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Tiao Yan Gong (Regulate the Breath - Harmonize) , Collecting and Storing Chi 4 Replies

     This is a "taoist" breathing techinique that was taught to me.  It is an energy gathering and storing method.  It is relatively quite simple, can be utilized in small space, and is fairly…Continue

Tags: regenerate, qi, gong, kung, cycle

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Etherium Black for balance after Psycotropic Drugs 1 Reply

I want to first say the Resistance and all affiliate groups are a Haven-Heaven for the seeker who runs into this type of conflict. In my opinion these drugs cause the mind a tremendous problem. I…Continue

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Stuck in an adult body 7 Replies

Wholeness everybody! Unfortunately a cousin of mine has been inflicted with a very... hard mental illness. He is currently 25 years old however he is considered to be mentally/consciously at the age…Continue

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Juvenile Diabetes & Internal Scarring 2 Replies

Greeting's, and Wholeness to All.In the last Month, I have transcended so many grand mountains in my Path. Allow me to give you some examples.Years ago I was labelled with quite a few mental…Continue

Started by Taylor White. Last reply by Taylor White Mar 7, 2015.

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Comment by Karrade on May 13, 2014 at 2:22pm

This is straying a bit out of  Total Regen but I have no where else to post it.
It more closely emulates the sun for your computer screen, so you are not staring at a bright light when you should be feeling tired with the natural setting of the sun. It could help you sleep, at the least it'll give you a closer approximation of natural light no matter the time of day. Hope it helps.

Comment by Grigoris Ikon on April 23, 2014 at 6:48am

“I have had led a fit and healthy journey through life and have helped hundreds of people achieve fitness & on going health since my teens. I have partaken, studied, and coached at Health resorts & Gyms the World over. Decades of experience have led me to the true methods synchronising the bodys  mental, physical, and regenerating methods”.

“My passion is to help motivate & encourage people to become their healthiest & strongest version of themselves’. My EARTH method challenges the individual to obtain a disciplined state of mind along with correctly timed exercise, nutrition, and recovery”.

“The correct nutrients and daily timed activities can allow everyone to take charge of their health and have a future with no need for Doctors, medicine or Hospitals.  I have found the keys to regenerative power we all have deep within us. Once we know how to align the Ecological cycles we are all linked through nature, nutrients, and recovery.  It is this daily regime of a synchronicity that will rejuvenate and restore the body to its full physiological functions.  Practiced daily a long life of health & vitality follows”.

What Triggers Your Physiology to Restore, Thrive & Harmonise ?

Your life force is created and maintained by a well-defined natural system connected to nature and the Earths magnetic rhythms of vibration and light . It is encoded in your biological dna and programmed in your genes.  Optimum human health and fitness is based on our bodies internal circadian timing and rhythm. Once these facets are known you can unleash innate physiological system that can transform pain to power, weakness to strength and sickness to health. Your body is equipped with a highly sophisticated metabolic system, Committed to one single mission:    keeping you alive, especially keeping you alive during times of adversity. It's amazing how well we're programmed for adversity. Your body is like a "stress converter".  Hunger, hardship and pain are the real triggers of your body. This may seem quite alarming for most people today, but nevertheless it's the truth.  Challenging your body with these primal triggers is what forces it to adapt and improve. When triggered, they help you compensate by increasing energy production efficiency,  improving body composition, increasing strength and the capacity to resist fatigue, stress, and Illness. Your survival requires challenge and action.

This is the premise of the Pain to Power principle.

The Ecology Age Restore Thrive Harmonise, ‘EARTH’ method.

Human Circadian Physiology, when tuned with Earths Ecology balances the body to vibrate at its highest level of function. These ‘EARTH’ principals once learned can be continued as a daily lifestyle for maximum health and vitality.

Once the individual commits diligently to the exercise and nutrition components,  daily increments of restoration flow through the whole physique, regenerating all the major physiological functions that include hormonal expression, respiration, coordination, excretion, circulation, and cell regeneration. 

further Information  -

Comment by Karrade on March 19, 2014 at 1:13pm

Theory - the evaporation of distilled water doesn't mean it loses minerals, as the evaporation goes on in daily life, and plants get their minerals from rain.


