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Time: June 29, 2014 


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Comment by jana on July 6, 2014 at 10:26pm

Many have taken plenty of hits so to speak when entering lower frequency vibes to the point of fatigue, etc. Yet in this I have experienced bridge building energies of a protective nature for the self as one works within the Self. There are still vibes I for sure do not enjoy entering (going back to?) and I often do not stay long, yet such areas usually begin to mold themselves into a more enjoyable experience/vibration. I have found most do want to increase frequency they simply lack knowledge and pliability. One can role model programs others may not remember experiencing. Protective energies can include entering the 'space' with equanimity and a perception mostly free from bias consistently. Plenty of energetic protections yet finding the most opportune within a moment is work in progress and as mentioned throwing energy into a receptacle that does not yet know what to do with it can be wasteful. One begins to discern. In being invited into homes and spaces one may respect the general programs while maintaining equilibrium. For example in general I do not comment on diets I model an improved one. Eventually many make changes based on desire to feel better outside of perceived judgement and related need to rebel against that. Working on creating a holistic hub striving for wholeness where many can come for a variety of reasons leaving energized with wisdom then hopefully spreading that into their own groups.

I remember a vision from a few years back. I was attempting to help a suicidal individual and at a bit of a loss. I suddenly invisioned energy coming from the earth, nearby trees, then up into the crystalline grid, surrounding the home of the individual. It could then be programmed towards balance of a nature best for the individual/whole. Begin to release the need/program to play out dramas other than balance/wholeness of course this goes for me as well. All are free see curriculums of truth and freedom expanding to all in receivable manners. As 7 said let us/all do the work to expand in this lies choice no longer robbing peter to pay paul as we move into deeper innerstanding healing miasmas. Lower vibes will correct as we/i have upon exposure/awareness of higher frequencies and related experience. Transmuting vibes no longer needed. Continued correction of my self will reflect in Self. Gratitude for the continued outpouring.

Comment by John Gray on June 28, 2014 at 8:09pm

OK Brother!  Time to jump it off!  Looking forward to the show.  

Comment by Jean Charles Couillard on June 28, 2014 at 4:35am


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