a bit of writing..... obviously not aimed at the more enlightened few - simply venting...

from the outside, i know what youd see

if you even used your eyes

you wouldnt see me

For i am not my body

its true

how could i begin to explain that to you? 


if you saw my soul
using your words,brands and labels
youd call me a queen

only concerned

for the people


aware of things always and seeing no sense

seeing injustice and inequality - nations on the fence

endangered beings 

in danger

in business

in or out?


No choice from the fount

they teach 

they fart

boy girl

no yes 

wrong - not allowed

Apparently the old are mostly too proud


from a young age i was booked and wormed

bred for a quest 

they told me was LIFE

Get C's or A's

it dont matter either way

Youll pay all the way - almost every day

We'd grow

we'd learn 

even some day we might EARN



too bad for the lie that is apparently this life.

fourty f****** years of strife

fourty years the going rave

five sevenths of days of work to pave

to slave


then try to meet

a mate.

Doesn't it all sound so great?


Things you get

as you sweat


 things you own

 when really nothing

is yours alone


its all of ours for it was first

claim yourself

if its ownership you thirst

if it satisfies you so

then go

go inside - youll find a bride

or a groom

luckily its not marital doom.


the spouse i speak of

is you inside

the voice that sometimes cries

and dies

at the lies

you tell, that are told to you


believed with no proof

integrity so aloof

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