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Peace, Love, and Unity.

"Everything is alive and everything is breathing, solid and content in silent speaking."

-the trees

About me: My name is Damien. I am a seeker of light in a world of shadows.  I am a keeper of change in a realm of stagnation (...or perhaps more appropriately an advocate of change in a bureaucracy of hypocrisy...)  To me resistance is the foundation of existence, and in terms of energy some times that means finding the path of least ;)  however, adaptation, transformation, and beholding the ideals of regeneration over the regime of repetition is always the path I'll be looking for regardless of what obstacles may come my way.  Furthermore, I believe in butterfly's that can make hurricanes, unifying infinities by measuring centers everywhere leaving circumferences nowhere, and 4 other seemingly impossible things that inspire me to excel at times of great strife and adversity, please don't hesitate to share what beliefs inspire you as well! 

“If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way?” - Emily Dickinson

"Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different." - William James

(Title: "Science is always on our side")

"Energy can not be created or destroyed, Everything in creation vibrates, The mind is always occupied by something so it might as well be something helpful, Like attracts Like, Equivalent exchange exists on all levels, Polar opposites make existence possible (one creates a need for the other), to Let go is to grow, for their is a pulse to the order of our universe, and Everything is a process that needs to unfold...

Remember This is not a realm of Electrons, but instead, a realm of Potential Electrons and their infinite arrangements ;) Don't Limit ourselves."

(Title: "If, then." part 1)

"If Love is a confession, then listen."
"If love is a profession, then trust."
"If love is a progression, then dive."
"If love is a digression, then be patient."

(Title: "the Nucleic Acid of Deoxy-ribosomes")

"kneading at the knots of not needing, to lay ourselves out open heart bleeding, liberating a river of blood so thick it runs like mud. The Mind sees it wider than the sky, the Heart sees it deeper than the eye, and the connection between them is tighter than anything this world could tie."

(Title: "Love is:")
"A fire so pure it could cure a thousand sins, nothing forgets its change (things that attempt to forget it unfold nothing)
A tree so strong it would hold a thousand beauties, nothing constricts its giving (things that attempt to constrict it behold nothing)
A breeze so swift it should lift a thousand ships, nothing deconstructs its whole (things that attempt to deconstruct it uphold Nothing)
A river so clear it could carry a thousand currents, nothing obstructs its flow (things that attempt to obstruct it are told Nothing)"

(Title: "conclusion to 'Love is:'")

"The Whole Flow is Giving Change, as in Giving Change is the Whole Flow... Flow the Giving and Change the Whole, which is to say Change the Whole by the Flow of our Giving... and then Change the Giving to the Whole Flow, so that the Whole Flow may Change whats Given... (otherwise in stagnation we may fall victim to the Nothing-ness)"

(Title: "Stop. Look. Listen.")

Perspective is not necessarily whats happening, its just what you need to see, in whats happening, to take action and make whats happening, happen to begin with...

(Title: "all-ready")
Opportunity dresses itself up in colors we can comprehend and...
every opportunity presents itself here and now because we are ready for it! ...right here, right now... other wise it wouldn't have presented it self at all, and would have remained dressed in spectrum's of light outside our visible wave lengths...

(Title: "Exemplified")
Examples slide between sun beams in conscious streams of living our dreams... So, Lets make our whole lives an example to live by, one life conflict agreed upon at a time.

E.g. "In Love we find Light, and the Light Thanks you for being found, you feel welcome! like a seed deep with in soft ground, and the earth Thanks you for being grown... Blossoming, so on and so forth, happening, not to us, but because of us."

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At 6:20pm on July 21, 2016, jana said…

Thank you I appreciate you as well :)

At 5:14pm on July 13, 2016, Keeper of Change said…" target="_blank">

At 6:52am on February 26, 2015, Keeper of Change said…

Reminder to Selves: We've shared some prophecy, and unraveled some poetry.  The felines have worn their rosey glasses and spread plenty of happy chemicals in our minds.  We've highlighted the Matter of Life's Movement, and provoked Change in the pursuit of True Happiness beyond our neural pep-tidal responses.  Wishes of wellness in wholeness and Balanced vibrations meet every moment here with in the Resistance, so Yes, Thank You Sevan for your guidance and sharing this beacon of Beautiful Truth that has brought all these like minds together as one unified frequency... May the Balance of Love and Light be Lucked forever in our Favor!

At 10:29pm on September 29, 2014, Michelle Abbaszadeh said…

My friend, you and I shall remain strangers unto life,
And unto one another, and each unto himself,
Until the day when you shall speak and I shall listen
Deeming your voice my own voice;
And when I shall stand before you
Thinking myself standing before a mirror. -- Kahil Gibran (Sand and Foam)

Nice to see you again Damien

At 11:34am on April 4, 2014, R-MORE said…

I love the cat with the rosy glasses

At 12:50pm on March 15, 2014, Bella said…

Nice Poetry

Is it yours?

At 11:49pm on March 11, 2014, jana said…

Would be interested in learning more highlights of your Matter of Life's Movement

At 9:47pm on March 10, 2014, jana said…

Ah, Keeper. And how big a change is it that you want?

At 7:56am on March 6, 2014, Samuel Adam Alder said…

thanks for your wonderful pictures and writing! :)

At 1:31pm on February 27, 2014, janet myers said…

Welcome to the Official Resistance! Wonderful that you have joined us.
When I first came here, there was so much to see....but, I found that the one place that was perfect for me, was on the HOME PAGE, on the top left corner, click on where it says START HERE....and also the NEW MEMBERS GROUP.....
Sevan is a wonderful guidance.....he guides us with such ease.....may your journey be wonderful and expansive!

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