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Tiao Yan Gong (Regulate the Breath - Harmonize) , Collecting and Storing Chi 4 Replies

     This is a "taoist" breathing techinique that was taught to me.  It is an energy gathering and storing method.  It is relatively quite simple, can be utilized in small space, and is fairly…Continue

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Etherium Black for balance after Psycotropic Drugs 1 Reply

I want to first say the Resistance and all affiliate groups are a Haven-Heaven for the seeker who runs into this type of conflict. In my opinion these drugs cause the mind a tremendous problem. I…Continue

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Stuck in an adult body 7 Replies

Wholeness everybody! Unfortunately a cousin of mine has been inflicted with a very... hard mental illness. He is currently 25 years old however he is considered to be mentally/consciously at the age…Continue

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Juvenile Diabetes & Internal Scarring 2 Replies

Greeting's, and Wholeness to All.In the last Month, I have transcended so many grand mountains in my Path. Allow me to give you some examples.Years ago I was labelled with quite a few mental…Continue

Started by Taylor White. Last reply by Taylor White Mar 7, 2015.

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Comment by Taylor Young on August 26, 2012 at 2:03pm


I'm available, if you want or need to talk about it. It really helps to let it out, even if it is only in print. I say this from recent experience. :-)

Comment by arealioness on August 26, 2012 at 3:51am

Taylor and Sylvia, I am also experiencing that same as you.

Comment by Karrade on August 26, 2012 at 12:28am

I will qualify that with any guilt from someone sending you love or caring or positivity :) is close to happiness when its let free.

Comment by Karrade on August 26, 2012 at 12:26am

Taylor the guilt is actually quite close to ecstasy or bliss, or happiness in the way the body/mind works. If you let go and go with the better feeling you are getting, wherever it came from, it will help you reach happiness :)

As for my part, when I help someone I help myself, there is no distinction for me. Either on the basic level I feel good that I helped, or on the macro level where its all a great machine of life and I help a part of me. 

What to do with these things that rise up. What do you want to do with it? Do you want to transmute it to something positive, do you want to release or give it up to the higher self? All there for you to choose now :), perhaps find what works for you and feels right.

Jan to get the free video make sure you register a free account at the bottom of the link, then login otherwise you just get a few minutes preview if you are not logged in. Currently the free one is 1 hour long this week, I am about to watch it myself.

Comment by Taylor Young on August 25, 2012 at 8:54pm

Sylvia and Jan,

Thank you both for your comments. I feel validated and not so alone. I've read comments you've both posted on other groups and you are both so in-sight-full and I admire you both greatly. I've recieved guidance from many of you here on this site and I am very grateful and optimistic. Mark, the Breathing and Crystals vimeo really helped to cement the techniques for me. Powerful stuff. Not used to it. Got light headed and a good buzz! :-)  And the stupid grin WORKS!  Thanks again to All of YOU!

Comment by Sylvia on August 25, 2012 at 1:44pm

Wow, Taylor, you are expressing the process I am going through also. You explain it so well. These tools we are sharing here and Sevan, Jan and Mark, your guidance here really helps as we move through our experiences and stay in our integrity together. It is wonderful to go within to our Source but sharing here collectively in individual relationship, I feel a well of loving power multiplying in and around me. Thank you all.

Comment by Chante Quiett on August 25, 2012 at 11:36am

Hi Taylor and Mark

wow your comments come through with honesty and exposure as we all navigate this experience here on Earth at this time.  Thank you Mark for the daily yoga link although when i clicked on the freeby it didnt work for me.  Will try later.

Taylor, I have learned that the breath is an amazing adjuster to everything, worries, doubts and fear all get composted with enuf air.  I have read recently in a book about how the kahunas of hawaii worked their "magic" and it has to do with letting go and allowing your etheric double to do the work that our minds cannot conceive.Energy is stuck and that is why the body is in pain so the breath and the focus of the mind work together, I emphasize TOGETHER because this connection has to be cultivated.  The mind wants everything to happen now and is impatient with the breathwork so getting there is a habit not a magic pill.  Then the shift so that your mind is now relieved of having to fix things it cannot fix. 

body intelligence connects to the etheric double, energized thru the focus on the physical body and its latent abilities.  The mind can stop racing.  Breathing rhythmically does this.  Your systems unite and exchange info and your smaller mind is the last to know what is happening.  When panic or anxiety come up it is just trapped energy seeking escape.  Do not identify with it and cultivate the habit of surrender and breathing.  Most of us are in our heads because that is the result of our education system, but we can retrain our systems to ignite our latent capabilities and with patience, remove the confused patterns and recalibrate our magnificent bodies to work in harmony within and with the whole intelligence of the universe.  We are equipped to do this.   All else follows.    Trust this process.  Since using it, i have found many doors in consciousness/wholeness to go thru that I did not even know existed.  Subtle is powerful. Peace comes.

