So i decided to kind of travel through some uncharted territory of some woods where deer live and came a cross a stream of water along sand and stuff. I told my girlfriend that its natures water yet looking murky cause of the sand. She said i'd die or get some kind of infection if i was to drink it. After she said that i felt my ego challenging her statement with what my truth was and that it would be good for me regardless of some sand. So i put my hand in the river and kind of just let it drip analyzing the water and my feeling of intuition sensed no kind of harm. My logical processing of the water was i saw deer tracks on the sand so thought they must drink from here often and yet i don't see any deer flipped over from drinking the water so i took the leap and drank a hand full of the water. I found that there was so much life in that water that i felt as if it was moving in my brain. Almost as if my body struggled to contain the life that the water provided but i felt really good and happy and just a tad more conscious of my surroundings. I'll will come back to this post to provide pictures and also experiment more with the event. 

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Thankyou so much for sharing Lebby.  I do belive strongly in water as living energies also.  We can learn so much from the amazing and wonderous vibrance, of water.

here are some photos of the place.

I feel compelled to say a few thing here.  The water does seem full of life, deer tracks nearby is an excellent clue.  What water full of life means is you can expect it to be fairly energetic likely charged by earthly energetic meridians often follow streams.   That is probably the where the main health benefit of such water is to be found.

The presence of bacteria in such water cannot be characterized as bad as per a broad stroke of a brush.  There are many factors about how such bacteria may effect your organism.  Factors such as whether you are healthy, whether you have a healthy bacterial flora in your digestive system are just as important as whether the bacteria in the water is benign or not.

In consideration of your organism, if you are taking antibiotics, your digestive flora is likely it be stressed.  The introduction of foreign bacteria isn't likely to help stabilize that equilibrium.  Your girlfriends advice is good to be heeded for sick people.  Boiling the water before consumption is the proper way to "treat" natural sources of water so it is more safe to consume, especially for sick people.

If you are healthy, the effect of introduction of "small" amounts of bacteria from the water is negligible.  Only about 10% of bacteria are harmful, likewise about 10% of bacteria are good for human health, the other 80% tend to go with the flow of whichever 10% (good or bad) bacteria are predominant in the "culture".  Because the quantity of water you may drink from the stream is relatively small, having a healthy bacterial flora in the stomach and gut helps guarantee that the likely flora introduced by drinking stream water follows suite, or if there are harmful bacteria, that you give every chance for your flora to destroy the "invaders".  That is also to say that if you drink a lot of water you increase the chances of upsetting your internal bacterial equilibrium.  It is a good idea to resist thirst and drink small quantities more frequently especially if drinking stream water is a new experience.

Lastly, the silt that causes the water to be murky can be decanted by allowing the water to sit in a container for some time.  It will normally settle to the bottom and the water will clear up.



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