Latley all the time I am finding animals all around me, I walk up the street and seems Red Birds are everywhere, the birds with the orange breast seem to sit right outside my door I have never seen a chipmonk before but latley I have seen tons of them, squirrels seem to come and meet me, not come up to me or anything but just sit as I walk by. Bunnie rabbits all over I know this must be mateing season but I live in the city of NC and it seems there are more than normal this area has lots of country land and in this city lots of parks, they seem to be all around me even the big cement parking lot where I park my car are Chip Monks and they seem to sit and look at me not mean or anything but just looking....Last weekend I went to the park and was speaking to some friend about natural hair and as the sun set a Owl came down and light on a tree right in front of me He was not affraid of us and we weren't scared of him he seem to look right at me, even my friend said so, he lifted off and we thought he would fly away but he came down on the ground wide wing spann right near us, he sat for about 5 minutes and then he lift off we thought he would leave again and he lite back on the tree, listening seemed like to me the whole time(yes I was speaking the whole The birds and squirrels seem to stay right outside my window, I ask my room mate who has been living here longer than me is that normal and he said he never saw anything like it, that he even stayed in this room a few months last summer before I moved in and not one squirrel or red bird came close to the window and he would have it open to look out to the trees all the time....just wondering has anyone noticed anything like this?..I really start noticing it back in April when I start walking to work 4 miles down and 4 miles back home each day.. I was really calling towards The Sun alot and maybe I was calling all nature, I don't know Im still learning about this energy and sungazing..

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Comment by merry weathers on June 29, 2010 at 7:34am
Yes Joh I keep haveing to stop and start but I have made a plan and will strick to it, were I live in the city the sun is blcked by some trees and some buildings so Im going to have to shift where I gaze in order to be able to stand barefoot on the ground. Only one small patch near my place and the Sun is not close to it to Gaze.....I will leave my house and go down the street or the is a nice patch of grass on my street where the sun hits perfectly but the neighbors may become a lil Ansy if they see me standing there every eveing. I may even go on and ask them would they mind... Ill think on that a moment....
Comment by merry weathers on June 28, 2010 at 10:16pm
Yes Nine, You have hit on Target what Im experiencing...It has taken me sometime to change things in my life but back in April I started making drastic changes, yes the meat is almost gone and I have been balancing the PH intake in my body, It was just something I noticed about the Animals and wanted to see if anyone here had the experience, on my FB page as soon as I posted here another sister I converse with was also writting the same thing happening in her city around her, last weekend at the Junetenth celebrationright at dusk I was speaking to a brother about Natural hair and a Owl cam down on the branch close to us, not menacing just perched there as I grew a lil more excited in my conversation the Owl came on down to the ground and just sat and seemed to be listening to my voice, the brother even commented on it, Then the owl lifted up wide wingspan and we thought he would fly away and he only went to the branch over my head and sat there, I was never afraid and the owl never seemed afraid either.....

@Ayzik Im sorry I misinterpreted what you were saying but I just didn't understand what you were getting at and I don't talk like everyone around here and express my thoughts so seem like the people here are always mad so I thought maybe its in the food yall are eating and that you were just screaming at me about it and that I was clogged up when in reality I have really changed my diet over these months and so many bad habits I have let go, So maybe you were just giving me advice and not screaming and angry..

I was walking home for a month 8 miles a day in april and some of those days it would get over cast to rain and I would say as I was walking I want to walk home no rain till I get there only Re(SUN) on my back and yes that would happen, I feel theres something going on in the Multiverse around us and Im not afraid it feels good.............
Comment by Nine on June 28, 2010 at 8:02pm
Dear Merry, I know exactly what you are experiencing. Ever since my awakening process began I have become more aware of the sudden increase in synchronistic occurrences. Pertaining to animals, I have noticed that whenever I'm walking in the park all types of birds and squirrels seem to be acknowledging my presence more often. Quitting eating meat has helped tremendously with increasing my psychic abilities as well. But more importantly maintaining the vibration of love radiates a wide distance which attracts animals more which is why keeping your vibes up is extremely important. Living in N.Y.C;I'm constantly bombarded with EMF towers which seem to target high vibrational people so consciously creating a defense shield along with orgonite can help a lot.
Comment by merry weathers on June 28, 2010 at 10:57am
joh jaeger be carful, I haven't had any experiences like swooping near my head while sungazing nothing threating like that...(whoa) what a relief. Both of you sound like your having REALLY BAD EXPERIENCES with your food and with animals, Im gonna send you both Positive Energy and vibrations. Im goning to also meditate that both of you get rid of these bad things in your Aura, I don't know much about all this metaphysicle stuff you both practice except for the Sungazing but what ever you both are doing must be bad medicine and I think you should both consult with Sevan ASAP..Sending care and blessing to you both...
Comment by merry weathers on June 27, 2010 at 5:06pm
Yes I just quit meat last april, it was crazy how all this start happening.... Im eating Fish still but no chicken or meat......

I started taking Moringa and drinking Sunwater..and this all started happening around that same time..but thankss for your guidance and I am slowly moving towards a more natural state....


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