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Barrier Work Basics -- Energy Field Awareness Meditaion
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 Hello everybody!     The purpose of this thread is to go through a general visualization meditation that will help certain people to start or become more aware of their energetic field in order to…Continue

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Started this discussion. Last reply by positiveevitisop Jun 8, 2016.

Greetings Everyone!
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   Hello, I am a new member on the website and I am more than happy to greet everyone with my first discussion post! The first spiritual website I became apart of was ISN. I am trying to find other…Continue

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Started this discussion. Last reply by positiveevitisop Jun 30, 2016.


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Authentication - Please enter the title of any spiritual book to verify you are a real person.
I personally haven't read any, but surfing this website, I see a book titled, "THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN MICHAEL HARNER" in the main discussions.
What is your current spiritual level of innerstanding?
How did you find out about the Resistance?
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Hello! I am a reptilian soul just passing through. I originally became a member of ISN (starseeds.net) and shared my story and my views on some things before recently finding The Resistance. Finding out that there are other spiritual websites can be a good thing for me, as I want to spread my story and message to whomever I can.


Ultimately, I am against ALL, in vein forms of suffering for ALL beings, but that doesn't exempt me from the idea of protecting the life I love with with myself. I love all reptilian beings very very much, I have family I long for because I have been separated from them, yet I do not know who my family is (other than they are tailed scaled beings), or why I have been separated. I believe all reptilian beings to be my family, but I know I belong to a specific species(s) somewhere.

I feel I am a protectorate of sorts, I am self sacrificing for the beings I love. I live a life of love for all of Nature/life/creation, yet I am confident and strong when I need to be. Like a mother wolf becoming fierce to scare away a strange animal wandering by, to protect her cubs.


Basic details about me are that I am good at explaining things clearly, I am good at understanding thoughts and feelings, and I used to be a good fighter. I take care of a green iguana named Scales, who has his own room, high quality, Mega Ray 160w & 275w basking flood lamps and he eats all organic produce. I love animals, but especially reptiles.

I tend to be a confident individual, always aware of my surroundings, but never paranoid. I am loyal, and I like to think I am honorable with my moral views and decisions. I get real focused while under intense pressure.

I don't watch TV at all, but I do play a few video game, which satisfies my competitive and strategic nature at times.

I like to induce meditative states THROUGH INGESTING A CERTAIN SUBSTANCE (4-6 times a year), which was the main factor in me finding out that I, in fact, emit a strong, reptile based energy when I connect to my true self.

I've had 2 POSITIVE outer body experiences in my lifetime that I hold very dear to me, which will be briefly mentioned in the next question, "Why do you think you're a starseed." One was when I was seven, and the other was 5 or so years ago.

I am a vegan dieter, I was a vegetarian before that(about six months ago), I ate only fish for meat before that, I was a meat eater eating organic before that, and I was your average meat eater before that.

~~I worship Nature, which can also be seen as Creation/The Universe/All things/ect./ect.
~~I love and respect all beings in Nature.
~~I have always been good at empathizing with other beings, and relating to them.
~~I love all Reptile beings as my brothers and sisters, not just my specific soul related family that I will know of, and re-experience in the near future.
~~I am self sacrificing, or I will risk myself heavily for a greater purpose, especially for protecting loved beings, ect..
~~I am proud of who I am.
~~I have conquered my intolerance 
towards other people's intolerance when it comes to reptilian beings. I made an article on ISN about the Nature of this intolerance and it was a hit! Here's the link if you're interested.



I had an outer body experience when I was 7. This experience was a planetary projection sent by one of the winged reptilian beings that resided there. I learned all about a Jupiter-SIZED planet and it's fate from an ancient time. Long story short, a different kind of human species threatened the planet with their existence over time, and the manifestation of large winged reptiles standing on two leg had saved humanity. Many humans souls were extracted from their bodies and put into an alternate reality created by these beings, allowing these reptile beings to project their own experiences and what they learned from them, into the experience of the human souls. This kind of forced the humans that were engulfed in a negative state to learn, in an instant, what would take many lifetimes to learn. Though it was an instant in time to the savior beings, it was a long perceived time for the human souls enduring this. This ability turned human souls from a negative state to a positive state, ultimately reducing the amount of negativity in the universe, but it does result in the physical death of the human effected. In doing this, every human on that planet was wiped out.

I was too young to even to begin to interpret this experience, and so all I did was go around saying to myself, "Reptiles are the answer!"

Two weeks (or so?) after that experience, I began to experience very painful, torturous experiences, night by night. I'll quote myself from another post to clarify...

--"After experiencing my first entity visit, I had a sort of "backlash" effect. At such a young age, I began to receive experiences every night. Horrid, despicable acts of human cruelty toward life in which I look through the eyes of the victim, and ended in death each time whether it be human or animal. The worst part is when they smile while doing what they do. That simply irks me to a degree that I aught to stop talking and take a break right now.

