I had this dream about 3 months ago i should of shared it then but .... I was underground at this subway in New York and this older dude with a hat on wanted to take me down stairs 1 level so i went with him and when i got there; there was some type of writing on the wall i couldn't see clear enough to read it and i couldn't hear clear enough to understand what he was saying ... once we went down those first flight of stairs it almost looked like we entered a pyramid made of stone ... then he said something else to me and wanted me to go down another flight so i looked and the room was darker than this 1 but i still went ... and the same thing writing on the wall i couldn't read ... so he said 1 more thing and i assumed he wanted me to go down the last flight but when i looked down it was so dark i turned around n left ...

Can anyone help me out with this ... i know its a dream that's going to come back, that happens a lot with me ... Is there something i should be looking for or asking about? ...

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Comment by Klaus Herbert Mueller on September 11, 2010 at 6:27am
hello ether9. You are the dreammaster of your dreams. so please feel what I´m writing here, its only another opinion.... THE WRITING AT THE WALL is a warning. You felt not good, by following into the dark and you got no positive result at no point. Darkness means low frequency. So this dream is a warning that somebody or something is in Your near who brings you to the action to go into ´dark´ areas with less spiritual light energy. So for example find a decision: Go into kontemplation and reverse the dream. Remember the writing at the wall: "Go back to the sky and fly". See the bright man ( Your inner master) leading You the stairs upwards....

From my heart for You. Klaus. May the Blessings be.
Comment by Sevan Bomar on August 20, 2010 at 5:38pm
The best to interpret dreams is oneself, only you can truly know what certain signs and symbols mean to you according to your relation to them and you position on the Path. Deeper always signifies hidden knowledge, not necessarily darkness. Pyramids signify primary esoteric learning systems of this dimension, they can also signify actual life forces. I suggest activating or asking for something in the dream to see the inscriptions of what the old man is attempting to reveal. In addition observing the dream environment for more clues, see if you can bring back symbols, ask where you are, etc. Let Us know.
Comment by ArcofJustice on August 20, 2010 at 2:03pm
Just an observation Ether,what is your diet ,are what you eat daily health wise? also in your sleep room do you have any t´hing electrical in your sleeping room?you also spoke of a pyramid which represent alot of changes in store for you.being that when you entered the pyramid you did not go upward means what ever you do will take a long time and that is not a good thing. you was going down.meaning it will not take as long to what you are trying to difuse. you talk of seeing a stone represents confusions also. and old saying "One cant see the forest for the trees" until one sits in the middle of the forest to absorb the true essence of ones being.somethimes a soul want progress are go forward until it is properly schooled. you can be ready for something but your soul want allow it due to some minor detail to go forward. hearing and seeing has also something to do with ones balance . also Old Man represents disagreeeable duties will disturb you.Ihope this adds to your help Ether.


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