A Resource to Accelerate the Ascension from a Carbon to Crystal Body

Greetings Kindred Spirits! As most of you know, biological ascension isn't a one time event, it's an unfolding process that takes us through a series of ongoing waves of love from Source energy that's pulsating us with an evolutionary influx of light. “These energies are powerful and if not managed properly can cause electrical shortages and feelings of ungroundedness. Hence every single cell of our biology that contains our DNA is changing in radical ways, and will continue all throughout 2012. So until we ascend the awakening of the crystal vibration within our physical bodies, alchemically shifting, causing changes within each of us, we will have to endure the unfortunate side effects. Some people are affected more than others so will be most relieved to know how they can alleviate these changes that can be felt deep within their cells that actually mirror our feelings of fatigue and detoxification, a burdomsome discomfort felt throughout the whole body crying out for our attention to help mutate these side effects we've come to know as Ascension symptoms.

How we assimilate this evolutionary influx of light and love depends upon many factors that manifest to clear out our past abberations, that are actually compounded because of our nutritional deficiencies "called Syndrome X" that don't feed the cells, as to why there are so many different symptoms manifesting for most people on the path of Ascension. A not so welcome emotional, as well as physical side effect, that once cleared enables us to physically ascend beyond the polarity consciousness so as to acquire the sacred embodiment of our future crystalline body system. A system which is composed of a quartz-like character able to receive refined messages from other crystal sources, such as free-formed amino acids that are stacked in particular ratios. Much as fiber optics its relay wires will strike points on our brain receptors and fire as never before for a very concentrated and sacred passage transitioning us to a super universal creator consciousness.
So you see,
this process doesn't have to be so yucky and painful. Once we can nourish our cells from the inside out where the DNA can be restored we can get rid of all the distortions in our energetic pattern that's creating all the dis-ease and dis-harmone-y surfacing within our carbon based system. Besides Love, and letting go of third dimensional concepts to ease our passage, our body yearns for a catalytic booster to ascend Syndrome X, that covertly mascurades behind the achiness, mood swings, fatigue, poor memory and concentration, yet encompasses all cardiovascular, neurological and degenerative free radical diseases attributed to causing cell damage, mutation and even death. Hence I'm here to reveal how you can empower your journey by activating and accelerating your transition to a crystalline system with a solution, that I feel has been made available as part of the divine plan to release us from the challenges that fall under the umbrella of syndrome X that further compounds the dreaded symptoms. We can eclipse this issue by utilizing a marriage of synergistic remedies that create a bio ready super fuel for the body. This solution I am sharing with you has been created from space age technology to be easily and quickly absorbed at the cellular level which in turn raises the vibration of our cells. A delivery plus factor that actually restores the fountain of youth to our cells. This creates a light oscillation further elevating our vibration enabling us to transform from a carbon body to a crystal body. This is possible because the base of the carbon atom is only a slight shift to a silicon atom which is the crystal element that's rapidly evolving us to an immortal species.

I have always gravitated towards the cutting edge nutrition that's multifaceted in its delivery of nutritional requirements to
synergistically rejuvenate our system at the cellular level. So when I first heard about this food source supplement I already had a point of reference to discern it's prowess of assimilation without studying in further detail, besides I simply felt satiated at the time with information to be bothered, especially since I'm fortunate to be in good health with none of the ghastly ascension symptoms I've read about. Hence I had no idea this cutting edge nutrition also had the ability to transform us from a carbon body to a crystal body. Had someone brought this low key benefit to my attention I would have been sharing it with you all sooner! My orthodox friend that introduced this resource to me understandably never shared these profound benefits with me as it wasn't part of her consciousness, until recently anyway, when a kindred spirit who she introduced it to was on a high about this not so well known factor had me review this. It's very hard for one to deny the ascension paradigm when the product they are selling you on can accelerate that very process. Needless to say she's now opening her mind to that which she has long since scoffed at me about! You have three choices of how to acquire this incredible resource. A health food Store if they have a wholesale distributor in your area. Or you can become a direct customer or a distributor via my friend Ray's website below. It's your choice, either way you order it over the Internet!

Just as when a wood or coal fire gets burnt down till all that's left is the carbon element, likewise if we were to try to burn a diamond we would fail as it's structure would still remain. The reason why all of our cells must be transformed from Carbon to Silicon Crystal is to withstand the tremendous influx of light increasingly streaming into us and our planet from our sun and the Central sun, evolving our biology from a carbon form to a crystalline form. This allows us to carry more light within our physical being. Hence I'm here post haste sharing it with you so we can all accelerate the ascension process.

