Ok, I'm going to try and break down the Mayan Calendar for you to understand better. If you know already, Great! If you have no clue, this will be good for your knowledge..Ok! Here we go..

Approximately 2500 years ago, The Maya used two calendars that worked together:
The Maya were the most recent ancient civilization that left the freshest tracks for us to learn from. Currently, their track record is still accurate. No other calendar has ever been more accurate than the Mayan Calendar. In fact, other calendars have been adopted from their concept, like the Gregorian Calendar, not so detailed, but reflects calendared days. This would be considered the calendar of Western Civilization or the Christian Calendar of todays civilization. In my own opinion, the Gregorian Calendar is mislead to humanity. Its purpose has only been in gain for consumerism, profits, dollars, and different classes. But none of that, really teaches us anything about true history or the future as it will be..
No matter what, the future will come..You live in the present, and the past is gone..But the past, has a lot to teach for the future IF, and only IF you are listening. Theres a saying, "If nothing is learned from history, then its deemed to repeat itself.." Think about that for a second, then consider what the Gregorian Calendar really has to offer. And if, theres nothing to offer, then well, you aren't learning anything about "true history." In fact, what you are being bred to learn is "HIStory," the history thats been rewritten over and over through generations, changed in every way..It is a deception of the mind. However, know this,
You can learn a lot about history. Its not my favorite subject. But I am compelled to learn what I need to know now, so that I will be clear on the future..In other words, I WILL NOT BE CONFUSED or TERRIFIED by what I see in front of me.
In fact, this will reveal a sort of comfort for you. Change, (not as in govt) is never something to be afraid of..Welcome change, because, it is right on time every time. And in these times...We need Universal change...So, that said, Im going to show you HOW and WHY you have the POWER of the future.. Based on the Mayan Calendar (Smile). I apologize for getting off track a bit, I had to put some things out there. Moving on...
Tzolkin Calendar: Means the Count of Days. A "260 Day Calendar", that was served as a "personal" and "Astrological" calendar. 13 Intentions (time periods of change in consciousness) repeated 20 times in aspect...Hence, 13x20 = "260". They were very mathmatical.
Note: The intentions are marked on the pyramid as "The Vertical Line" that makes each step upward the pyramid. Again, Intentions are time frames of change in consciousness. Example: Every 100yrs or every 20yrs a change occurs in the evolution of consciousness. Just an example, so you understand.

The second calendar is called..
Tun (Tune) Calendar: 360 Day Divine Calendar. Still accurately current since thousands of years. (18 months of 20 days) is the only Maya calendar directly connected to the Tzolkin and they run together like two gears, each day being a tooth on the respective gears.

The Mayan pyramid has 9 steps. Some have 5, but we'll focus on the 9 step Pyramid cause it coincides with the long count of the Mayan Calendar. Each step represents the 9 levels of Consciousness that exist.
Believe me, long count is exactly what it is, so have an open mind. Their civilization was far advanced about the cosmos, which remains a mystery, their source of knowledge. Their calendar has never been wrong, and never out of date. In fact, their calendar has been accurate to date within 30 seconds of events (its been said). Now, thats an amazing accuracy for what you are about to embark on. You will have a better understanding of the future, and how your role in it, is very important. Its not doom and gloom like they say, unless, thats what YOU create. Remember this, if nothing else, "You are an eternal being, having a human experience" you are in control, always in all ways! So, Lets get on with it, shall we?

Each step of the Mayan Pyramid represents "Consciousness".
Define Consciousness: Consciousness is subjective experience or awareness or wakefulness or the executive control system of the mind. Simply put, its YOU! Your mental state of consciousness, your awareness of being.

Each of the 9 steps of the Mayan Pyramid has 13 individual sections for each step i.e.
7 periods of Light and 6 periods of Dark.
P<a href=Photobucketphotobucket">
7 days and 6 nights to each level of creation, well, not literally. Each day is said to be cycle of increase in consciousness. Each night is said to be a cycle of applying that consciousness. The pyramid itself starts wide at the bottom. A very long period in time/consciousness. The bottom first step is recorded as "16.4 Billion Years," when our physical universe began. That's right, the start of our YOUniverse, folks! This is marked as the Cellular Period. As you may notice the pyramid structure in steps get smaller (less wide), representing an acceleration in time periods of consciousness, a shortening in time span. Although those spans in time near the bottom of the pyramid, seem in no way, short.
Just so I don't lose you with the finer details of each step, lets cut to the chase...
The last two steps at the top of the mayan pyramid are the most important, because, those steps are our consciousness cycles that we are currently, and will be experiencing soon.. We are currently in the Galactic Cycle, which began Jan 5, 1999 and runs 13 complete cycles of 360 Days, each. Each cycle of 360 Days (During the Galactic Cycle) is a change in consciousness itself, a state of mind evolution, per say.

The last step at the top of the pyramid is the "Universal Cycle", which begins on Feb 10, 2011 and runs a complete 260 days until October 28, 2011. By now you may see the Acceleration in consciousness based on how the Mayan Calendar works. If not, just run thru it a little til it sticks, it will make sense once your learning curve takes grasp of the concept.
Here you can do a number count on the days.

most importantly,there are no more steps once we reach the end count .The Maya stopped at 9 steps of evolved consciousness, what does this mean, you might ask? Now this does not mean the end of days, nor is it doom and gloom..This is a process of rebirth. We are ending the Age of Aquaurius and entering into The Age of Pisces. No one in "this lifetime" has ever experienced whats next. However, you being aware of these events and your consciousness gives you power to understand and direct peace and harmony in the future. Because we have the control. The Youniverse answers our intent. Work on that task, so that you may master it. My recommendation of enlightenment to yourself, is to learn the Spiritual Laws of The Universe. Use them to advance humanity.. Service to others rather than service to self. Everyone syncs that idea, the faster we realize, there is no competition, because
WE ARE ONE collective consciousness. Find your spirit guides and learn your higher self. You have help, believe me you do! You just have to ask..MEDITATE on it..This opens many doors! With intent visualize world Peace, Love, and Happiness for humanity. The universe "mirrors" your intent.