I experienced this for an entire year after my visit and to this day, I am convinced these experiences truly happened on Earth. Not too surprising that would be true, especially in our human condition, but to experience it is something that cannot be put in words. The victims' entire life was crammed into my experience within seconds before I was thrown into its' body, and the last few bloody minutes were slowly shown to me like a movie, except this was living experience with feeling, emotional and physical. There was no controlling my actions or thoughts, I was just along for the ride."--

Instead of losing my memory of the torturous experiences, I lost memory of my physical reality outside of these experiences when they started exceeding 3 experiences a night. I can't remember anything significant that happened during this part of my childhood, besides the visions and waking up, sweating and silently screaming so I wouldn't wake my parents, to then look at the digital clock and realize that only 5-10 minutes had past since I last looked at the clock... all to calm down, go back to bed and have it happen again. I would say it got up to 40-50 visions a night before it plateaued and declined very gradually to 0. About 8-12 months total... but I can't be sure. I explain this more in depth in this link here...


I was so young at the time it was happening, so all I really was affected by was the fact that I had to experience the pain of the experiences, rather than trying to understand them and apply them to the way I thought. So the more I aged, the more I deciphered them and tried to attain knowledge from it all. But what I ended up doing was hating humanity with a very firm attitude.

ecause I had no guidance through these spiritual matters, I was left to sharing my true thoughts with no one... and so, I continued hating humanity throughout most of my life. All the way until July of 2014, though I started working on ridding myself of it after my second outer body experience 5 or so years ago, which I will explain later.

My hatred was justified at first because I was the victim, but as I simmered in negativity throughout my years of aging, my justification was only a means to hold onto my past traumas, the torturous experiences, which kept me in that state of utter negativity. Negative thoughts and feelings became more negative and intense as I grew more and more disconnected with myself. It was early on(10 or 11 years old) that I recognized myself as a part of the humanity I hated so much, and so I hated myself even more, for being a part of a species that causes so much suffering inside and outside of themselves, and then being powerless to change any of it. I felt I was evil as well, being a part of an evil species. I held my torturous experiences close so that I could fuel my justifications for my resentment towards humanity. How could I approve of my own species while humans wear a smile on their face as they indulge in their desire to cause suffering for the mere pleasure of doing so? I could not, and so I thought that hating humanity was the only emotional answer. Though I hated humanity and myself, I still never TRULY desired the suffering of any human being. Even with this in mind, I found myself indulging in thoughts of causing the same kind of suffering inflicted on me(the being's body I was in) in the torturous visions. I got to the point in my late teens to where I thought a random mass killing fueled by my rage would be the best course of action, since I wanted to die anyway.

I'm proud to say that in all my years indulging in negative thoughts, I have never hurt any person on purpose, EVER. It's all because I kept with my moral code no matter what. All my hatred had justifications based on alleviating the planet from the suffering caused by humanity, so even though my ideals were twisted, my decision to never lose my deep care for all of life kept me from hurting any one human being. I even saved someone from potentially drowning in a pool when I was young, even though I was deeply filled with the same hatred I'm speaking of. I made clear to myself many times, my natural desire to prevent all meaningless suffering.

I hated humanity all the way up until a year and a half ago. 7/12/2014 is the exact date actually. I was trying to rid myself of my hatred after my second positive outer body experience about 4 or so years ago. I will explain. My second and most recent outer body experience was what I would call, a Consciousness Connection Experience, with a reptile being within the next dimensional/spiritual reality, or whatever you want to call it. Instead of writing it, I will give a link explaining a very, VERY, brief summary of my experience.


I'll make my point short and sweet. This being I connected with is a reptile consciousness that was the most spectacular being I have ever came into contact with. When I showed him how much I resented humanity, he acted like he was terribly insulted, I wondered why and explained my reasoning of why I hated humanity through my thoughts and energy, and all he did was convey that his species doesn't hate anything that lives. That's all I needed. That visit was the entire reason I decided to confront my own hatred toward humanity and myself, and to work against it. Without him, I would have, no doubt, continued down that negative path, and would never have discovered important aspects of myself that led me to discover that I emit a reptile energy when in a heightened state of awareness.

Which brings me to the spiritual experience that made me come to this realization. It is described in this link.


    This experience is what guaranteed to me, that I am a soul of reptile origins. Before this experience, I have always only considered myself a human being who really loves reptile beings, and that considering myself anything else would be running away from the reality that I am human. I didn't want to run away from the negative human reputation that effects me so much, by considering myself to be something else. I couldn't, not without experiencing something that told me this first. I was a fool, because my consciousness connection experience years ago, exposed myself to my true energy within another reality, and I should have picked up on why I thought that great being to be an older, and more experienced version of myself... Like my spiritual father or older brother. The invisible tail I felt I had since I was a child was a dead giveaway too, but nothing compares to clarification I got from this spiritual experience.


  Thanks for reading!

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