Greeting's, and Wholeness to All.

In the last Month, I have transcended so many grand mountains in my Path. Allow me to give you some examples.

Years ago I was labelled with quite a few mental 'Diseases'.
Viewed as very serious by the General Population.
The mental hospital told me I had:
Mild Psychosis
Bi-Polar '2' Disorder
Severe Depression
and ADHD.

They started me on useless 'therapy' sessions which was just me trying to focus on my issues and talk about them. 
Then they introduced the drugs.
And thus my Awakening Process had begun. 
I knew I had to say No. I never took them, and never will. I've struggled, ups and downs, all over the place, but as I progressed, I came to understand these conditions more and more on a Spiritual, energetic level, and this helped me tremendously in its own.

I could sit here and write a Novel but there is a point to this topic and I will spare you. Fast forward to a month ago, I had spent so much time in incubation, KNOWING but never ACTING, I broke through, I am now Living the Path.

I dropped all animal products, 100% Vegan.
Quit Smoking.
Quit Drinking.
Started Breathing.
As Organic conscious as I can be, mostly Organic. 
No Pastas, Starches, heavy foods at all. 
Heavy supplementation.
Occupying spare time with The Resistance material mostly. 

All of those conditions have been neutralized, and I am finding myself as the Flag Pole now versus always feeling like the flag blowing in the wind in the past.
I am experiencing a true Regeneration now and it is beautiful. 

Thats not all I am regenerating from. When I was 11, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Now in my twenties and having very poorly managed my body my entire life, I had conditions like:
Carpal Tunnel (A lot of computer work)
Restless Leg Syndrome
Fibromyalgia (This state of being just sucks. Lol. Its terrible.)

These now are almost completely neutralized now in a months time.
The Yoga is also helping more and more as my body is becoming freed from the pain and I can go further and further. 

But the Diabetes.....the greatest Demon I face. 
I NEVER believed I couldn't cure it, as a child I just could not believe when I was told I would be injecting myself with insulin for the rest of my life. Its not going to happen. I only wish I re-membered then what I have now, don't we all?

Now, through my research I have come to the fact that Dairy consumption turns the body against itself, and is heavily linked to Juvenile Diabetes in children who consume Dairy at a young age, which I definitely did.
What this does, is causes the body to attack itself along with everything harmful in the dairy. Auto-Immune disease. 
What this does to the pancreas is creates a scarring that stops the insulin from being secreted through the scar tissue. 
This is the theory that I have come to understand and resonate with at my current level.

My question is, do you know of proven methods of removing internal scar tissue, regenerating it?
Pancreas in particular?



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Wholeness brother! What a beautiful development. I have no specific info on scar tissue regeneration but you may want to get your head around fasting, water fasting in particular. Healing on all levels may occur. I have done a few short 3-7 day ones and I could feel healing in tissues with old injury. On a spiritual level a lot is happening as well. For me each fast elevates me to a higher level physically and spiritually. It is really intense.....Have a read, ie Arnold Ehret, and ideally get supervision if you go beyond 5-7 days. Some say water fasting is surgery without a knife and it has a long medical tradition ie in old Greek healing in the temples.

Wholeness, and Thank You for your response.

Fasting is definitely something that I will be undergoing very soon, as I am about to get the Complete Cleansing Kit.
With Diabetes however, and still requiring the administration of Insulin 2x a day, strictly water will leave me with no options when my Blood Sugar levels drop through the floor. 
Its much trickier for my case as opposed to most other conditions. Perhaps a mostly Distilled/Supplemented & Structured water fast, but with the addition of certain types of juice that will stabilize the sugar levels without spiking them, and have minimal impact if not a completely positive effect on my Body. 

There is still much work to be done. When I can exponentially lower insulin dosages to the point where I may not need them every day, a total water regeneration will certainly be applied!
Thank you for your referral to Arnold Ehret, as well, I will be looking into his work!
In the mean time, I am building the Mental and Spiritual plane as well, as I recognize that this should certainly facilitate the Healing potential for the Physical.

Again, Wholeness and Thank You



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