A visit to the Lyran Stargate ~ Excerpt from the book ' Sunshine Before The Dawn' by Judy Satori

These short quotations from the book are given with the permission of the author, Judy Satori. Judy Satori was asked by the Galactic Council to write this story and share it with others. You may read the Prologue FREE...how this story began... and purchase the book as a PDF, kindle version or soft cover version by visiting www.TheSoundOfLight.com 
Judy Satori also makes available many free energy transmissions to assist people through Earth's ascension process and beyond as we all begin a New Life on a New Earth.

'Sunshine Before the Dawn' reads and appears like a work of fiction, but it’s not! Every word was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori by beings of light. These loving, extraterrestrial star beings, contributed an aspect of their own DNA to the creation of a new, more evolved species of human being for Earth.  This new hu-man, or man and woman created in the image and likeness of God, has the inherent capacity within their DNA, to move beyond the confines of a third-dimensional Earth.  In previous cycles on this planet, spiritual Masters have demonstrated this and have ascended.  This story has been brought through from Spirit at this time, to prepare you for Earth ascension. With Earth’s ascension, the inherent DNA coding within us will be activated.  This is both a physical and a consciousness upgrade. The day has come.  We are the ones from the stars.  Sunshine Before the Dawn is our story.  The words are coded.  Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here...


I am Reading this and really felt like sharing cause it sheds so much light upon things i am intrigued by such as many ET parental races in our galaxy and beyond, regarding souls, soul purpose and origins, How souls take form in our 12 folded universe of the 'lower heavens' About the project called hu-man of the earth. A body that is being prepared and gifted with DNA of many star-races. A body that will be able  to exist and attune to all 12 densities of our 12 folded universe. A hu-man body with a 12 folded DNA structure  Living on a planet anchored in 5d, but with a reach into the stars and the 12 densities. Fascinating read ! 




"They both turned and walked towards the edge of the hilltop. The town of Etsos with its pale blue stone buildings glistening under the violet Lyran sky was without doubt one of the most exquisite places they had ever seen. There were few people around, so the town was peaceful and still. On one side, the view down the mountainside was spectacular. On the other side, looking towards the city, they could see the many pale blue, crystalline buildings towering upwards, with the light trails of the Kana system (Transport system on Lyra) dancing like silver ribbons in the sky. The view in the opposite direction was further towards the Emerald Hills, which stood like sentinels, imposing and majestic as far as the eye could see.

For several minutes, they just stood in silence, drinking it all in and recording images to take back to Sirius to show to their friends.
It was Mosteenya who broke the spell.
“Come everyone,” he said. “There is yet another place I wish to show you today. This place is far from the city, but in the opposite direction. It is a place of high light. It is where the portal or Lyran Stargate opens to the higher worlds of light. This is the place of the conjunction of the energies. It is called the ‘Gateway to the Thirteenth Heaven’ as it is the gateway from these 12-dimensions of the lower worlds into the more refined light fields of the higher heavens. All souls enter, and all souls leave this 12-dimensional matrix of the lower heavenly worlds through this gateway.
“Most of all, I want to show you the Lyran Stargate as I feel that you will better understand your mission here when you see and feel its energy.”


The Lyran Stargate
They got back on the Kana system and returned to the transit station in the valley where they changed to another Kana line that took them back to the central square in the city. When they arrived in the city they rested for a while near the golden statue of the Tree of Life.
They sat at one of the tables that were dotted throughout the gardens sharing together all they’d seen. Mosteenya had arranged for food to be brought to them, little cakes of a sweet grain, flavored with a mixture of what smelled like vanilla and anise along with a rich, ruby-red tea that was particularly delicious and thirst quenching. Mosteenya told them that the ruby tea was a favorite beverage on Lyra.
They all felt a little tired and Essayenya reminded them again, about the necessity of doing the breathing exercises often.

“It’s very important to remember to do these exercises,” she said. “The difference in density between our fifth and sixth-dimensional vibration on Sirius and this 12th-dimensional vibration of Epsilon Lyrae is too challenging for our bodies to withstand for very long. This is why we can only stay here for 90 decans, a cosmic month. Even then it’s difficult for us to adjust to this energy and doing the breathing will optimize the energy flows through our chakra system. It’s vitally important.
“It is a little easier on Lyra Vega, which is 10th-dimensional, but that’s not where we need to be. We must do the work of designing the prototype for the hu-man creation here on Epsilon Lyrae, together with the Lyran women who weave the Dreamtime Strands of Creation, so we must really be aware of how we feel, and be conscientious in doing the breathing exercises.”
“Yes, I agree,” said Rai. “I forgot to do them this morning, and already I’m feeling tired. It’s not like the tiredness you have when you’re weary at the end of the day. It is a feeling of slight dizziness and weakness that is hard to explain.”