It means it loses heavy minerals, or inorganic minerals that plant life for instance won't use. 2 points came up when I was considering if this was truth, the first is high temperature that distillers use might impact this analogy and second that humans are heavier than plants in what minerals they need.

Latest broadcasts, and the man's name to research - andrew norton webber - hope it helps when you are seeking the perfect water. He has made many.


From all of this it's clear to me that mimicking nature will give you water that is more finely balanced and it'll pull people closer to level as a result. (Natural).


Distilled water always has for me and that is done by machine, so by making a machine that matched where I was born and/or ate (became part of). If I tailored the process to be from here, or even if I could ideally use the plants/environment itself to create the water I wanted.


Best case of course our water wouldn't be polluted, but as it is, if we can somehow add more and more natural, even local, elements into its production we'll be better off. Mimic what happens in nature's evaporation ;) and if you want one step further, nature's preferred evaporation which would be this temperature, (+conditions), depending on where you lived.


Has anyone ever consider the process a plant actually goes through when it gets the water, I don't just mean if its in a certain emotion which I am almost certain its resonating a certain frequency, but more the physical processes. Anyway enough musing but you can see where it can be taken. Has Daniel winter ever measure the frequency of plants when they receive water, if not he should, as I want to say that it will be gratitude as generated by the human heart, but that would be too fringe ;).




Comment by Eddie Endriss on March 9, 2014 at 12:18am
Whoa...thx B)
Comment by Marie Adams on March 5, 2014 at 2:12pm

please review www.biologyofkundalini    found in the reading from Sevan "The Path of the Real Adept".  

Comment by Shieena Living Water on March 5, 2014 at 8:47am
@Marie - You have no idea how timely this comment is for me!
Comment by Eddie Endriss on March 4, 2014 at 7:17pm

@Marie-Yes, It definitely feels like a hurdle in my path, however I think this reality has more for us to accomplish than overcoming a physical burden. I've always over-stood physical burdens to be the result of an imbalance, that needs to be rectified before moving fwd with the lessons from class Earth. It's the rectification im looking for assistance in\with.


Anyone have expirence balancing Chakras in the manner described by Sevan in "Keys to the Matrix"?

Comment by Marie Adams on March 3, 2014 at 3:14pm

For me, my understanding became (and is still in that active dance) innstanding. I would like to believe that I will arrive at permanent balance. Perhaps that is the goal for this dimension and when that goal is reached, the next dimension perhaps what some may call death in this dimension but it is merely perfection & wholeness & balance and thus we move on to the next dimension. Maybe sometime I will find out.

Comment by Eddie Endriss on March 3, 2014 at 1:50pm

@MarieAdams - Thank you for your response! I have been doing Qi-Gong and Yoga, as well as taking Youngevity (Gluco+Vitamin Supplement), and my Stretches along with time on my Inversion table. I have also been able to "go inside my pain", which allows me to "pop" my disc back into my spine, that's how I go day to day.


Is there something I can do from a Ether\Energy perspective to nurture my Chakra back into PERMANT balance? I feel that this is the underlying issue, as I understand my physical injury to be the result of a Energy\Spiritual imbalance...Does this make sense?

Comment by Marie Adams on March 3, 2014 at 1:39pm

Chief: I also struggled w/great back pain. Mine was from heavy lifting & not heeding to my body's request for rest. A yoga position I have done 4 past couple of years was bowl & stir...maybe called other sit and feel your pelvic area is the bowl & your upper body is doing the stirring...keeping your spine as straight as possible. At first I could barely move.

The pain was so intense for most of the day that sometimes I would sit and cry and just go in to the pain to "meet" it and I named it and became friends with it and that is how I found my body was needing tender loving kindness as I had worked so hard physically for so long.

I also would lay on the floor and put my feet up at a 90 degree angle on a wall or up on a couch. This helped press the vertebra gently into place over time. I have had to stop running but can do water aerobics. Also concrete is very damaging to the spine.

When you talk about LAW I feel that in my spine as my "work" was like living that as LAW as I must work HARD, HARDER, work HARDER. This is contrary to loving ourselves and being kind and gentle to ourselves. Hope this helps. I also do the cat stretch.  



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