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Interview With Alleged Blood Line Family Priest 40 Replies

I came across this this article when I was listening to the coast to coast radio show one day. For most of my journey I have set the goal to ignore such occult information and focus on the spiritual…Continue

Started by White Knight. Last reply by Infinite Origen Jun 24, 2014.

Born with tail - how can this effect you? 3 Replies

Hi everyone I wasn't sure in what group to ask this but since this is "in the know". I believe people here can give me answers or opinions. When I was a little I was born with a tail or the spinal…Continue

Started by Yameliz Rodriguez. Last reply by KeAira Nov 22, 2013.

The Earth Legends 13 Replies

The Earth Legends. A comic book I'm going to create. I welcome all to join me in collaboration and share freely if the entire story is shared without editing. Sorry for the type Os but you catch my…Continue

Started by Sylvia. Last reply by Stephen Wesley Nixey Oct 4, 2013.

LEGO CHIMA - The Battle for Chi Begins! 1 Reply


Tags: matter, chima, lego, maniac, maat

Started by Joeronimo. Last reply by the philosopher stoned Oct 2, 2013.

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Comment by Bruxby on February 8, 2014 at 9:17am

i thought it was a joke when i first saw that there was an accident about the Olympics rings in Russia. but i did laugh when i saw it again, and i was like wait a second...ok well that is sort of peculiar

link to the meaning behind the rings:

Comment by tae on January 12, 2014 at 12:24pm

hey guys love you all!! had my first intersensory experience last week my first see-hear where i could see the words(spell) cast upon me by an unknowing servant of the vatican who asked me my "sur-name"(snake-name) it got me so excited that I had to tell someone so i thought i'd post this =) its so awesome to share my experiences with people who dont think im straight out of a hospital. What was even more powerful was i saw the spell as i was talking to the guy on the phone, i see-heared this reddish green energy traverse my ear, its so beautiful to know i am here with you guys, love you all 

Comment by the philosopher stoned on October 4, 2013 at 9:54am

thanks craig my main goal is to start a movement where (because of the inevitable mass migration inland that is probably going to occur according to many-not saying its def guna happen but many say it will of course WE can change that ahem*) but anyways its too start a movement where people can start moving into high elevation parkland and creating fractal permaculture bioreserves where anyone with some willigness to put some hard work and less than 1000 cash into it can have a undetectable(to the rangers enforcement) 1st world bio-U-house with electricity and internet! Homes for less than a thousand the size of studio apartments(if not larger with multiple floors!) in nature with electricity and internet! It like camping all the time in comfort with have the toys at your normal home at least if not more given certain developments...sounds impossible? Well youll coming soon buahaha. Wanna get that imploder and grow some dank lol

Comment by Craig C Bryant on October 4, 2013 at 5:21am

Absolutely Kevin Conor Ward... absolutely brother!

Thank-you for this. It was good for me to hear it!

Comment by the philosopher stoned on October 3, 2013 at 3:24pm

hilarious dude i agree she seems to have valid info regarding the structure of reality, that ill take a gander at but she forgets one simple thing. With each passing second we create our reality, now now now now each of those moments was a different parallel reality. past and future dont exist in a linear sense, we are all if you can picture it, what i would describe as 'auric field time snakes' like beaded strings that eat magnetism or life experiences we are drawn too, much like Dan winter describes the actual proven function of DNA to eat magnetism and expand its auric field and 'evolve'. Our life looks like that essentially in terms of our spacial dimension from a birds eye view kinda like donnie darko but way cooler lol. This is where the importance of spontineity and bliss come into the picture if you are 'predictable' the powers that be can EASILY direct your consciousness into a habitual pattern that will lead you off a cliff, its called the disease of habit as mckenna would say or the 'magick' in marketing-invoke often is their axiom, why? Because they are rosacrusions(holders of the secret sacred physics of reality) and they understand that time is omnidirectional phenomenon like a japanese fan(u know those?). our cross to bear is actually our space/time log function equation(space the standing wave particle or matter and time the illusion of parallel snashots appearing as a continuous flow) why is our space time a cross to bear, because simply by 'existing' we are holding all of reality intact 99.9% or reality is space, YOU exist and you think its an accident? FORGET ABOUT IT that fact that you exist means you are loved beyond reason people.... you can, through repitition, sacred gemoetric principles and color symbolism and other 'etheric tech' can direct the collective consciousness towards self fulfilling prophecy(they are trying to do this with the book of revelations, which is lame and gay-just look at doomsday films the news, etc). Anyways we need to'flip the script' on these b****** and be White magicians(gandalph and the timelords) get it? Mass meditations baby, if enough butterflies flap their winds it can make a hurricane. in other words, if enough people decalcify that vital visualization organ called the pineal gland, cleanse their bodies and meditate in a fractal location and focus their intent strongly enough on a single goal say the an image or a goal say a peaceful transition into 4th density ahem* then the symbol becomes the object, and we create the parralell reality we want to be in! sound cool? It recquires enough people to make a big enough splash in the morphogenetic field is the catch-means no savior sorry whether alien or human no savior. NO ONE persons auric field is that large that it can generate the magnetic spin rotation to effect spacetime for OTHER people, in order to do THAT you'd have to be a YHVH which is a person who can steer stars and effect gene pool growth, a name used by Enlil to hype his s*** kinda like a rapper with no talent..In conclusion...Divided we suck, majorly suck in fact, but together, even though it sounds corny, we m********** rule so my goal now is to organize events like this(mass medtation where thousands get together and shut the f*** up TOGETHER and just enjoy eachothers company and create the aurice density necessary to SHIFT reality into a more desireable situation for all concerned... cuz its the only way...i dont wana live in ashayanas doomsday cigarrete infested reality! Get the f*** outta here b****! 