“And yet, if I was to be on Sirius, I would feel a strange heaviness of vibration that would make it hard for me to think and function and would, in time, make me very ill,” said Mosteenya.
“This is all the more reason to create a hu-man being who one day will be able to traverse all 12-dimensions of these lower worlds of light,” said Asyia. “This is the only way our Star Nations will ever unite to become one.”

Essayenya glanced across the table at Mosteenya, and their eyes met. For one long tender moment, they visually embraced. Mosteenya broke the spell. Standing he said, “Come, we will go now to the stargate, the energy gateway to the 13th-dimension. We must go a long way, but on the Kana system, it will not seem to take that long. The stargate is off-limits to much of the population. It is a restricted area and carefully monitored; as such, the Kana cannot take us all the way there. I have had to get special passes to take you there, so please, let’s all keep together.

“When we reach the patrolled area we will travel together as a group, in a specially designed vehicle that is protected from the force field energies of the portal. It is extremely important to stay in this vehicle and not get out until given permission, for to do so could take you through the stargate, from which you might not be able to return.

“Only souls who are destined to return to the higher realms of light are allowed through this gateway and only souls who are committed to serve and experience life within these lower-dimensional worlds of light are allowed through to Lyra. It takes a certain quality of soul who can make it through to these 12-dimensions. Gone are the days when this stargate stood open to all souls regardless of their attitude or intention. The Galactic Federation now strictly patrols this boundary to ensure that all the Star Nations are kept free from forces or beings that might attempt to do harm.

“Unfortunately, many corrupted souls in the past did make it to our worlds. Marjorelca was one. The starships of the Ashtar Command, the peace-keeping arm of the Galactic Federation now patrol throughout the galaxy ensuring that our borders are patrolled and that beings, not aligned with peace and goodwill, are prevented from coming to these lower worlds.
“Those corrupted ones are especially prevalent on Earth as the third-dimensional density that they helped create is a perfect match to their dualistic vibrations. As you know, there are also malevolent extraterrestrial races that can hide themselves on Earth, appearing to be Earth beings and yet they are not. We feel that this situation will right itself in time, yet it is another reason why it is so important that we create a more advanced race of beings for the Earth, hu-mans who will work together with the Light.

“As you know, it will take four Great Ages for human kind to be prepared to join us, but one day this time will come.” They boarded the Kana system travelling over another part of the Emerald Hills, but in another direction. It seemed to Essayenya that they were flying towards a ‘golden white light’ that lit up a large section of the violet sky.

The closer they got, the brighter the light became and the ribbon of Kana’s energy surrounding them dipped down to the ground. Soon they were standing at the entrance of the vast area of land enclosing the Lyran Stargate. The stargate delivery vehicles they were told about were waiting outside a high barrier gate. They looked a little like a hovercraft, and they shone a brilliant incandescent red. Waiting for them was a vehicle with a Lyran driver, whose name was Yassa.
Yassa made them put on special glasses to shield their eyes from the light. He then carefully inspected the passes that Mosteenya procured for the group.
“When we go through the entrance and closer to the area around the stargate, the force field will begin to pull you in,” said Yassa. “Do not be concerned by any strange sensations you might experience. You will be kept quite safe while in this vehicle. However, do not open the doors until you are told to do so!
“Now please fasten your safety belt, and we will go in.”
The strange oval-shaped vehicle began to hum and then vibrate. It shone an even brighter red color as it slowly lifted off the ground about ten feet into the air and moved towards the entrance gate. As the patrolmen at the gate waved them forward, they moved across some kind of energy threshold, causing a sudden lurch in the pit of their stomach and a brief feeling of nausea.
It was not exactly uncomfortable, but it did feel strange. Essayenya was pleased to be wearing a seat belt, because it felt that without it, she would be torn from the vehicle. The closer they got to the portal the stronger this feeling became.

