Hi everyone I wasn't sure in what group to ask this but since this is "in the know". I believe people here can give me answers or opinions. When I was a little I was born with a tail or the spinal cord out of the body. I wanted to know why this happens and If having it cut off can effect you in any way. Thanks for your opinions.

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my opinion is- if it isn't broke don't fix it!  In a nutshell- if it isn't causing your any discomfort or problems embrace your difference. I would personally avoid hospitals and surgeons at all costs. Wholeness and balance love! let me know what you decide.

Hey Shieena Thanks for the replay but my mother cut it off when I was younger and I wondered if this could effect reaching kundalini or anything else when it comes to your energy.

Our tail is our tale, the memories of our past lives (members) and who we are. As our tail grew smaller we forgot our past members/past lives. I'm sure there are other reasons why we forgot too. I supposes a part of soul searching is finding those memories again. Hence the term Re-member/bring back together. 

At the base of our spin is also where the kundalini energy is found. Kundalini is a very powerful energy that we all have the capability of tapping into. Know that just because it was cut off doesn't mean its gone. People who have amputated limbs still feel the pain at times because its still there. If anyone can add I don't remember what the machine is called that shows this. When we are born they cut the umbilical cord but we are still connected. So to answer you question it can have and effect on you if you believe it will.


Our thoughts give off frequencies and our words are powerful. Often times we become on our limiters.


Know that it is still there. I hate to sound cliché but believe that you are limitless. Believe in you. Cleanse the body. Drink the right water and put the right minerals into the body. Practice using the body effectively, meditation, waking up in the am if possible, working out or yoga, possibly both. Breathe and Believe. Really take the time to invest in your energy and cycle it through you. I hope this helps.


This post here summed up the steps to tapping into ourselves pretty good for me.




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