Comment by Craig C Bryant on October 3, 2013 at 2:09pm

Like Jan I read most of Ashayana Dean's web-based information. I was reeled in, hook line and sinker until I started thinking about it. This was all fear-based information for the most part. So, we are here in 3D reality, hell it seems to me. It ain't an easy existence in any stretch of the imagination. Now according to Dean, we are trapped here. No escapes even via death! WTF??????? Show me anything that could elicit more fear in a thinking, contemplating individual please! I mean other than the Broncs loosing Sunday night's game.

I could not visualize a more terrifying place than a 3D Earth where I am trapped and unable to escape even in death!

Crazy sheet if you ask me.

Comment by Ayla Jones on October 3, 2013 at 1:41pm

Interesting discussion.  Any teacher really is there to point the way to your inner knowledge.  There are so many paths thus many teachers as we resonate with different ones.  Expensive workshops and courses are usually a clue not to go for me, more of an Orion inspired trap like the light at the end of the tunnel after death.  Well done astrological interpretations are helpful and provide arrows for someone who is not yet directly connected to the Higher Self.  For that reason I do Draconic charts, the chart of the incarnating spirit-true self-rather than the personality.  All paths lead back to Self.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jan and Kevin.

Comment by the philosopher stoned on October 3, 2013 at 10:39am

Right on Jan that sounds interesting and yes I think ultimately fascination triggers ur own 'downloads' but you shouldnt take it any father than that especially if they dont offer practical exersises, techniques or regiments then theres no point. Dan winter is VERY practical and explain how we through revolutionizing the way we build cities can save the planet because alot of pathology results from the structures we inhabit...something to really think about...also the thing about cigarrettess is godamn hilarious. Anyhoo..umm yeah check out lifeblissfoundation they give lots of practical exersises and good talks. Dan winter is great cuz he does the physics. Andrew Bartzis is very interesting. Ill read ashayanas books just cuz...umm yeah drunvalo iono he basically takes Dan winters information and makes it incredibly vague and woo woo, anytime someone is like that I can tell there sorta horseshit no matter how NICe they are...bieng nice is important but Id rather they have some fire in them(constructive anger) and just give it to us straight than be nice and dance around the truth all day im not a f****** child anymore I want the exersises, dont you? Im done philosophizing believe in nature, meditate, eat right, follow ur bliss and wake people up one step at a time. I want to start a mass meditation in the bay area of california because THAT is the key right there. THe human body has the ability to influence reality, in other words the butterfly.morphogenetic field theory effect is true, BUT you need alot of butterflies if you catch my drift. Anyways, good luck