Ill give you an example: If you tell the universe you want money..The universe will mirror the equation telling you the same about money and nothing happens. But, if you rephrase and say something like LOVE AND BLISS FOR HUMANITY and visualize it with intent! The universe will manifest that into your reality. This is called the LAW of ATTRACTION. I wont spoil the other laws for you, do some research. Reading is a very good thing. Theres many documentaries on the subject as well. I can recommend you one called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.
It can be rented on Netflix. Just using these tools, you can change everything FAST! You dont need to beg governments or politicians, write letters or protest. "YOU" HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE EVERYTHING!This is a very empowering statement and one everyone needs to realize. We can have fun with this! I recently joined a
1 million Plus En Masse Meditation which is purely an intent to change the future, before it arrives! Check out the site, join the mailing list, and get involved..In short, its incredible when you
do this! I know, I know, life and the daily do this do that work work work like a drone robot..But thats not what its all about, that only what you have been led to believe..Remember the definition earlier in this write up on consciousness? Now that you know the exact definition..Take notice on all the ways, "The Others" (we'll call them) want to control your consciousness with Fear, and everything else thats wrong with this planet.. There are only two pivotal emotions LOVE and fear..Which ones are they selling to rule your consciousness? Its that basic, but we dont think about it enough to realize the game The Others are playing with your mind. Theres one rule they all must follow, its called FREE WILL. They must convince you to make the decision yourself..Use that aspect in your everyday life, and you'll start to see how it all works. Cause ultimately YOU make all the decisions. The Others only draw up the plans for entrapment of your consciousness. You've heard the term, two sides to every coin, right? Well, The Others
job is opposition, they are not on your side of the coin, period. They rule a different side of the equation, which they would love to sucker punch you into, by way of your own free-will. Well, now you see why is why i'm telling you this. Pretty important stuff, wouldn't you say? No faking, no front, its real. Ive done the homework!

Remember, the time lines are changes in human consciousness. This is where all things will be seen as they are and change into new things as we see fit. We CO-CREATE EVERYTHING! We CAN and WILL create what WE WANT in the Universal Cycle to come! So, what is it you intend? WORLD PEACE? You can have it..PEACE AND HARMONY, just intend it..Conscious Co Creation between us all! Being of service to the world, is the true meaning of success! All for one, and one for all mentality! CREATE WITH INTENT ONLY WHAT YOU WANT FOR HUMANITY! Service to others, rather than service to self..See where this is going? Its the way we take back our power and live LOVE with intent!
WE WILL ALL BE CO CREATING DURING THIS TIME. MASTER your thoughts and INTENTIONS! LOVE IS THE DIVINE KEY, BELIEVE ME! Hang with folks that know love, if you don't know it yourself. Happiness is contagious! From that point, you are in for a REAL RIDE OF BLISS!!

On 21 Dec 2012, 11:11 AM Universal Time (also known as Zero Time Point), our Sun and our planet will be at perfect alignment with the Galactic center December 21, 2012 (Nexus/Rebirth), Our sun will go thru a HUGE Change thru March 28, 2013 (Life-Death-Rebirth) of the sun. <~~That is where you will learn why 2012 is the most talked about date on th e planet today. For the very first time in 26,000 years, and during your lifetime, you will take witness to the event you dont want to miss... And remember, no matter what, hold true to all intent of bliss and nothing less..Share your bliss with others. We ARE ALL ONE!

To learn a bit more on this, I recommend a good read called: 2012 Equation Solved
by Pane "Astral Walker" Andov heres the link:

I appreciate you reading my thoughts! LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL OF HUMANITY!

Heres a Calendar I created for visual understanding. And, since I did this, I understand it way better than I ever did..Before, it was an important calendar I didnt quite understand the mechanics of, or the truth behind it aside from the fear mongering doom and gloom "they" (you know who they are) keep trying to sell us, which is "not" the truth!


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Comment by esdsix on January 29, 2011 at 5:10pm
I was just about to email it to you..Wholeness!
Comment by Mel4Change on January 29, 2011 at 10:20am

Found the book on 4! Love and wholeness to you.


Comment by Mel4Change on January 29, 2011 at 9:40am
Thanks for the info! I've tried to download the pdf doc by Pane "Astral Walker" Andov, but the message "The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth" is given. Is there another way of obtaining the book? Wholeness.
Comment by Zii Cee on December 29, 2010 at 12:24pm
people these days are jus like robots i tell my family im not that interested in money and working for the system  n dey look at me crazy like i have a mental disorder or something i tell them i want to help elevate conciousness n they look at me like i jus wana sit around while im the 1 tryna pull them away from the tv lol these days people have no minds of their own
Comment by Christos Phero on December 25, 2010 at 3:04am

"We are ending the Age of Aquaurius and entering into The Age of Pisces. No one in "this lifetime" has ever experienced whats next"

errrr... were ending the age of pisces

Comment by I Am Lov bt mom named me Sophia on December 19, 2010 at 5:42am

Thanks this is very great an valuable info! I'm having fun playing with the calculater i am 10,372 days old, today, 896,140,800 seconds old, they have minutes, hours, and weeks. fun fun fun:))))


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