“Don’t worry,” said Yassa seeing their anxious expressions. “You’re quite safe. In a few minutes, we will be inside a protected building, and then you may get out.”
The light became brighter. Rai asked Yassa what happened to souls transiting through the stargate. Did they also wear glasses? That seemed a little crazy and they all began to laugh.
“That’s actually a good question,” said Yassa. “You are here in your physical bodies, but souls who transit through this stargate are in a body of light. They are pure energy, pure consciousness. These souls are not housed in any bodily form.” He laughed, “So, to answer your question, no; the souls do not need glasses.”
“Here we are. The building coming into view is our destination. When I press a laser signal, a doorway in the side of the building will open and our craft will go inside. Once we go into the building, please stay where you are with your glasses on until I give you permission to disembark.”
The building that appeared, looming out of the brightness as the light, looked quite different to other types of construction they saw on Epsilon Lyrae.

It was shaped like a four sided pyramid and glowed bright, golden white. Yassa told them that on each of the four-sided pyramid were the outlines of a large black eye. Under the eye they could see on the side of the pyramid facing them, was a wide doorway. It was sliding open to admit the craft.
They glided inside the pyramid. The hovercraft throbbed a little and then descended slowly to the floor of what appeared to be a large, open space.
A man dressed in a long blue robe raced to open the doors of the vehicle.


“Welcome Mosteenya. Welcome Essayenya. I extend a warm welcome to all of you from Sirius. We are happy you have come. My name is Zinor.”
Yassa turned and smiled at the group. “Now you may take off your glasses and leave the craft. Be careful to step carefully.”
Mosteenya motioned with his hand for Essayenya to go first and with her heart thumping in excitement she stepped carefully down the steps of the hovercraft onto the floor inside the pyramid. Immediately, she felt the pull of the stargate energy, not on her body as if to pull her body towards some gateway, but a pulling at the ‘core- of-her-being’, like a high, sweet tone within her that made her want to follow the call and follow the energy. She knew that the energy calling her was from higher-dimensions outside the 12-dimensions of the lower worlds of light and that beyond all this, beyond Lyra, was a force and a power of indescribable love, purity of tone and increasingly rarified vibration.
It was quite disconcerting because it was suddenly obvious to Essayenya that the true reality of life was this calling from the higher worlds of light that drew souls through the portal of Lyra and back into Oneness. She realized in that moment that her life on Sirius, her body as it was now, and so many things that she identified with as ‘self’, were merely illusion and that each season of soul experience, each physical lifetime was for a reason. That reason she now understood was to experience life and to learn wisdom.

So this was the energy gateway she had once passed through as a newly created soul coming into physical experience. She felt excited. She gazed around her. The walls of the inside of the pyramid looked to be of a pale yellow, crystalline substance, the same yellow color as sulphur.
“It’s not sulphur that colors the crystal,” said Zinor seeing her glancing around and reading her thoughts. “It’s a special type of yellow limestone impregnated into the surface of the four walls. The limestone absorbs and refracts the light and energy coming from the portal and the four sides and base of this pyramidal building work together in perfect harmony, to create a force field that protects you from being drawn through the stargate. That is, unless you want to go of course as many people do. To come down through the portal is easy. It is the path of every soul, but to return is difficult. It requires many, many lifetimes of soul experience and the mastery of many physical environments in many star systems before a soul is deemed ready to return.
“When a soul is ready to return to the oneness from whence it came and to serve as pure consciousness in the higher worlds of light, it must first return to Lyra for a time. This portal is ‘the place of beginning and the place of becoming’. To work in service here at the Lyran Stargate is a great joy. We help souls who have newly travelled through the stargate and we assist those who are ready to return.


“See, we have some souls arriving now. If you observe through the windows you will see them come.” Through large viewing windows positioned down three sides of the pyramid, the group could see a large round light. It sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow. As the light expanded, three beings appeared in the center of the light. They first appeared bluish-white, and their bodies were not delineated into a definite physical form. Fascinated, the Siriuns watched as the rainbow-colored light spiraled in graceful arcs around the three beings as it transposed the bluish-white templates of their new bodies into a distinct body shape. It looked like their bodies were being fashioned and arranged while they watched, fascinated with the work of creation happening before their eyes. Asyia could hardly contain her excitement at what she saw as the hand of God, the Elohim, deftly and efficiently manifesting these souls into bodily form.
“Look,” she cried. “It’s as if their bodies are being airbrushed, fashioned by the spiraling light, like an image that is at first blurry and indistinct, becoming whole.


