle of astraxyme G in the beginning?

And then use the astraxyme G as you feel the need?   Thanks Aloha

Comment by Shahida Ebrahim on April 21, 2014 at 9:03pm

Thanks for sharing there Sevan.


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