This here is but a nano bite of technical information to give you a glimpse of some of the properties that enables you to re-calibrate your life pulse. Via the scientific process of hydralization this nano sized organic food powder, a
silica quartz like rare rice blend made from the endosperm or sweet spot purple rice, that then becomes alpha glycans. These alpha glycans penetrate cell membranes and DNA membranes, providing functional sugar proteins known to heal cells from the inside out. A natural cure as when consumed they go directly inside the cell where the DNA can be reestablished to restore order. This news is such profound news that penetrates to the depths of ones being as new codes will start directing how every cell is informed thereafter. No need to wonder why the Royal Dynastic Empires who have consummate knowledge on food and herbs all worked from the idea that one can find the elixir of longevity or even enlightenment from within one's own self, solely reserved this rediscovered elixir of life for themselves. Especially as they were all so very much involved in the different sects of the Martial Arts as seen in the great Dynastic movies I've been so enthralled with on You Tube such as "The House of the Flying Dagger"s and "Bichunmoo" for example.    

Since this isn't my occupation there's not much more that I can tell you. So if you would like to learn more please contact Ray at 347-986-7072 and he can help you. If you are outside the USA you can call or text him on Skype for free. Raymaxxny is his user name. If you don't have Skype you can download it for free @ http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/  or if you just want to go to the website here it is. www.fountainofyouth.enzacta.com

P.S Depending on what country you are in you may not be able to access it from the website. So just contact Ray on how you can receive it as I can't help you here?

In light and Love!

May the Blessings Be!

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Comment by Ernest Nelson-Homiah on December 25, 2011 at 9:15am

Amen African orgone  Generator Art Reborn

I have come to refill all the empty vessels of this Earth, with the divine light , so you are Reborn.

Along the way of spiritual practice I found myself making Orgone Generators, I insighted/chanelled that in times past, I was known to the Orgone.

And now all the Earth vessels of copper silver and gold  are reborn with a special purpose. Their purpose is to carry the divine light, so that it will be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The earth love us to recycle, all things in the universe are coming into being dying and being reborn to a higher funtions .

we humans can partake in the evolutionary process by being one with all things , we can see the many in one .and so be it .

The gemstone ,which are cosmic light colour frequency, and has many use the in the technological systems, osicilatives radio frequencies, capacitators, transducers etc .

mankind has lost ,or has being led away from the power within the cosmic energy holders.imagine a power that never run out,and never stop healing people, imagine one gemstone being able to

heal 70 humans at the same time , imagine a world where crystal was only for healing and not a shows item.

And yes there are over 200 refernce to gemstone in the bible, and all the bishop have gemstones ( check a picture of a bishop and count the gemstone’s) on them .

And we all know, about the 12  gemstones on breastplate of the  high priest.

And yet you meet the main religous people who are been told (or belives, that there is some nagative forces) in these cosmic force)

There have been many symbolic happenings along the way – like the large box of coal and frankincense that I bought about 4 years ago which has been waiting purposefully in the garage, and the 54kg of rubber resin which came out of nowhere, and the pine cones that spread themselves all over my path as I came home from mixing frankincense and coal in the park.

There is a handful of beings , who have an understanding , that the orgone  awareness , has come for a purpose of reclaiming the earth , from the nagative beings etc. this is true.

The warrior’s of light will be taking these orgone generator (chi, prana, ki, shekena,) and placing the where light needed  in the church’s, the graveyard,school’s, hospitals,any regilous center’s

all the new churches that are opening, like kentucky fried chicken every where, all churches and muslim houses that are on the leyline’s.

On the mundane level , orgone will counter, radiation, and tranform nagative energy to positive energy , put  a pendulum over an orgone generator, and it will spin clockwise,

like all live food’s  etc . all negative energy (like mobile phone , computers , will spin counter clockwise simple.

Yes every home should ,have a orgone ,in each room , for life enhancing chi ,prana energy.

The silver cup – The Grail, Chalice, The Cauldron of Dagda (which fed all who came to it), The Bran (which brought the dead back to life), The cup of Isis, Water Intuition A Chalice from which the sun rises.

Sliver is a major remedy in anthroposophical medicine .

Silver is a superior electrical conductor, handling greater voltages and current in electric circuitry. Observationally, it has been seen to effect a somewhat stronger and smoother acting field of energy than the plain copper, likely due to finer, higher frequency vibration. Functionally, several healer have reported more rapid energy movement, which has an inteligence that goes to where it’s needed , like rekei system of healing.

  • alignment of the astral and physical , feminine quailty are balanced, the nadis are strengthened
  • stimulating nerve-sense activity and right- brain imbalance
  • natural alignment of the self wi
Comment by Ernest Nelson-Homiah on December 25, 2011 at 9:08am

Another tool , that is not known by many , is the Rods of ma'at , which was use by the priest and priestess in 

egypt. A master energy tool , which does many levels of balancing on all bodys

Here is utube showing effect on your aura and charka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54z2ggILESc

   web   www.maatfoundationtherapies.com


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