Comment by Taylor Young on August 25, 2012 at 2:47am


It's amazing. I loaded up on protein yesterday, and today, ate nothing but protein and alkaline green vegetables. I am so calm and at ease right now. The anger and even rage I was feeling is gone. The heavy humid weather broke after a violent lightning and thunderstorm right over my apartments, I felt that it was right above me at the time but this was confirmed today by all the split and downed trees within yards. Even in my pitch black bedroom, with my eyes closed, I saw the pink lightning, in detail, every time it cracked outside. The pressure changed many times and my ears started ringing. I immediately thought of HAARP. Whatever, I know now that the build up to this thunderstorm affected me greatly, as the heaviness in my head and eyes and emotions lifted dramatically today. I was still feeling "not so good" as my last comment will show, but I see a great light at the end of this long tunnel. I can also see the importance and significance of this latest bout as it brought up so many of my f'd up issues that still need to be healed or resolved. I can see that clearly, but not quite sure how to heal or resolve.  I was also listening to the Group Chat with you on the 17th earlier this evening and was practising the breathing techniques you mention again below. :-) And, I had planned on stopping into this Yoga studio that is across the street to find out what they had for out of shape, older beginners.  But, Sarah's site sounds much better than the fear of embarrassing myself.  You've taken up so much of your time on me that I'm feeling a little guilty but very grateful. I'm also feeling guilty for all the terrible negative thoughts I've been thinking, about everything and all the people I resented. The energy coming from my apartment must have been violent and black as hell, so to speak. I even started feeling like I was being targeted by those brain altering microwave signals,(I've pissed off a few people on Youtube with comments about Illumanati shills on some of the boards and trying to get people to see how they were trying to pit us against each other, etc), as I also had murderous dreams that I remember vividly in a light state of sleep, that I just don't think is really in me, but who can say for sure? You are so right about EVERYTHING rising to the surface more and more.  But, what to do with it?  Thank you so much Mr Mark Joseph Middleton!

Love, Taylor

Comment by Karrade on August 25, 2012 at 1:15am

Last comment was for taylor :)

Comment by Karrade on August 25, 2012 at 1:14am

On the disk of life that wobbles at the ends - I see imbalances in us as being on all levels, if we tackle one we tackle all but it can be a burden as you are finding to just use one, diet, as you need to move a lot of current (currency) in the physical world to do enough.  Everything you are experiencing ties together, the more methods or angles you can use to balance it the easier each one is. The energy going through the planet now is making these things rise to the surface more and more, so dealing with it directly will save time and make things a smoother ride :).

Just speaking of diet. Try moving gradually to new diets. A little bit at a time, that way you are your own internal balance and your own best ally, you can see day to day what is happening or what is taking place. Also you don't need to spend as much this way, till you find cheaper sources for things.

Breathing. I cannot stress enough how much breathing helps all situations, there are multiple posts all over this site on breathing techniques, have a search for breath or breathe or breathing at the top right search bar. Your breath allows states to happen or not happen, if you alter it you go a long way to altering a state of mind or body. Try the simple inhale to the stomach, hold for three seconds, exhale from the stomach, hold for three seconds. Full body breathing for a while once a day, there is a great video here:


My own preference for a more direct method of this is in for 1, hold for 4, out for 2. So you could do 2 seconds, hold for 8 out for 4, or whatever you feel comfortable with roughly. I do ten of these when I need to clear the system for whatever reason quickly, exhaling for twice as long will help rid you of anything that you don't want in the body. It can be taxing for me to do more than 10 but go with whatever helps, holding he oxygen in for longer allows it to circulate, and much of what you experience your own body which is getting clearer, cleaner and stronger, will begin to remove or balance naturally.

Brain Balance Yoga may aid when you feel a  particular case on being unbalanced.


If you like this Sarah's site is here, this is my affiliate link but I only earn discounts not money if people use it, there is a free sign up where you can get a weekly free yoga video too which I recommend if you enjoyed Sarah's style of teaching.

Remember you are training your body at this point, when it knows what to do it will run more on automatic as it is intelligent, we've just been conditioned into bad habits for various reasons which cause this imbalances, as well as the toxins in the mind/body/soul.

I can't offer you a magic bullet, only an assurance that if you keep reforming your question, and keep trying new answers you'll find the right one. I see this as all of the things you are doing now contributing to gaining balance, every last one.


My old favorite, I know its not as simple as this now by a long stretch but if you are ever down, put a stupid big grin on your face and then try to feel down. It'll be very difficult, on the higher levels this is because your crown is more open, and on the lower because certain biological changes take effect.



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