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Tiao Yan Gong (Regulate the Breath - Harmonize) , Collecting and Storing Chi 4 Replies

     This is a "taoist" breathing techinique that was taught to me.  It is an energy gathering and storing method.  It is relatively quite simple, can be utilized in small space, and is fairly…Continue

Tags: regenerate, qi, gong, kung, cycle

Started by nima. Last reply by Dakota Jul 29, 2018.

Etherium Black for balance after Psycotropic Drugs 1 Reply

I want to first say the Resistance and all affiliate groups are a Haven-Heaven for the seeker who runs into this type of conflict. In my opinion these drugs cause the mind a tremendous problem. I…Continue

Started by Roberta Smith. Last reply by Taylor Young Apr 7, 2015.

Stuck in an adult body 7 Replies

Wholeness everybody! Unfortunately a cousin of mine has been inflicted with a very... hard mental illness. He is currently 25 years old however he is considered to be mentally/consciously at the age…Continue

Started by Tayr. Last reply by Tayr Mar 28, 2015.

Juvenile Diabetes & Internal Scarring 2 Replies

Greeting's, and Wholeness to All.In the last Month, I have transcended so many grand mountains in my Path. Allow me to give you some examples.Years ago I was labelled with quite a few mental…Continue

Started by Taylor White. Last reply by Taylor White Mar 7, 2015.

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Comment by Marie Adams on January 19, 2013 at 10:37pm

But tomtom, I hav read that one needs fats for the brain...what will you eat for good healthy fats? Avocados perhaps?

Comment by tomtom biggles on January 19, 2013 at 4:12pm
I have been having similar problems here in Peru. I am hoping the mms helps when it comes. Then I will be moving to a diet of raw fruits and the sun
Comment by Marie Adams on January 19, 2013 at 2:58pm

I have ben ill w/the flu for almost a wk now. I started deep breath work & casual walking in the sun yesterday & the heart message I received was I am being poisoned by the food I eat. I have ben online most the morning doing research. I have colon cleanse but somewhat leary of using it right now based on what my body has already been through.

I just ordered some MMS w/citric acid.

I am about ready to give up on eating. I truly do not know what to eat anymore! I buy things & they spoil within a few days.  I hate going to the store every day.

Does anyone out there have any tips for eating foods not from the grocery store? I have witnessed some pretty scarey treatment of food there. I have seen packaged food put in salad bars straight from the package without being washed! A few months ago I bought some raw cashues from the bulk canisters & when I got it home found growths on a fungus. I took it back & showed them& of course they did not know what it was. I asked them if they cleaned their canisters out & they just shrugged their shoulders.

It is very possible that my problem may be more food contamination then flu as symptoms are simliar except for severe back pain in the kidney area.

I am hoping the MMS will help get me back on the road to recovery but in the meantime I need to design a new way to eat. I watched the above video. Where to purchase healthy real food?  Can someone share some web sites? Thank you! Looking forward to balanced wholeness again! 


Comment by tomtom biggles on January 7, 2013 at 2:50pm
I haven't personally taken it yet but I know many of the resistance members have and any product offered here on the resis is approved by sevan. Therefore tested by him. Therefore legit. I have had a problem with a parasite since the 21st and shareinall was kind enough to mail me some mms today to take care of it. That's my Info hope it helps
Comment by josef tany dit yos on September 28, 2012 at 1:48pm

reto jun perez; i have shared the subliminal work they do and i am sure it is individually effective, i mean they create massive impressions in many ways but basically it is mix of DNA manipulation, toxins and metals in the air water food. so that the ones who are born and treated and feed and drink in those inflicted areas such as the USA, you have very little means to protect yourselves mainly because you don't know how and who is doing it. now look at your cell phones, your TV and all those antennas stuck on every hill, in town and in the country. Remember they are safely working in an underground basis underneath them, now take your "experiences" as movies which were translated into bodily vibrations. it can be any imagery torture that you can imagine. they have movies of people being bitten and broken to pieces, with their crying embedded, they record them in their torture facilities in camps, they use those recordings in articulate ways to recreate the same imagery in you..on some kind of people the less conscious they have them easy on some its harder and takes threatening and there are meany who dont meet their influence cretirias and are relatively free
until the over all matrix collapse and this depends very much on people like you if you find way to break out and be more aware than them, knowing who they are, it breaks them down..ahog

Comment by Light Inside on September 17, 2012 at 3:10pm

Very good read Mark! Thanks for the info!

Comment by Karrade on September 17, 2012 at 4:28am

Wheat the unhealthy whole grain

Look at what you are really being fed. - A useful read.

Comment by jun perez on September 13, 2012 at 12:32am

I've been often attacked psychically by entities which I perceived are "elder gods" and "forgotten ones" . These attacks started when I went into esoteric studies on Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant. It used to hurt physically before I learned to deal with it by using a transmitted "key"(that's in my profile pic). This went on for almost 10 years. Three years ago I vomited blood almost twice a week, I had no diagnosed lung ailment. I was medically negative of all tests but my lung  veins would just collapse all of a sudden. This started when I began to assemble very strong subtle energy devices, which later the same devices shielded me from these attacks that later through research I knew it came from a "psychotronic weapon". If you could psychically confirm my story I can send a detail of my experience. I know It may sound superficial but it  did happening and still happening. Are you aware that this harassment technologies have been around for a couple of decades? I have acquired a technical  method of shielding people who have the same predicament as mine. A subtle energy device. I will share it if you guys wish. 

Comment by Auri on August 28, 2012 at 11:38pm

I was trying to find Taylor's original post about her back being fused and ascension. Thank you for answering so I can put in my two cents worth! :-)

Having a disability of any kind is one of the first things they talk about taking care of once we ascend or even with full disclosure. Our physical "uniform" is just that, something that we wear, for lack of a better word while here in 3D. It is inside that counts, your very soul, who you are and who you have been trying to be. And that doesn't even have to be perfect, it is the trying that counts.

Comment by REG,Fn. Howard on August 28, 2012 at 7:49pm

Hey Taylor,

Absolutely, ascent ion is possible. I’m goanna broadly say that we unlock worlds through our minds in meditation. We can now live lifetimes within a dream, and so there is no reason why you cannot utilize any situation. Remember, we are dealing with the universe which is not limited by our criteria that we normally put on to things. Therefore, you are not limited in your ability to ascend, and just maybe it would be a good idea to define, or re-define just what you think that assent ion looks like 4 you, because everything else is  just smoke and mirrors :} WBV




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