“To think that at one time this also happened to each of us. I wish I could remember it. Somewhere deep inside I think I can, but it’s not a strong memory. It’s just a feeling that I’ve somehow been here before.”
The rainbow colored spiraling light was beginning to glow white and misty as it covered the forms of the newly created beings. When the mist began to clear a few minutes later, they saw standing in the beam of light, three beings, a woman and two men, who appeared to them as young adults.
“What happens to them now,” asked Essayenya? “What will they do? They know nothing of life on Lyra. They have not had a childhood here. How will they communicate?”
“They will retain their soul consciousness in this first physical lifetime,” replied Zinor. “They will become as revered ones for our civilization. They will have much to teach us as they are still resonating in the perfection of God, but they have come through this portal to the lower worlds to expand their soul experience and to be of greater service. Remember that each soul was once part of God, the one source of all creation, and each soul wherever they might be now and whatever their level of consciousness, was once connected into the purity of this vibration.
“You might think, what is the point of coming to these lower worlds at all? Why would a soul ever choose to descend to a place of duality and hardship such as Earth? Here, standing before you is the answer. A newly created soul is a spark of the Divine. They have life, but they have not yet earned wisdom. Each of these beings can only strengthen their soul and develop wisdom through experience in physical life and physical form. They must first separate from the oneness that is God so that they learn to re-connect. The greater the disconnection and the life experiences of the soul, the greater the strengthening of that soul and the more a soul will, in time, gain the wisdom to truly be of service to the One.
“There is a process of orientation that all souls newly created into form must go through,” said Zinor, “At the end of this physical life these souls will be reborn, first into our Lyran civilization and then, later; a soul may decide to experience life in other star systems. As you know, between physical lifetimes souls within this 12-dimensional matrix exist in the astral and causal realms depending on their level of consciousness and the level of understanding they have gained in their previous lifetime.
“Now watch, the white light around these beings is beginning to fade. They must be processed very quickly to prevent being sucked back towards the stargate.” Another beam of light, this time a golden-yellow color shone out from the pyramid and surrounded the men and the woman. It seemed to gently lift them up and carry them, like the energy stream through the Kana system, towards the pyramid. An entry way that they had not noticed before, a tunnel, opened up, meshed with the light, drew the light inside, and gently placed the three newly created beings on the floor protected from the energies of the stargate.
“You must understand that those who are ready to experience life in a physical form have had training in the detachment of consciousness, from being part of a whole into being an individuated form,” said Yassa. “It’s quite an adjustment.”

He and Zinor stepped forward to greet the newly created ones. They held out their hands palm up and slowly brought their hands palm down to touch the finger tips and palms of the three beings.
Not a word was spoken, but it was as if the touch of the hand was a catalyst to a spark of animation within the three, and they suddenly came to life and appeared vital and energized. They began to speak the universal Language of Light that Essayenya, Mosteenya and the others understood. Essayenya put her arms around the body of the woman and hugged her tight. It was such an incredible and courageous act to come through the portal of Lyra to the lower worlds, and she wanted to say to the woman, say to them all,


Essayenya knew that at the time of a soul’s entry into their first physical lifetime, a pulse rhythm that was not broken with death began and became like a signature of that soul’s essence. She wanted to ensure that these newly created souls were received with joy, because that first imprint of physical awareness would remain with them through all time.
That ‘pulse rhythm of memory’ would literally become the ‘soul-note’ of expression for that being and would determine much about the direction of their future lifetimes to come.
Coming through the Lyra Stargate was a ‘birth experience’ and like all physical, birth experiences, the quality of that experience markedly affected the consciousness and future path of the soul.
The symbolic ‘touch of hands’ was a physical ‘grounding’ into the new life.

After a time of conversing in the Language of Light, the three newly created beings were taken in one of the hovercrafts to the perimeter gate beyond the stargate. From there they would be transferred to the Hall of the Lyran Elders, the place of beginning and the place of transition for all souls. It was from this place that new souls coming into the 12-dimensions of lower heavens prepared to descend and that advanced souls, who had explored all that the lower worlds had to offer prepared to travel once more back through the stargate.


These short quotations from the book are given with the permission of the author, Judy Satori.   Judy Satori was asked by the Galactic Council to write this story and share it with others.  You may read the Prologue FREE...how this story began... and purchase the book as a PDF, kindle version or soft cover version by visiting www.TheSoundOfLight.com 
Judy Satori also makes available many free energy transmissions to assist people through Earth's ascension process and beyond as we all begin a New Life on a New Earth.


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