Comment by Chante Quiett on October 3, 2013 at 10:26am

These comments interest me because I was once led to Ashayana Dean's very expensive workshops, spent lots of money and couldn't use any of it.  I found the people there to be followers.  We would have a schedule but never follow it because we were on guardian time and most of the time that meant class in the wee hours of the morning when it was safe to collect ourselves without interference.  She and her husband smoke and passing her husband in the stairwell made me nauseated.   Once she gave a talk about how cigarettes protect her aura and all the smokers in the group felt free to light up outside with glee, offending the non smokers which erupted in a big argument in the chat room later.  Her husband who supposedly is also a channel of the guardians is under her control. There is one more woman in the "group" who oversees the online forum but I didn't see her do anything in the 3 workshops I attended. I forced myself to attend these sessions against a feeling of resistance, because I had committed to do 4, but the 3rd one made me so disgusted with the expense and following her exercise plan on the beach on St Kitts that I could do at home in a luxury hotel with black servants, I had to give it up and trust myself, once again  There was no transfer as far as I could see where the information went farther than "interesting" and became useful.  The books are especially fascinating but then fascination without experience doesn't go far.  I belief she is a hybrid trying to bring in alternative information but with not any practical way of using it.  All of the videos and images I bought burned up in a fire on Dec 21, 2009.

I also have worked with Drunvalo Melchezidek's info and invested in an informercial for his video workshops back in 1993.  The infomercial was scraped and he did refund all of the investors money over time once he heard about the mess up from me.  I met him in South Dakota at one of the first Native American conferences where they were giving their secrets against many of the Native People's discretion.  I say all of this because I found him to be so kind, gentle and sincere, not puffed up at all, more of a mothering person.  His books also fascinated me and I could relate to the information in his messages which started me trusting more the info I felt inside but had no mirror for.  My right brain had more influence in my life.

But alas, there is me, not ideas, not wanderings, but dealing with my own energy,  images, and manifestations.  How do i do this?  Who am I according to my own downloads, are these downloads mine or a mix of ideas found in others explanations that my mental self is holding onto to understand things?  Ahhh!

Now I feel the power, not the lofty ideas of the etheric, but the ability to create and the energy to do it because it is within me.  Getting inside myself was the key. 

Comment by the philosopher stoned on October 2, 2013 at 11:51pm

Yes Jana I wholeheartedly agree. Her whole thing about the thoth shenanigans regarding the 'death star merkaba'(which she says is the one currently bieng pushed by drunvalo malkizadek which ironically Ive seen depicted in cartoons like DBZ as a sort of diamond prison to encase bad guys in) and possible omitions of info seems right to me because READ the emerald tablets, really read between the lines on that bezee cuz their is a condescending attitude throughout the whole thing towards humanity in general. Jealous? We ARE galactic genetic royalty you know..ahem*. Anyways, you have to pay close attention but its there, also she made me think of individuals like drunvalo malchizadek who i believe to be sincere but my intuition tells me he is somewhat misled in his thinking(Hes mostly legit though nice guy means well walks the walk it seems). Anyways her discourse on how there is actually a second, REAL tree of life that is angled differently from the one weve grown up onthat the kabbalists and freemasons give us (talking about the 2-3 3-d model of how spirit condenses through the spheres into the density planes). She just said some things that scared me BECAUSE i felt it too have some truth and it conflicted with Dan Winter who I thought was infallible lol. But to anyone whos read this far allow me to pimp Dan once more...  Dan winter is the walking breathing answer to the worlds problems-has his own self sufficient solar farm where he grows his own food and invents things that increase amount and quality of food production, water purification and enhancement systems, heart and brain entrainment technology, miracle healing devices, cures to addiction, unified field physics, etc, he even invented a new kind of architecture and he is making free energy devices AND he teaches how we can recongeal soul groups along with a pretty detailed cosmology and ET/Earth history? Are you kidding me? Do you know anyone that smart? PEOPLE-Dan winter Dan Shreiber Byron BAy CHECK IT OUT SO WORTH YOUR TIME. See, thats where people like Ashayana Deane who I believe to be true elude me, however, She is impractical. How do expect to save the world with ULTRA complex vague information? Dan winter says-forget the history, what you need is the hygiene this to me is the right attitude. Live the life, BE the solution dont worry about the problem because frankly its above our tiny human heads-check andrew bartzis and youll get what I mean...Live in nature, eat right, meditate, follow ur bliss and do some form of yoga or stretching and you will transform. Its easy people we have to squat the planet its the only way were going to save it its what the native americans would have wanted.. and My life is transforming before my eyes-EVERYONE TAKE NOTE DAN winter is OG to the MAX learn all you can from him he is pure science and practicality. Wait she changed her name? You sayin shes fraudulent then? Sup with that...


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